Canvas wall tents have a great history behind. They are now being used by military and outdoor enthusiasts for more than five hundred years. Now people are using for various purposes and in various ways. They have now certainly become more than a tent. If you want to absorb the beauty of the mountains, you need a canvas wall tent. If you want to spend your summer nights camping with your family, you need these tents. There’s a lot that can be done with these canvas wall tents. It all boils down to how you setup these tents, aligning with your requirements.

Clarity of utility

If you want to choose the best canvas wall tent for outdoors, you have to be pretty clear with the specifications and features that you want in your canvas tent. You need to pick type, size and shape aligning with your needs and requirements. That’s the reason clarity of utility has to be there before you a tent. If you are still unsure about the utility of canvas, you can refer to the following points.

The Canvas versus Nylon debate; which one you should go for?

The two most used fabrics, which are used to make tents, are canvas and nylon. Both fabrics have their advantage and limitations. All the tents are available in online stores.But why you should give the canvas an edge over nylon is mentioned in the following points.

  • Strength of the fabric: Canvas is made using very high-quality threads, which gives the material very extensive strength. The reason canvas wall tent is considered as the most qualified fabric for the outdoors.
  • Durability: If you compare the durability of the two materials. The canvas has a big edge over nylon. It tends to last significantly longer than nylon.
  • Compatibility with extreme weather: Canvas tents are considered as all-weather tents. If you are planning to camp in winter, it will be the best suitable fabric because the threads block the cold very efficiently.
  • Maintenance: Maintaining canvas tents is way easier than nylon. If you easily fix the little opening, wear and tear yourself. While if your nylon tents open up during the camp, it could stretch up and become unmanageable.
  • Supports breathing:Cotton facilitates breathing much better than nylon. And, nylon allows condensation, but cotton maintains humidity better than any other fabric. Also, cotton does not transfer the heat as quickly as nylon does. So, it will always be cooler and comfortable inside a canvas wall tent.
  • Disposability: Cotton is a natural and renewable material and highly biodegradable. So if your canvas tent, you do your duty towards the environment as well. You make your hobby of outdoor camping sustainable.
  • A tent for the rainy day:The canvas wall tent is the safest tent when it comes to the ability to protect from rain. They are waterproof. Also, they dry up faster than any other fabric.

Selection and buying

Once you have the clarity of thought that you want to go with canvas. You are aware of its utility. You need to do the decision making in selection and buying; these decisions are very important.You need to consider all the variables very comprehensively when you are out to buy a canvas wall tent. These days, you don’t need to worry about stores, you can easily buy online from online stores like White Duck Outdoors.

  • Size: At times, it’s very difficult to get an accurate size. But there are standard sizes available; you can take the help of those and calculate accordingly. Make sure, for every person; there’s at least 30 square feet space available. At the same time don’t go to a too big tent, if you don’t need it. Align the size of your requirements. Because If you go for a bigger, the weight will increase in the same proportion. Also, it will look awkward when you carry it.
  • Specifications: The canvas wall tents come with very varied features. You should at least go for a canvas wall tent,which is fireproof and waterproof. Also, make sure that your tent has windows. The windows come in very handy in summers. You can always open them and let the fresh air come inside.
  • Walls: The canvas tents are divided into two categories single and double. The double-wall tents offer more protection, but they are comparatively heavier.

Information facilitates better decision making. If you consider the points mentioned above, when you go out to purchase a canvas tent for your dream outing, you will certainly able to set up a nearly perfect canvas wall tent.