The fun of taking a road trip with family and friends is unmatchable. So budgets shouldn’t come in between your fun times. If you are unable to buy a brand new car, you can check out second hand cars in Pune that are lighter on your pocket. Cost-effectiveness doesn’t mean your choices are limited. You can choose from a wide range of car models and prices.  Some used car dealers even offer test drives. Make the most of that opportunity to narrow down your choices.

But even after you get the car, there are a number of aspects to consider when getting a used vehicle ready for a road trip. Many road trip routes around Pune go through rough terrains, and your car needs to be prepared to handle them. So, let’s take a look at 6 important things that you need to do before taking a road trip in your new ‘used-car’:

Check the battery and tyres

First of all, you should check the expiry date of the battery in the car. Replace the battery if it is more than three years old. Ensure that the battery’s charging system is appropriately functioning because both undercharging and overcharging can damage its shelf life.

Next, you should check the tyres of the car. Make sure that the tyres are not under or over-inflated to prevent various issues such as bumpy ride, premature wear, and overheating.

Check the engine fluid

Your car must have adequate oil for a road trip. You can measure the level of the engine oil with a dipstick and then fill the tank accordingly.

Replace the air filters

When air filters in the car get clogged, the performance of the car engine deteriorates. It also hampers the air quality inside the car. Therefore, when you plan a road trip, make sure to check and replace the air filters, if needed.

Check lights and wipers

Worn-out, old wiper blades spell trouble on road trips. It would be best if you replaced them as they can prevent you from seeing clearly during rainfall. You should also check the interior and exterior lighting of the car.

Check the brakes

Before you and your family embark on the road trip, check the brakes. Some common signs of a faulty brake are grinding, squeaking, and shaking of the steering wheel.

Check the Car’s Exhaust System

If the car has a faulty exhaust system, it can create various troubles during the road trip. Therefore, before you go on a road trip, get a servicing done.

It would help if you carried an extra tyre to avoid any tyre mishaps during the trip. Carry all the essential vehicle documents such as car insurance, driver’s license, and vehicle registration certificate. These precautions before a trip will ensure the time spent with friends and family will be hassle-free and blissful. So do not compromise on these aspects and improve the longevity of your vehicle to many more years in the process.