What Happened To Brightwheel After Shark Tank

What Happened To Brightwheel After Shark Tank? 


Brightwheel is a complete childcare management software that was introduced to make the administrative tasks of preschools, daycare centres, and other early education establishments simple.  It was featured on Shark Tank season 7.

Dave Vasen is the inventor of Brightwheel. He founded the Brightwheel company in 2012 when he understood that there was a lack of an efficient, high-quality tool for daycare centres to enhance their functions and improve communication with parents and families.

Brightwheel provides different types of features that make it an ultimate choice in educational technology.  One of its most important features is that it shares images and delivers real-time reports to parents to keep them updated on the daily activities of their children. 

Moreover,  the software offers school reminders, allows attendance tracking,  and makes invoice creation for students simple.  It provides a user-friendly and quick-to-load platform. 

In this age,  digital convenience is paramount.  This tool enables parents to get access to all these services on their smartphones.  They can even invite other family members into the school community through the school site. 

One of the most unique selling points of Brightwheel is that it works as a free platform to monetize it through premium management services.  Schools and daycare centers can choose these premium services customizing the platform as per their requirements. 

The premium version of Brightwheel has additional features like staff/student check-in, room ratios, video sharing, messaging, calendars, and extensive support via email, chat, and phone.

These features as well as the effectiveness of the platform help to make parent-educator communication simple.  This is why it has become one of the excellent choices for any early education institution. 

Moreover,  Brightwheel has potential beyond administrative convenience.  Vasen claims that it is very important to invest in early childhood education as a significant part of brain development occurs before children turn three. 

That is why Brightwheel could play a significant role in administrative streamlining and contributing to children’s early learning and development, making it a beautiful recommendation for educators and parents alike.

Eventually, the development and success of Brightwheel increased after the Brightwheel Shark Tank episode.  The company keeps innovating and excelling in early education and childcare management after completing a deal with Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca.  It raised millions in subsequent funding rounds. 

After conducting research we have come to know that Brightwheel’s net worth is $600 million.  The valuation of the company became $9 million after getting an investment from the Sharks. 

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What is Brightwheel?

Brightwheel is a comprehensive software system designed particularly for preschools and childcare centres.  It provides a wide range of essential features incorporated into a user-friendly app. 

Brightwheel automated billing and payments ensuring a smooth and hassle-free procedure.  The app also enables real-time messaging between staff members to make communication quick and efficient.  It is the number one software solution in this field.  That is why preschools, daycare centres, camps, and after-school programs believe it. 

It is a versatile tool.  The functionality of the all makes it the ultimate choice for childcare management.  If you are running a centre,  preschool, daycare, or camp, Brightwheel can help you make operations simple and enhance efficiency. 

Teachers find Brightwheel especially useful as they can record and track daily events and activities in the classroom.  It also helps to manage administrative work enabling teachers to concentrate on what matters the most – offering a nurturing and educational setting for children. 

Nursery schools and daycare centres use the tool for sharing photos, providing real-time reports to parents,  sending school notices to parents, tracking attendance,  and generating comprehensive reports. 

It makes communication simple and keeps everyone associated with a Child’s care well-informed.  The tool is available as a subscription app that works on all devices.  You may get access to Brightwheel and enjoy its functions smoothly on a computer,  tablet,  or smartphone. 

It has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features that make it the ultimate choice for handling and enhancing childcare programs.

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Who is the founder of Brightwheel?

Dave Vasen is the founder of Brightwheel. Before creating Brightwheel, Dave had an outstanding career in the tech industry.  He worked on software systems for well-known corporations like Cisco and Amazon. He was an expert in developing and deploying large-scale technologies. 

Due to this background, he became an expert in developing a comprehensive user-friendly platform like Brightwheel. The idea for Brightwheel came out of the personal experiences of Dave. 

After the birth of his daughter,  Serena,  Dave wished to be more engaged in her day-to-day life and educational growth.  The desire along with his best experience in educational technology inspired him to create Brightwheel. 

He understood that there was a lack of a tool in early childhood education that would help to streamline administrative tasks and foster stronger communication between schools,  daycares,  and parents. 

Since a significant part of brain development happens before age three Vasen utilized this scope to create a significant effect on early childhood education. 

Before featuring Brighteheel on Shark Tank,  the company had already created a significant impression in the industry.  After the initial development phase,  the tool Brightwheel was experimented with in some daycare facilities and schools to refine its functionality and ensure it meets the needs of educators and parents. 

As a trial program in 2014, the tool was introduced in ten schools and by the time of its Shark Tank pitch, was already being used in 2500 classrooms all over the nation.  It became the most widely used educational technology of its kind. 

Furthermore,  before Shark Tank,  Brightwheel had already grabbed the attention of well-known investors.  The company managed to raise $2.2 ion from investors along with ENIAC Ventures, Golden Venture Partners, Red Swan Ventures, RRE Capital, Sherpa Ventures, and some angel investors.

This success displayed the value of Brightwheel and established the stage for its further growth after it appeared on Shark Tank.

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How was the Shark Tank pitch of Brightwheel?

During the Brightwheel Shark Tank pitch, Dave Vasen intended to get an investment of $400,000 in return the a 4% share in the business. However, this created an initial grumbling among the sharks because of the high valuation of the firm.  Still,  the sharks listened to the presentation of Dave attentively. 

During the pitch, Dave explained the functionality of the Brightwheel app.  Vasen said that Brightwheel has been tested in ten schools in 2024 before refining and rolling out to 2,500 classrooms all over the nation and has been made the most popular technology.

He also said that Brightwheel had already obtained $2.2 million from different investors.  The shares gave various reactions to the presentation. 

Kevin O’Leary praised the business and found the investment asked for to be fair.  He was ready to invest $400,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the business. 

On the contrary,  Daymond John left the deal as he did not have much sight of the area that Brightwheel was going to develop into. 

Chris Sacca was concerned about Vasan’s pledge to never advertise to parents on the app.  Sacca thought that parents were a receptive audience for well-targeted,  relevant promotion and felt that Vasen’s standpoint might restrict the monetization potential of the firm. 

Still,  Sacca was eager to make a deal but was hesitating to pay more than the already committed investors for his share.  Kevin O’Leary wanted to renegotiate his offer to match Sacca’s offer of a 4.85% stake for $400,000.

When there was a heated exchange between the sharks,  Chris Sacca and Mark Cuban expressed their doubts about the influence of each other outside Silicon Valley.  Vasen was persistently looking for a two-shark deal. 

Mark Cuban ultimately admitted that Chris Sacca was able to bring some value to the deal and was ready to take part.  That is why they wanted to increase the equity portion of the deal.  Chris Sacca said that they would invest $600,000 in return for a 6.67% share in Brightwheel. 

Vasen took the offer from Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca.  In this way, Brightwheel secured $600,000 from Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca for a 6.66% stake in the company, valuing Brightwheel at around $9 million.

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How does Brightwheel make money?

Brightwheel gives free services to keep the software inexpensive for low-income areas. Anybody can opt for their basic plan along with attendance, daily reports, photographs, teacher and parent apps, invoicing and bill payment, and support for up to one staff member and twenty children. For people who are looking for free daycare software, this will be the best solution for them. 

In October 2018, the company managed to raise an extra $21 million in series B funding from various well-known investors along with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the capital management organization created by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan of Facebook.

Brightwheel finished another round of investment in February 2021. It managed to raise $55 million which led to the value of the company at $600 million. 

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What occurred to Brightwheel after Shark Tank?

The journey of Brightwheel after Shark Tank has been depicted by development and success.  The visibility of the company incredibly increased because of the show which helped to bring more users to the platform. 

The credibility of the company was increased when two well-known and influential persons in the tech industry,  Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca invested in the company. 

After Shark Tank,  Brightwheel developed its app and broadened its user base. The company attended the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) Annual Conference and Expo in Los Angeles in late October 2016, explaining its product in person and boosting its market reach.

Economically,  Brightwheel kept attracting interest from investors and managed to raise $10 million in a series A round of funding in February 2017.

The company managed to raise another $21 million in Series B funding and then $55 million in a second round of investing in February 2021 due to which the valuation of the company became $600 million. 

The strong investor support of the company enables it to create its freemium mod providing premium features such as an improved billing system, tailored access for parents, extended technical assistance, and the ability to manage multiple locations.

The aim was to make sure that even low-income users could use the software, ascertaining the company’s obligation to inclusive and accessible early education.

The company appeared in an update segment on season 9, episode 908 of Shark Tank, where it was disclosed that its valuation had risen to more than $600 million as of 2023.

Since its beginning, Brightwheel has become a top software solution for preschools, child care, daycare, camps, and after-school programs. It has managed to raise more than $1 billion in funding to date, displaying the substantial strides the company has made since its Shark Tank appearance.

The future of the company looks bright and its effect on early childhood education continues to grow.

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How is Brightwheel doing today? 

After appearing on Shark Tank,  Brightwheel experienced incredible growth and success.  The company managed to secure a $600,000 investment during its Shark Tank appearance from the popular investors Chris Sacca and Mark Cuban. This investment helped the company to grow and develop more. 

Brightwheel kept thriving in the market after appearing on the show.  The company managed to raise a significant amount of $1) million in funding which enhanced its expansion plans. 

Brightwheel broadened its reach to serve more than 25,000 schools depicting the substantial effect of the Shark Tank platform on its growth rotation. 

Brightwheel strategically shifted from a free model to a paid one to maintain its expansion and growth. It launched a premium version enabling the company to generate more than $2 million in sales. 

Brightwheel made collaborations with the Learning Care Group, partnering with their schools to develop its reach and effect in the preschool education sector.

Parents received the app very well as it was able to connect them with the educators and schools of their children.  Nevertheless,  it encountered privacy issues which caused two-factor authentication to improve security and address these problems.

Brightwheel started to attract substantial attention and investor community funding even after Shark Tank. It managed to raise more than $55 million in funding arranged by addition which valued the company at more than $600 million. 

The earlier investors along with Mark Cuban, who had invested in the company after its appearance on Shark Tank, were engaged in these successive funding rounds. 

As of 2023, Brightwheel is operating and is still a successful company.  The estimated valuation of the company is more than $600 million.  This made the company an outstanding player in the preschool technology startup industry. 

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Final opinion

The journey of Brighteheel after Shark Tank has been a significant growth and success.  Due to the Shark Tank show it not only got investment but also incredible exposure which increased the users of the app.  Still, now the company is running smoothly. 


Did Brightwheel get any deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, Brightwheel was able to secure a deal of $600,000 from Chris Sacca and Mark Cuban in exchange for a 6.66% share in the business. 
Since then, Brightwheel has become the leading platform for early education and childcare administration and the leading software solution for preschools, child care, daycare, camps, and after-school programs.

Is Brightwheel Still In Business?

As of July 2023, Brightwheel is still active in business. 

Who is the founder of Brightwheel? 

Dave Vasen is the founder of Brightwheel.

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