Wendy’s Gnome Shop NetWorth After Shark Tank

Wendy’s Gnome Shop NetWorth After Shark Tank


Wendy’s Gnome Shop is a Gnome company and they produce Gnomes of various structures. We all know that the Gnome is an imaginary creature and we have found it in European mythology. It is assumed that Gnomes protect the jewels hidden inside the Earth.

We have seen Gnomes appear for the first time in the garden of England in 1840. And from then on the popularity of Gnomes has been spread all over the world. A large number of people consider Gnomes as an emblem of good fortune.

Wendy Hoffmeister introduced this North Carolina-based Wendy’s Gnome Shop in November 2019. Wendy began the Gnome Shop business due to her fascination and hobby. Wendy’s daughter Amber is also pursuing the footsteps of her mother.

Wendy Hoffmeister took part in Shark Tank season 14 Episode 8 along with her company Wendy Gnome Shop and appealed to the sharks to invest $200,000 in her company in exchange for a 20% equity at $1 million worth.

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What is Wendy’s Gnome Shop?

Wendy’s Gnome Shop is an ornamental company. Wendy Hoffmeister set up this company where you may get handmade gnomes that are an emblem of good fortune and wealth.

According to the mythologies, gnomes safeguard everything worthwhile that derives from the earth like livestock and crops. Since Gnomes were considered the savior of the earth a few cultivators hide gnome statues on their pastures to keep all the evils away.

Wendy’s Gnome Shop is a firm that creates various designs of unique gnomes. They utilize Styrofoam Cones to produce Gnomes with Boots. For making the gnomes without boots they used wooden bottoms with strong cardboard. They produced gnomes mainly for interior home decor.

The gnomes are not toys and they were not at all safe for kids. The weight of every gnome is nearly 0.5 pounds. The company makes its products in North Carolina, Charlotte, United States. They have kept the price of the gnomes from $25 to $60.

You may get holiday-themed gnomes at Wendy’s Gnome Shop. The company also produces personalized products. For customized products, the consumers can dress up their gnomes according to their wishes and the company delivers them to their doorstep.

Wendy’s rise began with a joyful message as soon as she appeared on the stage of Shark Tank wearing her gnome outfit. She displayed her personalized Shark gnomes to bring to light that there is no boundary to her creativity.

The nurse-turned-businesswoman said about her relationship that did not work out and how its aftereffects had made her do something unique and amazing. The Sharks approved that there was no better option to heal a heartbreak than becoming a prosperous business model.

Lori inquired Wendy’s daughter, Amber about her perception of the business of her mother. She answered that she was proud of her mother.

 After getting a question about her revenue, Wendy answered that her company Wendy’s Gnome Shop had managed to make $688,000 in sales in the last 18 months. It required $3.05 to produce a gnome. And the company sold every gnome for $35 on Etsy.

Wendy said that she began the business with only $1000 capital and now her net profit is $138,000. The Sharks appreciated her effort and asked her what she wished for.

Wendy told them that she was ready to offer 20% equity shares of Wendy’s Gnome Shop for an investment of $200,000. The entire room became silent after this.

According to the Sharks, Lori, and Kevin, the product was indeed very beautiful and it was not sufficient for them to make the deal. According to Mark, the company was very beautiful and he dropped the deal.

Before sealing the deal, Daymond asked Wendy what she wanted from the contract apart from the money. Wendy replied to him that she required someone to assist her so that her company can rank high on SERPs and enhance her digital marketing. She also intended to take up a direct-to-customer sales strategy and sell solely from her website to improve her gain margins.

Daymond agreed to invest $200,000 in exchange for 35% equity. Wendy then moved to Barbara in search of a better proposal. Barbara asked her why her net income was so low despite her huge sales.

Wendy quickly told the reason that at that time 80% of her sales derived from Etsy whose expenses were seeping out of her income. Barbara then proposed to invest $200,000 in exchange for a 30% equity along with a $1 royalty for each gnome.

When Wendy was thinking about it, Daymond proposed to invest $200,000 in exchange for a 30% stake along with a $0.5 royalty for each gnome. Getting annoyed with Daymond’s offer, Barbara withdrew the royalty condition from her proposal.

The other sharks enjoyed the contest between the two sharks. Wendy inquired whether Daymond was ready to match the proposal of Barbara and he said yes. Wendy strived her best to make the deal in exchange for 25% equity but both sharks denied it. Finally, Daymond caught the gnome-maker.

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Who founded the Wendy’s Gnome Shop?

Wendy’s Gnome Shop NetWorth After Shark Tank

The founder of Wendy’s Gnome Shop is Wendy Hoffmeister. She is also the CEO of the company.  Amber, daughter of Wendy, is also an associate of the company.

By profession, Hoffmeister was a Labor and Delivery Nurse but she began the Gnomes business due to her hobby and fascination.

She worked as a registered nurse at Tampa General Hospital for 2 years and at Kaiser Permanente for 4 years.  She also performed as an assistant nurse manager at Kaiser Permanente for two years. Her daughter Amber is also a nurse and she is a full-time gnome producer.

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Wendy’s Gnome Shop Before Shark Tank

Wendy started her business in 2019. She set up the company out of her hobby and passion. She began to ship her gnomes to the United States and all over the world after starting her business.

Hoffmeister always designed various designs of gnomes with her creativity.  She sold them through her website in various nations including the United States.

Her marital relationship broke in 2019 and she was intending to do something following her hobby to keep herself happy. Then she began to make gnomes and wished them on Etsy and most interesting the following day it was sold. In this way, she began her Gnomes business.

She began to sell gnomes through her website as well as Etsy. She managed to sell 20,000 units of gnomes on Etsy in May 2021. She became successful at the outset of her business with the help of Etsy.

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How Was The Shark Tank Pitch Of Wendy’s Gnome Shop?

Wendy appeared on the Shark Tank to get $200k in exchange for a 20% share. She explained her Gnomes business very well on the Shark Tank stage. She told the sharks that 15% of their sales derive from the website and 80% through sales. Now, their consumer acquisition price is $5 and the standard retail rate of gnomes is $35 and the production cost is $3.50.

As of 2021, Wendy was doing business for 18 months and has lifetime sales of $688,000.she is the best gnome seller on Etsy. Till now she has sold 23,000 units of gnomes on Etsy.

When she began the business she only invested $1000. As of 2020, her net worth was $135,000. Three women are working in the company and also her daughter Amber is a member of the company. She is expecting to earn $750,000 by the end of 2021 and would have a net worth of $150,000.

Kevin O’Leary did not want Gnome in his portfolio. Hence, he dropped the deal. According to Lori Grenier, the business was not appropriate for her. Hence, she dropped the deal.

Mark Cuban did not consider the business to be a place for investment.  Hence, he dropped the deal. Daymond John proposed to invest $200k in exchange for a 35% share. Barbara Corcoran offered to give $200k in exchange for a 30% equity along with a royalty of $1 for every unit of gnome.

Daymond then modified his offer to $200k dir a 30% share along with a royalty of 50 cents for each unit of gnomes until Wendy pays off $200k. Getting annoyed, Barbara modified her offer removing the royalty clause. Daymond said that he was ready to match the offer of Barbara.

Wendy told both sharks that she would provide a 25% share for $200k. But the two denied her proposal. Hoffmeister then chose to opt for Daymond. Finally, Daymond John invested $200K in Wendy’s Gnome Shop in exchange for a 30% stake.

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What Happened To Wendy’s Gnome Shop After Shark Tank?

As soon as the company gets a deal on Shark Tank, Daymond John invests $200k in exchange for a 30% share in the company. Though Barabara gave her the same proposal, Wendy did not accept that.

People were amazed after knowing the number of sales in the Gnomes business. People gave statements about the company on their Twitter accounts.

The company got a huge number of orders for gnomes after the Shark Tank episode and the creature disclosed it on Instagram on 11th December 2021.

The company sold only 10 to 100 gnomes before Shark Tank but they were selling over a thousand units of gnomes regularly after Shark Tank.

The gnomes were not available on Etsy on 18th December 2022. Hoffmeister gave an update there that she was spending time with her family and was going to be available again on 1st January 2023 and she was going to launch Valentine’s Day Gnomes.

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Wendy’s Gnome Shop Shark Tank Update

Mark said that the company was not able to go above $10 million or above. Wendy is the best seller of gnomes on Etsy. The sales of the company grew incredibly after Shark Tank.

But the selling website of the company has not improved much yet. About 7000 visitors come to the company’s website every month.

The founder appeared on Shark Tank to improve her sales through her website. About 80% of her sales were derived from third-party websites.  Hence she wished to sell most of her products through her website.

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Wendy’s net worth 2022

The company acquired $668,000 before taking part in Shark Tank. Wendy’s net worth in 2022 is $138,000.

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Though Wendy’s Gnome Shop is a little business, the products of the company are becoming popular day by day. The company delivers attractive holiday-themed gnome adornments.

They are soft and they can be recycled for various holidays. After appearing on Shark Tank, the founder introduced Shark-themed gnomes with an exceptional deal and they were out of stock within a few hours only. Wendy has shifted from Etsy and now she sells most of her products through her website. Wendy is expecting to launch her shop and new manufacturing company with the help of Daymond’s money.


What is Wendy’s Gnome Shop’s net worth?

The founder appealed for investment at a $1 million valuation in Shark Tank but Wrndy’s Gnome Shop received investment at $666K. Wendy’s Gnome Shop’s net worth is $150,000 after Shark Tank.

Is Wendy’s Gnome Shop Still In Business?

The company has entered the Gnome of the Month Club for December 2022 with a subscription cost of $25 per month. You may purchase the products from Etsy as well as the website of the company. The company has managed to sell 29,153 products through Etsy as of 22nd December 2022. The present location of this company is in North Carolina, Charlotte, United States, and four women are working in the company. So, as of December 2022, Wendy’s Gnome Shop is still in business.

Who is Wendy’s Gnome Shop for?

For those who love beautiful adornments and aspire to have good fortune charms, Wendy’s gnome shop is perfect for them. Both children and grown-ups like the products and the products are modern touch with a conventional look. You may purchase a gnome for any occasion on your house be it Christmas or any Thanksgiving party.

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