Trippie NetWorth After Shark Tank

Trippie NetWorth After Shark Tank


Have a look at the journey of Trippie

Trippie is an airport navigation application that was designed for assisting travelers guide the puzzled world of airports. This app helps to give you an amazing airport experience and makes it less confusing by giving you real-time data on your flight and providing interactive maps of terminals and gates.

For those who are traveling through an airport for the first time or have a connecting flight, the Trippie app is very helpful for them. Trippie allows you to make a customized itinerary that contains everything from boarding time to gate numbers.

The Trippie airport app gives up-to-date information about your flight such as wait times, delays, or cancellations.

Now let’s see how the Trippie app managed to gain about $4.5 million despite not getting a deal on the Shark Tank.

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What Is a Trippie App?

Trippie is a terminal navigation application that helps visitors navigate massive airports. It has interactive terminal maps, cafeteria appraisals, illustrations, and menus for the diners of the airport.

This app is developed for simplifying and streamlining the airport experience. This wonderful app gives up-to-date data about the schedules of flights, delays, cancellations, and gate changes so that users may always be ready to face any situation.

To install the Trippie app you must have IOS 10 or an updated operating system on your mobile. The app particularly aims to help people locate dining places inside airports.

Travelers can understand where they should go in airports with the help of Trippie.

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Who created Trippie?

Trippie is an example of outstanding technology.  So, everyone wants to know the Trippie app founder. Ryan Diew is the founder of Trippie. He was a student of computer science who played NCAA Division 1 basketball for two years at Colgate University.

The founder brought up Trippie to Shark Tank in October 2017. Ryan was intending to get an investment of $100,000 for a 10% stake in the Trippie company.

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What happened to Trippie before Shark Tank?

Ryan Diew was a young businessman who created Trippie. Most travelers find airport traveling discouraging. Ryan traveled through airports frequently because he was a basketball player.

He then made up his mind to create an app so that travelers may find all the airport data before completing his graduation. After that, he started to develop the application with the help of his brother.

Ryan Diew thought of designing Tripoie while he visited the airport. There he wanted food but he was not able to carry his luggage or miss his flight. At last, he left his bag to a stranger to search for food.

Diew started to learn Swift citing with another student of Colgate, Samantha Braver.

They appeared at the 2016 Entrepreneur Weekend with Trippie and obtained more than $22,000 in funding. He got the 2017 Entrepreneurs Fund. He obtained $15,000 and a workspace so that he can work on his idea comfortably.

As soon as the company was displayed in’s Coolest Colleges Startup contest, Shark Tank contacted him. In October 2017, he appeared on Shark Tank and asked for $100,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the company. Ryan got something beyond his expectation on Shark Tank.

One shark thought the app was not capable enough to handle a problem properly, another shark found a competitive feature,  and another one did not take it as a complete company.

But a shark named Mark Cuban gave a challenge to Diew to prove the shares wrong about the application. He only went to Shark Tank to accumulate capital so that he can extend his business.

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How Was Shark Tank Pitch Of Trippie?

Trippie owner Ryan appeared on Shark Tank after getting a hug from his mother and clarified to the panel that Trippie would be a useful app to navigate broad airports and interact with tired passengers.

He asked the sharks to invest $100,000 for a 10% share of the company. Ryan Diew told the sharks how he felt when he visited the airport during his college life.

The request flyers as well as business passengers suffer a lot when they have to spend a long time at an airport. Ryan explained his experience to the Stark’s showing his bags so that the shares may understand it well. He used to wander the airport to search for things because he found no directories there.

He also added that with Trippie no one will encounter such things. He explained the function of Trippie on a large screen monitor on the Shark Tank.

According to Ryan Trippie is capable enough to ease all the problems we face during airport travel. He pleaded with the Sharks for funding so that he can bring Trippie into the hands of every airport traveler all over the world.

Robert asked him about the number of airports contained in the program. He said four airports and he is going to add five move airports.

According to Barbara, eating places always change their rates, locations, and menu, especially in airports. So, she wanted to know how Ryan included and edited the data of Trippie. Ryan said that he added all the data manually along with descriptions of the menu of the restaurant like the kind of cuisine or beer offered.

Mark inquired if he lives with his parents and Ryan said yes. Ryan did all the coding and ioS development for Trippie. When he launched the application for the first time it got about 850 downloads and there are nearly 160 active users per month.

Ryan admitted that other apps are also performing like Trippie. Robert told him not to bother about the contest. He asked him for which reason Tripie was the best among other apps. 

The main aim of Trippie was to secure airport travelers. Though Lori lines the concept, he overlooked the presentation of Ryan.

Barbara wanted to know what Ryan wanted to do with the funding he was expecting to get from the sharks.

Ryan said that his main aim was to allow the users to upload their itineraries into the application.

Ryan then got vexed and started to lament for not having a rich friend or uncle who may invest in Trippie.

Ryan got disappointed when the three sharks eliminated him.

According to Barbara Trippie was indeed a beautiful idea but it has not become a business yet. So, to ask for funding is a premature act. She also left the Trippie shark tank episode.

Ryan was very unhappy and told that he had designed Trippie with lots of sweat, blood, and tears.

At last, Ryan left the stage of the Shark Tank Show without obtaining a de from any shark for the Trippie application.

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What Happened To Trippie After Shark Tank?

Trippie was available only in four airports when the show was aired. By June 2020, you will find the app to be available in 22 airports. Trippie has claimed on their Twitter account that they are supposed to be the best airport application in the United States.

They have not updated their Facebook page since December 2017. Ryan has not given up.

Trippie after shark tank has been updated multiple times.

Trippied had been extended to international airports. Ryan indeed got depressed after the Shark Tank when he got no deal but he did not give up hope.

The users can now look for airport restaurants depending on their category and place. Moreover, there is a new feature in the app, a restaurant rating system.

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Trippie Shark Tank Update

Trippie is popular for its exclusive features. The app can be accessed in 120 airports all over the world. The company added 18 new airports to enhance its reach.

Ryan refined the app after Shark Tank. Though he could not manage to get a deal from the sharks the promotion of the show attracted people towards the app.

The app then added 18 airports which in turn developed the business. Trippie added 120 airports by the end of 2019.

The app faced a lot of challenges in 2020 for the Covid-19 pandemic due to which people reduced traveling. However, Ryan was positive about the future of the traveling industry and closed down the application for a while and updated new features to improve the performance of the app as soon as traveling gets normal.

As soon as everything gets normal the founder reopens the app and the annual Trippie revenue becomes nearly $3 million.

Trippied was rarely present in social media. There are more than 3000 followers of the company on Instagram. They do not update the page regularly.  The latest post might be about one year old.

There are more than 2000 followers on the Twitter account of the company.  They last posted there in June 2020. There is no website of the company and you may get the app only on the App Store because it has not been designed for Android mobile yet.

Although Trippie has the above-mentioned drawbacks still it has a 4.1-star rating on the app store that implies the users think that the app is useful and pleasant.

Since mid-2021 the app has been updated. It is now becoming outdated. So, it will be good for Ryan and his crew to launch new updates as soon as possible.

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Trippie app product review

Trippie app product review

People gave positive reviews about the Trippie app. A lot of people find the app useful because it lessens their painful journey inside the airport.

People can navigate the airport very easily with the help of this app. But a lot of people are eagerly waiting for the launch of the app for Android mobile.

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Who are the competitors of the app?

There are a lot of competitors of the app that contain similar features.  Some of the competitors of the app are Transit, LoungeBuddy, App in the Air, Mobile passport control, Audetemi inc, and flight awareness.

Though Trippie got no deals from the sharks, it has spread all over the world without the help of the Sharks. The Company is still successfully doing business as of 2023.

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Is Trippie Still In Business?

Trippie was initially available only in four airports. But as soon as it appeared in Shark Tank it became available in 22 airports all over the world.

The user base of the app improved incredibly as soon as the shark tank episode of Trippie aired. The app launched a lot of new features along with the option for rating restaurants in airports.

You may download and install Trippie now only if you have an Apple iPhone. But the company is trying to make it available for Android devices too.

The app is still available for iPhones. But the website has become outdated and it has made social media posts for the last time in June 2020.

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What Is The Net Worth Of the Trippie App?

Trippie Airport app’s net worth was only $1 million while they took part in Shark Tank. We are not aware of the Trippie company’s net worth as of 2023 as the company has not updated further details in its public profile.

To conclude we may say that Ryan was very successful with Trippie and proved the sharks wrong although the company had a limited social media presence and the app is outdated.

Due to Covid 19 the app, the Tippie app’s net worth decreased.  But now Trippie’s net worth has increased incredibly.


What is the function of the Trippie app?

The Trippie app enables people to navigate airports with the help of interactive maps and track flights. It also enables the users to get rewards when they use the app.

What is the Trippie app Shark Tank Net Worth?

Trippie app shark tank’s net worth is nearly $3 million as of 2023.

Who is the CEO of Trippie?

Ryan Diew is the founder as well as the CEO of the Trippie application.

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