One thing anyone who has been to Indonesia will tell you is that the weather is warm. If you are a diving enthusiast, this is music to your ears. Komodo Island is home to some of the best diving sites in the world and offers a diving experience you will want to repeat.

The Komodo diving experience opens a world of marine life to the diver that is simply astounding to say the least. You have the chance to not only see a wide range of reef fishes in all their colorful glory but also get close to the big fish. These may include sharks of different kinds.

The sea waters at Komodo are warm and calm but some of the diving sites have some pretty powerful currents. If you are not ready for a chance encounter with a shark or two out in the open sea, then you have to be extremely careful. The currents can sweep out to sea right in the path of a few sharks.

The Astonishing Marine Life

The range of marine life that exists in Komodo rivals any that you will find in other diving destinations across the world. It makes you wonder how many more species remain hidden in the depths of the sea seeing most of the underwater life remains largely unexplored.

The variety of marine life that you can see in Komodo rivals the world’s best dive destinations. Apart from different types of sharks such as the Hammerhead, the <anta rays and other big fishes, there are hundreds of small fish species that light up the sea with their beautiful varieties of colors.

The Best Dive Sites

The one reason that you will find visitors thronging to Komodo Island is the diving spots. You are likely to bump into some celebrity divers or even Olympic competitors honing their craft at sites such as Batu Bolong and others.

Batu Bolong is located between Tatawa and Komodo Island and lies to the west of the island. Also known as Hollow Rock, it is a major diving spot. It is popular for its marine life which can be viewed throughout the year. The spot is however prone to strong currents and is therefore not popular with fishermen. As a result, it is always in pristine condition.

There are at least thirty dive sites including the Komodo Dive Resort that are fit for everyone from the professional diver to the beginner. The island is protected by the government which means you will be diving in waters that are preserved.

Some sites have caves such as Batu Sabun which you are allowed to dive through. This is in addition to getting a chance to swim with some of the most amazing varieties of marine creatures that you will ever see.

The Diving Season

While there are no specific diving seasons in Komodo, there are months when visitors can have better diving experiences than others. For instance, if you are visiting primarily for the diving experience, it beats reason to go during the rainy season when visibility is poor.

The April to November season is dry. This weather is most conducive for liveaboard diving activities as opposed to the peak season which sees a lot of tourists heading for the island. November to March is rainy and while some diving activity still takes place, visibility is not as good as it is during the dry season.

However, if you want to get the best out of your diving adventures, go in April. This is immediately after the rainy season and expert divers agree it is the best time for liveaboard diving.


Whether you want to visit Komodo for a day as you vacation in Bali or Jakarta, this is an experience any passionate diver will not want to pass up. It is more than getting a chance to swim with the dolphins and sharks. You do not want to miss out on the action at the best diving sites in the world.