What Happened To BedJet After Shark Tank

What Happened To BedJet After Shark Tank? 


A lot of companies have pitched their product on Shark TankBedJet has created a remarkable impression on Shark Tank with its unique bedding climate control system.  But do you know what occurred to the company after its remarkable pitch on the show? 

In this article, we are going to delve deep into the journey of BedJet after Shark Tank.  So, let’s begin. 

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What is BedJet?

A BedJet is there to settle the most disturbing issue people encounter with their beds.  The heat of the body makes the mattress too hot at the time of summer. On the other hand,  the bed gets too cold during the winter.  BedJet enables you to control the temperature of the mattress by using your smartphone.  You may warm your mattress up or cool it down whenever you want. 

The product already became popular before getting featured on Shark Tank.  The founder of the company,  Aramli managed to raise $75K in pre-orders before coming to the show.  This type of product has not been launched before. This is a fast,  reasonable heating and cooling system. 

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How does it work?

you just have to Place the unit under the bed and then attach the nozzle.  The temperature of your bed will be increased or decreased within only three minutes. 

With the help of a BedJet, a mattress becomes more comfortable as it pumps air into it.  The product is highly efficient and we do not need to use an AC or room heater all the time.  In this way, it will save you money. 

The couples Thought this product very useful as it can create two distinct zones.  A BetJet always ensures that both partners get the proper level of comfort as the couples may have different preferences.

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What are the benefits of BedJet for individuals and households? 

What are the key features of BedJet

BedJet provides several benefits to individuals and households.  Some of them are as follows: 

  • The would-be mothers find BedJet particularly useful as most pregnant women prefer to sleep in a cooler environment.  You need to keep in mind that the heating function has the same precautions just like the electric blankets have.  But the cooling feature gives the necessary relief. 
  • Postpartum women also find BedJet useful as it has sweat-wicking capabilities that enable them to stay comfortable and dry at night. 
  • Menopausal women experience hot flashes and night sweats.  They can say goodbye to the restless night by accepting BedJet.  The temperature control system of the product allows them to create a cool environment for sleep according to their requirements. 
  • For couples who often fight with each other to decide the proper sleep temperature,  BetJet allows every partner to customize their side of the bed with their desired temperature.  So,  BedJet gives a harmonious sleeping experience to the couples. 
  • Families who are looking to cut down their energy consumption and save on HVAC costs find BedJet very useful.  BedJet does not focus on cooling or heating the whole house,  it focuses only on the bed.  In this way it saves costs. 

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What are the key features of BedJet? 

  • There is a cordless handheld remote that allows you to do the basic work. 
  • It gives a complimentary smartphone application connected via Bluetooth.  This gives access to a wide range of functions like a gentle temperature-based wake-up trigger instead of a piercing alarm, automatic shut-off scheduling, and biorhythm sleep technology.
  • You may adjust the acceleration of the fan. 
  • You may set the temperatures. 
  • The dual-zone alternative enables the partners to sleep comfortably no matter if they have different preferences in sleeping conditions.

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Who are the founders of BedJet? 

BedJet was set up in 2013 by Mark Aramli.  Aramli was a former engineer in NASA space suit technology.  Mark wanted to be free from the corporate platform.  That is why he set out into the realm of consumer goods. 

He started a Kickstarter campaign by the end of 2013 which crossed the initial goal of $38,000. He managed to gather more than double the expected funding. 

BedJet’s outstanding offering is a cutting-edge temperature regulation system for beds along with a personalized control feature for the required rampart tyres on a person. 

It has an assembly of fans along with heating and cooling components.  You may easily operate the system with the help of a bedside remote or a smartphone app.  You may place BedJet under or beside the bed.  It has a slender air duct that runs amidst the bed sheets to give the required temperature.

The orchestrated airflow gives a tenting effect making sure that air is getting distributed in the entire bed.  The price of every BedJet is $499 and it is only available online. 

Furthermore,  the company is trying its best to develop a specialized dual-zone converter which is designed to round off the functions of the BedJet system.

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What happened to BedJet on Shark Tank? 

BedJet presented a scope for remarkable cost savings by introducing their heated and cooled mattresses.  It has shown that there is no need to heat or cool the entire house or entire room at night.  We only need the temperature between the sheets of those important 8 hours. 

At the time of the pitch,  Mark invited a shark with cold feet to come and enjoy the warmth of the BedJet oy for fun.

Mark Cuban became curious and said that he was eager to try it once as soon as the founder completed his presentation. 

Kevin Was concerned about the level of noise of the BedJet and Mark replied that the tool runs silently.  Mark and Lori went forward to climb into the bed and share light-hearted banter.  They lightened the cleansed atmosphere of the Shark Tank.

Robert asked whether the bed works as a water bed and Mark replied that the BedJet puts air into the mattress and in this way, it creates a slightly heavier feel to the sheets. 

Mark disclosed another interesting fact – 50% of couples have distinct preferences about sleeping temperatures.  One partner may like to have a warmer environment and the other may want a cooler one.  That is why BedJet provides dual-zone capability. 

Robert inquired Mark about the comfort of the bed.  Lori said that her side was warm and Mark’s side was cool.  Mark shows the back of the sheets to reveal the nozzle that is attached to the BedJet and for the dual-zone temperature control,  it provides a special attachment for two nozzles. 

After that, he said that there is a special sheet for dual-zone control but a single BedJet oy needs an asking attachment to direct the flow of cold or hot air. 

 Barbara asked about the potential savings after considering the capabilities of the BedJet blowing cold air all night.  Mark explained that there is an automatic shut-off timer which you may adjust as the system is heating or cooling. 

Kevin and Mark tried to concentrate on the business aspect.  That is why they asked the founder about the sales figures of the BedJet. 

Mark said that the BedJet is all set to go into production in six weeks.  That means there were no sales yet.  Kevin highlighted this point. 

Lori asked about the inspiration behind the BedJet.  Mark Amarmli quickly answered that he worked as an engineer in the NASA Space Suit Program before where he had to design and implement climate control functions for the suits. 

Mark Cuban asked him about the production cost for each unit and Mark Aramli said that it requires $98 to produce each unit. 

The founder did a market test through Kickstarter for BedJet.  It managed to acquire more than $60,000 from the campaign.  The Bedjet price is $499. Butbttevsharjs we’re not happy with the price tag.  They said that it was too pricey.  Kevin said that when the customers see the $499 price tag they will go for an original mattress that is available at the same price. 

Mark Aramli said that he has partnered with retailers who got BedJet samples and placed them in their stores so that customers can try them.  Kevin was curious to know about the early adopters and carriers of BedJet.  Mark said that they have only made partnerships with Sit ‘n Sleep. 

Kevin said that it was impressive to sell the mattress at this price range.  Lori wanted to hear feedback from mattress manufacturers. 

Robert wanted to know about the number of orders placed at this price point but Mark Aramli said that they have got a private offering of $1.1 million from A.H. Beard which is the largest and oldest mattress manufacturer in Australia. 

Robert praised the deal but Mark was concerned about the secret sauce that makes BedJet unique from others.  The founder said that no other product in the world can replicate the feeling of freshly dried sheets within only three minutes. 

Mark Cuban was not satisfied with the answer.  He wanted to know about the technology behind the product.  The founder then said that the product vents convection air into the bed uniquely.

Lori asked about the manufacturers who were interested in BedJet.  She asked Mark about his current relationship with them. 

Kevin said that after assessing the price of BedJet a couple would walk away instantly.  Mark Aramli said that there are nearly 300 million bedrooms in America.  Lori wanted to know more about the mattress manufacturers. Lori did not get her answer.  That is why she left the show.  After this Mark Cuban also left the deal. 

Mark Aramli tried to reply to Lori:’s unanswered question but she made up her mind to leave the deal.  Mark Cuban said that he liked the product but he did not get satisfactory answers about its technology.  That is why he decided to leave the deal. 

Barbara was concerned about the limited space under most beds.  That is why people would face problems to fit BedJet easily.  She also desired to opt out of the deal as she did not find the product faithful. 

Kevin saw the poor future of the company and said that he wanted to exit the deal.  Robert said that he did not have any problem with the price tag and he has found the machine remarkable.  But he said that the pitch fell apart as Mark’s focus was not clear. 

Roberts praised the product but finally decided to leave the deal.  So,  finally, Mark Aramli was not able to secure any deal from the sharks. 

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What occurred to BedJet after  Shark Tank? 

As of 2023, BedJet is available on its online platform and has successfully launched its unique BedJet product.  The company has now launched an updated version called the BedJet V2. It has received an outstanding rating of 4.5 stars along with 416 customer reviews on Amazon.

It means that the BedJet team has gained outstanding success.  Mattress Firm has recently made a partnership with BedJet.  Mattress Firm announced this on the Mattress Firm website. 

The extraordinary feature of the BedJet is its compatibility with all mattress types and sizes, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of sleepers.

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What is the net worth of BedJet? 

The initial concerns about the price of BedJet expressed by the Sharks may have been excessive. Despite those concerns, the product has a strong sales record.  Mark Aramli took the advice of the sharks as a standard BedJet is now available for $349.

But the higher-end v2 BedJet is priced at $949. This model has become very successful in the market.  When the sharks decided not to invest in the company,  a lot of people were influenced and they too decided not to work with Aramli or did not believe in the product of Aramli. 

As of 2023, BedJet has a net worth of $30 million.  The founder and CEO of BedJet,  Mark Aramli has a net worth of $19.1 billion as of June 2023.

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Final Opinion

The founder of BedJet,  Mark Aramli has proved that Kevin was completely wrong when he said that the founder would never be able to sell this device and the product was already dead.  There were huge sales of BetJet on Amazon.  The company has already introduced the third version of BedJet which is Bed Jet 3. We are sure that the company will grow more in the upcoming days.  We are eagerly waiting to see the company reach the top of success very soon. 


When was BedJet on Shark Tank?

BedJet appeared on Shark Tank in the episode that aired on October 17, 2015.

How does BedJet work?

BedJet works by using a fan assembly to move air through the bed. It takes the coolest air from the room, typically near the floor, and directs it into the bed. This airflow helps wick moisture off the skin, providing a cooling effect.
Moreover, BedJet provides a heating function that blows warm air through either the sheets or the comforter, enabling users to choose their desired temperature using a remote control or a smartphone app.

Does the BedJet use a lot of electricity?

The electricity usage of the BedJet depends on the particular model and settings used. While the BedJet does require electricity to power its fan and heating elements, it is designed to be energy-efficient. The exact energy consumption may vary, but it is generally not considered to be too much.

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