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Vengo NetWorth After Shark Tank


Most people have not heard of Vengo. But in case you love to watch the most popular television show, Shark Tank you might have heard of Vengo and seen Vengo there.

Vengo is a firm that is popular for producing small, self-contained vending machines. They are just like those we find in a hotel lobby but the only difference is that they are smaller than them and they can be placed anywhere.

The concept behind Vengo is that you may use them to sell anything be it drinks, snacks, coupons or any small items. They are very small in size. So, you will be able to place them in high-traffic areas very easily as the conventional vending machines can not be placed there.

The customers as well as the business have liked Vengo so much. If you are searching for a convenient drink or snack delivery it will be best for you to use Vengo. Being a business owner, you will be able to earn more from your business by using a Vengo machine.

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What Is Vengo?

Vengo is a small, movable vending machine that can be placed anywhere. You may use this Vengo vending machine at any place, especially in high-traffic areas like college campuses, office buildings, and busy roads.

Most people often refer to Vengo as the best vending machine. Vemgo is a high-tech, brilliant vending machine that comes up with a touch screen so that the owners may order products automatically and know their usage. The devices of Vengo are a company in size. So you do not require a huge space to install it.

You may use these Vengo vending machines very easily. Unlike conventional vending machines, no money or product will be trapped inside the machine. As vengo is small it is capable of adapting small items like headphones, gum, etc.

Different popular things are stored in Vengo machines like drinks, snacks, and electronics. You will find it the best at those moments when you are utterly in need of a quick snack or drink but you do not want to go to a store.

Vengo machines are also available at a very reasonable price. You will be able to find them for less than $100. You will be able to easily set it up and take it down only because they are very small. So, they are completely perfect for occasions and temporary sites.

Those who are searching for an affordable, convenient and easy-to-use vending machine may choose the Vengo vending machine without a second thought.

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Who Is The Inventor Of Vengo?

The founders of Vengo company are Brian Shimmerlik and Steven Bofill. They came up with the idea of creating a vending machine that can be readily accessible to this generation.

Vengo is a high-tech vending machine that comes up with video checkout systems that enable consumers to purchase goods.

The Vengo vending machines are capable of selling products and displaying advertisements and multimedia materials that benefit the customers as well as the advertisers.

In this case, no cash is associated and if you do not receive the product sensors will make sure that you get a refund automatically.

The company began as Taxi Treats in 2012 but it was rebranded by NYC Economic Development as NYC Next Idea 2012. It was announced in New York in January 2013 that the first operational machine would be obtainable.

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What Occurred to Vengo Before Shark Tank?

Vending machines were available for decades. But Vengo has introduced a more technologically refined version. The co-founders of Vengo Labs Brian Shimmerlik and Steve Bofill remade the old-fashioned, ineffective, and unappealing conventional vending machine into a sleeker, more profitable digital billboard.

Mango Labs created the small vending machines to incorporate a point of sale and a high-tech ad platform sought by consumers while they waited for their buys.

Vengo Headquarters can deliver important info about customer buying patterns with the help of the cashless Vengo machines which enables the users to make payment by using their mobile devices.

Vengo gets a share of the earnings from sales of things within the machine and advertising earnings.

Vengo Labs got Series A funding in 2015 to create Vengo vending machines which were utilized in more than sixty locations all over New York City by 2015.

That is why Brian and Steve decided to come up on Shark Tank in March 2016 to level up their business more. They required more than just a large injection of money to meet their goals. They also required helpful contacts which they only get from a shark partner.

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What Occurred to Vengo on Shark Tank?

Brian Shimmerlik and Steven Bofill appeared on Shark Tank to represent their Vengo business and they appeared to the sharks to invest $2 million in their company in exchange for a 12.5% share in Vengo. They were able to grab the attention of the shares by displaying the machine. But the sharks were eager to know more about their business plan.

This is a media company that earns money from service pacts related to the software that leverages the hardware. They earn by handing the software after vending the hardware to businesses at cost.

They had to pay a monthly fee of $20 for maintenance on the equipment per month. They also handle the items that enter the machinery.

The company is anticipating to attain $1 million in the following year. Each SKU has a charge of $200 per month. They earn most of their money from service pacts and advertising.

As per Mark Cuban Vengo was not suitable for investment any more as a digital endcap as Venge had before been financed in an identical startup business.

Vengo revealed that they had previously received a$3.5 million investment from a large chocolate company and in this way, they protected their high-value request.

Daymond remarked that he assumed the valuation was a joke. He did not agree with their explanation and that is why he was not interested anymore in investing in Vengo Inc.

According to Robert Herjavec, the company was very complicated.  That is why he withdrew himself from the deal.

Kevin asked the co-founders whether they had any debt. As soon as Steven revealed that they had no debt, he expressed his interest to invest a sum of $2 million in the company for which the founders have to give a 7% interest rate along with a 6% stake in Vengo for 36 months.

Lori Grenier did not like the concept of the business and she thought that it would consume a lot of space. The co-founders appealed to Lori to join Kevin in return for a 1% stake in the same proposal.

After that, Kevin and Lori gave a counteroffer of $2 million as a loan with a 7% internet rate along with a 4% stake in Vengo.

The founders of Vengo, Steven and Brian contradicted that they were ready to undertake it in exchange for a 2.5% equity but Kevin and Lori asked for 3.5% equity from the founders.

Steven did not change his counteroffer. After that, Kevin made the final deal. He said that they had to give up a 3% equity in Vengo along with the other terms he mentioned before. At last, Steven and Brian happily signed the deal, got their payments and left the show.

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What Happened To Vengo After Shark Tank?

The founders of Vengo were able to secure one of the largest investments in the entire history of Shark Tank. Within a few days of the airing of the Vengo shark tank episode, the deal was finalized. The founders used the funds to expand the number of vending machines installed.

Vengo after Shark Tank became so popular that the Vengo vending machines were installed at 45 schools all over the United States along with the University of Central Florida and New York University, Syracuse. That is why the students were able to buy technology accessories, refreshments, and personal care products.

Vengo machines were also deployed at Hyatt Hotels all over New York which brought over 280,000 consumers every month. Moreover, the founder represented their devices to the Long Island Inventors and Entrepreneurs Club. Furthermore, the company migrated to Bethpage, New York from Queens where it introduced a 4,000 square feet facility that was extended by another 2,000 square feet.

The company installed more than 500 Vengo vending machines in different hotels, college campuses, and gyms by 2018. Moreover, they partnered with retail technology startup Viatouch Media to enable advertisers to target possible consumers better.

Vengo was also able to raise $7 million in equity capital in 2019 fetching total investment for the firm to $12 million. Earlier the founders got investment from various persons such as David Tisch, Tony Hsieh, Brad Feld, Joanna Wilson, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

As of 2022, Vengo is still active in business. They have experienced an incredible increase in sales. Vengo was able to deploy more than 1425 vending machines in gyms, campuses, malls, beauty salons, department stores, residential buildings, and grocery stores all over the nation by 2021. Vengo’s revenue reached nearly $15 to $25 million.

The company has more than 1600 screens and processes more than 13000 transactions per month each lasting only for 33 seconds. There are various types of vengo machines available in the market such as toughness machines which you can control by using a cell phone and DOOH Media which alters any device to an Internet of Things screen.

However, the VengoXL is five times larger though the other ones are smaller in size. Moreover, the company offers digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens that use its media platform. You can customize them all as per your preferences.  

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Vengo Shark Tank Update

Gary Vaynerchuk and the Foundry Group have made an investment of $7 million in Vengo Labs which is situated in Bethpage, New York after coming up on Shark Tank.

The company has installed more than 500 Vengo machines in gyms, hotels, and college campuses in twenty-four states.

Vengo machines fee is  $3,100 along with a $15 monthly subscription fee for six SKUs. Moreover, Vengo Labs has partnered with ViaTouch Media to gather and sell user data to assist advertisers to target potential consumers better.

Vengo was one of the most prosperous businesses on Shark Tank. As per the reports, Vengo would reach more than 45 schools by the start of the school year.

The pact with Blackstone LaunchPad will deliver digital kiosks to schools, along with New York University, Syracuse University, and the University of Central Florida.

As per the reports, the products will deliver computer accessories, snacks, and personal care commodities to fill out the lifestyle of college students. Vengo is also installed in Hyatt Hotels.

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Is Vengo Still In Business?

Is Vengo Still In Business

Yes, as of 2022, Vengo is still active in business. It has become one of the most prosperous businesses that came up on Shark Tank. The creature and the backers never made their pact final.

Vengo prospered and survived still. The involvement of the startup in the Shark Tank show helped it to increase its exposure to the point that it was able to sign a deal with Blackstone Launchpad.

Moreover, it got extremely significant support from the Hyatt Hotel for expanding vending. The company managed to raise $7 million in 2019 from multiple backers along with Gary Vee.

Vengo was able to install nearly 1500 machines in New York City locations in 2021 like institutions, apartment buildings, and gyms. At present Vengo shark tank’s net worth is $25 million every year. Vengo’s valuation is now $50 million.

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How much is Vengo worth?

When the founders pitched Vengo on Shark Tank it had a valuation of $16 million. Vengo’s net worth in 2022 is nearly $50 million.

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Vengo is a firm that has successfully made a name for itself in the vending machine industry. It has become so popular due to its creative approach to the conventional model. The company has brought a revolution in the vending machine industry through their interactive screens and smart technology.

Though they encountered a lot of challenges it was able to prosper and build itself as a leader in the vending machine industry. The entrepreneurs get inspiration from their story which proves that anything is possible with hard work, determination and innovation.


Where do Vengo machines work the best?

Vengo machines work best in high-traffic areas like gyms, colleges, and hotels. The company has examined and tested different places with these verticals to make sure that the machines are installed in the most useful places.

How do Vengo machines work?

Vengo machines give customers a digital vending experience. Customers may use the touchscreen to browse different products and buy them without using any conventional buttons or a coin slot.
The machines are designed with smart technology that allows the customers to track stock levels, check sales data, and give real-time feedback to the operator.
These machines are also capable of showing ads and promotional content which the advertisers and businesses get attracted to it.

Does Vengo take cash?

No, Vengo does not take cash. The machines only take debit, credit, NFC/mobile and campus cards like Blackboard and CBORD. This helps to reduce defacement, make restocking secure, and save the machine from consuming anyone’s coins. This is a completely cashless machine.

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