Pune, the second largest city in Maharashtra is a major tourist destination in the state. Being one of the oldest cities in India, Pune is a cultural melting pot where Indian and Marathi cultures collide with western culture. With the biggest dental hospital in the country, the city is home to numerous dental treatment and cosmetic clinics. Apart from these, there are numerous other Pune travel options that you can enjoy. 

Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Juhu Beach – 

If you are looking for shirdi travel options then this would be the place to be in. Located right on the Arabian Sea, Juhu Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pune. Being very much different from other beaches, Juhu beach has a lot of activities that you can indulge in during your stay here. A great way to spend a day is by cruising along the white sandy beaches and have a manicure. If you want to shop, then there are several shopping malls located near the beach and you can buy everything from spices to books and everything in between.

  • Anand Sagar Fort: 

This fort was originally built during the rule of Shah Jahan. Today it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city and is known for its picturesque beauty. It offers a wonderful opportunity to take a stroll through the fort and get a feel of its awesome architecture. If you are staying in Pune then you can take a trip to this particular location, which is not far from the city centre.

  • Fort of Jodhpur: 

If you are interested in heritage and history, then Jodhpur is the perfect destination for you. It is home to some of the finest palaces in the world. It has an interesting history and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fort attracts local tourists who come to have a tour of this interesting place. There are shirdi travel options here which will allow you to take a stroll around the palace and see its beauty. There are beautiful places around the fort, which will give you a nice chance to enjoy a meal as well.

  • Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary: 

If you love birds then you must include this beautiful destination among your Pune to Shimla travel options. There are quite a number of birds that are found here. They are known for their beauty and their vibrant colors. You can hire a Jeep to drive you around the sanctuary and get a chance to feed these birds. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should get the birding permit before going to this place.

  • Maharashtra State Museum: 

The Mural experts say that the state museum is the largest amongst all the museums of India. It holds more than 400 paintings of different artists including Bihu paintings. You will also find some rare antiques here like a Chittorgarh princess’ choli.

  • Juhu Beach: 

This is one of the most beautiful beaches of Pune. The city is built on a spit, which was once marsh lands. This beach is a famous tourist destination for its beautiful sea views and pristine seashores. There are various third travel options for a stay at this beach.

  • Pushkar: 

The city of Pushkar is located at the foot of majestic Pushkar hill. The hill station is called the “Mother of all pilgrimage places”. It has many gorgeous temples in its close vicinity, which will be an ideal destination for Pune to Shimla travel options. This is also the major third travel options in the state of Maharasthra. There are numerous third tour operators who offer their services to provide you a list of shirts that are popular with tourists in Pune.