What Happened Of DoorBot After Shark Tank

What Happened Of DoorBot After Shark Tank


If you are one of the millions of people who tuned in to watch Shark Tank last season, then you may memorize DoorBot. This creative product enables homeowners to see and speak with visitors at their door, even when they are not home.

The product was so famous that it captured the attention of the sharks, and they ended up investing in the company. So what happened to DoorBot after Shark Tank? If you want to find out, keep reading this article.

What is DoorBot and Who is Its Founder?

DoorBot is a Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell that lets users see and speak with visitors at their door, even when they are not home. It was created by Jamie Siminoff, an entrepreneur and inventor. The device also has motion detection abilities that let you monitor activity around your home as well.

What DoorBot attempts to solve is the lack of control and security that homeowners experience when it comes to their front doors. With DoorBot, you can monitor who is at your door and determine whether or not you want to grant them access. No more peeking out the window or having to guess who is there.

Jamie put in a good deal of effort and energy to develop Doorbot. Despite his economic battles, he wanted to contribute something optimistic to the neighbourhood and so took it upon himself to frame an improved security device in his garage.

With this thought-out creation, Jamie aimed to decrease crime rates within the area. But the actual idea came to him when he was working in the garage and did not hear the sound of the doorbell, missing his important delivery. He was aware that this was a problem for many people, so he set about developing a device that would alert him whenever someone rang his doorbell.

How Does DoorBot Work?

DoorBot works simply. You just need to install it on your front door, connect it to your Wi-Fi and download the app. From there you can speak with anyone who sings the bell from anywhere in the world.

You can get notifications when someone is at your door or if a motion is identified nearby.

By choosing “Accept” on the app, Siminoff demonstrates that your doorbell will be converted into a traditional apartment building intercom. This permits you to communicate with visitors from afar, as two-way audio and one-way video capabilities are also included in the product. Subsequently, you can view what is occurring outside but not within your premises.

Jamie saw the prospect of making this device into a successful business and so went on to pitch DoorBot on Shark Tank, the famous reality TV show.

DoorBot Appears On Shark Tank

Jamie Siminoff had been formulating his invention for four years before he even got a chance to appear on the show. After several tries, he was ultimately given the chance to get in front of the Sharks in 2013. He represented DoorBot with great enthusiasm and passion.

At the time of the pitch, DoorBot had over a million sales, but Jamie was searching for the Sharks’ assistance to take it to the next level. The Sharks, however, were doubtful and asked Jamie about its scalability. The pitch did not go well for him.

Jamie Siminoff introduced his business, Doorbot, to the Sharks on Shark Tank and asked for an investment of $ 700,000 for a 10% stake in the exchange. He moves into a pitch in a very remarkable way, by not entering straight away but rather knocking on the front door of the tank and sharks ask ‘Who’s there?’ Lori invites him in.

He starts by describing what DoorBot is, how it works, and the fact that it has already sold a million units. The Sharks were not able to understand what he was saying and did not see any potential.

Robert Herjavecstated that this service was intended for customers instead of an internet venture, so he left. Marknotices 0 growth potential in Doorbot and follows Robert out of the tank. Loridoes not see anything unique about DoorBot and thinks it is too expensive. She also suspects the ability of Jamie to scale the business.

Daymondassumed that security companies would surpass DoorBot if they began to produce something similar. He says no, so now there are only two Sharks left in the tank and Jamie still has not been able to get an offer.

It is at this point thatKevin O’Leary comes up with a counteroffer and proposes a $ 700,000 loan instead of the requested investment. In exchange, he wants 5% of Doorbot along with 8% interest on top of it.

Jamie does not feel comfortable with the offer and so he chooses to go for it, with a few modifications. Nevertheless, Kevin does not budge and so Jamie leaves the tank without a deal.

And this concludes the story of what occurred to DoorBot after Shark Tank. Jamie kept going and continued to develop his product, ultimately enticing investment from another company.

The Aftermath

Despite walking away without a Shark Tank deal, Jamie Siminoff understood he had something special on his hands with DoorBot. He kept pushing forward with it. He had enough business experience, he recognized what was missing in Doorbot.

His innovation earned a lot of popularity thanks to the Shark Tank effect, and he was able to get his product into both online and physical stores. He then utilized the money from his sales to further develop DoorBot and expand his customer base.

In the same year as the episode aired, DoorBot managed to earn $ 5 million in sales and more than $5 million in profit.

Jamie caught the attention of innumerable other people and investors, ultimately resulting in them investing in the organization.

In 2018, Amazon acquired Doorbot for a whopping $ 1.1 billion and even brought in basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal as an ambassador of the Ring brand—which is now one of the most profitable firms to ever take part in Shark Tank.

After making a deal with Amazon during Shark Tank, the company now distributes ten of its primary products to up to 16,000 distinct venues. Ring currently has 1300 people in their employment.

It is difficult to imagine how this has affected doorbells and home security. What was once a simple doorbell has now been reinvented into an entire system that contains security cameras, motion sensors, and video feeds.

Some of the advantages of DoorBot include advanced motion sensing technology, two-way audio communication, night vision capability, mobile alerts for visitors at your front door—and so much more.

As of 2023, the annual sales of Ring products stand at a remarkable $ 275 million, proving that Jamie Siminoff’s determinations to push forward with DoorBot were the right ones.

It just goes to show that even when you do not obtain a deal from the Sharks, it does not mean your product or service is not worth investing in. It is inspiring to know what occurred with Doorbot after Shark Tank and all its amazing success.

Not even Mark Cuban, who seldom expresses regret, can help but feel the sting of lost opportunity after watching this episode. The rest of the sharks are vocally embarrassed for not investing in what could have been a billion-dollar enterprise.

Jamie Siminoff, now CEO of Ring and certified millionaire, returned to the tank five years after his original appearance as a guest shark – clearly having found success in transforming one of the largest security companies all over the world. He was the first Shark Tank competitor who had made his way back to the show as a guest Shark himself, and it was an inspiring moment of homecoming for him.

The story of Doorbot demonstrates to us what can be achieved when you do not give up and continue to strive toward your goals. The initial denial from the sharks did not stop Jamie Siminoff; it only prompted him to develop something even greater than before.

DoorBot Net Worth

The founder of DoorBot, Jamie Siminoff is now worth $2.6 billion. The success of DoorBot has been remarkable and the $1 billion sale to Amazon contributed remarkably to Jamie’s growth in wealth.

When Jamie first represented DoorBot on Shark Tank, he asked for an investment of $ 700,000. All five sharks passed on the offer and it seemed as if Jamie had failed to secure a deal. Nevertheless, after his appearance on the show, DoorBot obtained a large influx of orders and was catapulted into success.

Is DoorBot and Ring the same company?

Yes. In 2018, Amazon acquired the company Ring (formerly known as DoorBot). This was a strategic move by Amazon, letting them leverage the technology and resources provided by DoorBot to expand their home security product lineup. Jamie agreed to an all-cash deal, making him 1 billion dollars.

How much was DoorBot sold for?

DoorBot was sold to Ring. It was acquired by Amazon for a sum of $1 billion. As per the reports from Entrepreneur and Bloomberg, the sale involved cash as well as stock options which could potentially become worth it over time.

Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff had initially pitched DoorBot on Shark Tank in 2013 where he appealed for an investment of $700k loan. All five Sharks refused to invest but the exposure helped catapult DoorBot into success.

The Doorbot is sold for $ 199 in stores, yet the production cost of each unit is only $ 81.83.


This is by far the most outstanding success story that has ever come out of Shark Tank, and it is a testament to Jamie Siminoff’s extraordinary vision and determination. His success proves that even if the Sharks do not believe in you, there are still chances available out there if you just keep working hard.


How is Doorbot doing?

DoorBot has been doing very well since its appearance on Shark Tank. The show enabled to boost sales and marketing efforts for the company.
After its appearance on the show, DoorBot arranged to boost its customer base significantly. They have also been featured in many mainstream publications and television shows, such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Forbes Magazine.
The product itself has seen numerous improvements over the years and it’s now a reliable device that can be used in homes or businesses. Furthermore, DoorBot has also expanded its range of products with different types of doorbells that include video recording capabilities and other features.
But most importantly, Amazon decided to buy the company in 2018 for $ 1 billion, making it one of the largest acquisitions in the history of Shark Tank. Since then, DoorBot has become an Amazon subsidiary and is now integrated into the Alexa home automation system. This means that users can access all DoorBot features directly from their Alexa app, which makes it much easier to manage doorbells and access recorded video footage.
Overall, DoorBot has been doing very well since its appearance on Shark Tank and we are sure that the company will continue to grow as a part of Amazon. The future looks bright for this innovative product!

Where is Doorbot today?

Doorbot is alive and kicking today, although the product has since evolved in a few ways. After appearing on Shark Tank, Doorbot was rebranded as Ring. The company also shifted its focus to home security products rather than simply doorbells. Under the new name, Ring released several video doorbells with innovative features such as motion detection, live streaming of events at your doorstep, two-way audio communication, and more.
In February 2018 Ring was acquired by Amazon for around USD 1 billion. Since then they have continued to develop their hardware products and launch new interactive services.

Did Sharks regret not investing in Doorbot?

Some sharks have indeed expressed their regret about not investing in Doorbot, the home security device that appeared on Shark Tank. However, Mark Cuban, who was one of the sharks on the show, said shortly after that he was not regretful of his decision to pass on Doorbot.
Cuban holds this stance to any product, regardless of the success or failure of the company, since ultimately his goal is to make money and he needs to see a good return on investment. With Doorbot, he did not think that potential was there and has stuck to this opinion.

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