What Happened To Buck Mason After Shark Tank

What Happened To Buck Mason After Shark Tank


How Is Buck Mason Doing Now After Shark Tank? 

Buck Mason is an American clothing company, especially for men.  The private company was set up by Sasha Koehn and Erik Schnakenberg in Los Angeles, California.

The company sells Men’s clothing, women’s clothing, Jeans, denim jeans,  button-ups, and branded menswear products. The company started its journey in 2013.

Erik Schnakenberg and Sasha Koehn live in Los Angeles, California. They set up the company Buck Mason together.  Buck Mason’s net worth was 2.5 million USD.  As of September 2023, Buck Mason has an approximate net worth of $16 million. They are now earning $16 million in annual revenue.

Buck Mason is a luxury clothing company that is popular for button-up shirts, chinos, and other clothing for men.  The products of the company are manufactured in the United States. The company provided the best quality cloth made in America.

The company was intending to get an investment of $200,000 in exchange for an 8% share in the business. The company is still active in business. This year the company has grown 20% to 100% every month.

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A Short Overview of Buck Mason

Buck Mason is a famous luxury clothing company that is popular for selling chinos, button-up shirts, and other men’s clothing. 

You will surely get overwhelmed while you shop with Buck Mason as there is a wide range of options available. You will also get a wide range of foreign items and trendy items. 

Less than 3% of apparel products are manufactured in the United States. Most of the Buck Mason clothing is affordable and American-made.

The company enables you to buy individual pieces of clothing.  You may also select a wardrobe package to make your selection simple. 

The company will give you 14 days to try the items before making payment for what you keep. The company sends the packages free of cost and you have to return the items within 14 days. 

The men’s clothing line of Buck Mason is completely made in the USA so that it can compete with the largest and most prestigious clothing companies in the world.  The company is not available all over the world now,  but it is available all over the United States. 

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Who Is The Founder Of Buck Mason?

Sasha Koehn and Erik Schnakenberg from Los Angeles, California set up the luxury men’s clothing company Buck Mason in 2013.

Sasha Koehn completed his graduation with a bachelor’s degree in Landscape architecture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Erik Schnakenberg completed his graduation with a degree in Business Management from the Central Methodist University. Sasha and Erik have been neighbours and business partners for more than a decade now. 

As of 2023, the founders of Buck Mason Sasha Koehn and Erik Schnakenberg have a net worth of 16 million USD.

They came up on Shark Tank season 6 in April 2015 as they were looking for an investment of $200,000 in exchange for an 8% share of the company valuing the company at $2.5 million.

Unfortunately, the sharks were not eager to invest their money in the business as they did not have any interest in the business.  So,  finally, the founders were not able to secure a deal at Shark Tank for Buck Mason.

Still after the Buck Mason Shark Tank episode the company experienced an incredible growth in its sales. As of 2023, the company is running smoothly.  If you want to buy the products of Buck Mason you need to go to their official website or any of their physical stores.

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Buck Mason Before Shark Tank

The founders of Buck Mason,  Sasha Koehn and Erik Schnakenberg were looking for an investment of $200,000 in exchange for an 8% share in their business.

Sasha says that he always thought that his father always wore good dresses.  He saw his father wear the same thing every day: blue jeans, a white v-neck shirt, and a flannel work shirt.

His father was a brick mason by profession so he did not want him to look cool.  He just wore dresses as they were required. 

But now shopping for men’s clothing has become similar to shopping for women’s clothing.  There are so many options, so many trends,  and so much modification going on.  That is why,  the two of them decided to launch a company named Buck Mason to create American-made, best-quality clothing at a reasonable price. 

Buck Mason has concentrated on its niche along with various categories like the perfect t-shirt, the essential blue jeans, and a classic oxford shirt.

The company displayed on its website who is creating the products and how they are manufactured.  According to them, this is known as an American-made price transparency. 

Buck Mason never gives priority to fashion trends as taste is more important to them than standing out or fitting in.  Buck Mason thinks about the working-class men who desire a sense of fashion.

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What happened to Buck Mason on Shark Tank?

Sasha and Erik distributed the samples to the sharks after coming up on the Shark Tank stage.  Each of the samples included a pair of jeans, a shirt,  and an Oxford shirt. 

Robert asks them about the buying process of Buck Mason’s clothes.  He also inquires about where he can get them.  The founders replied that the products of Buck Mason can be purchased online or from physical stores.  The customers may purchase the products of Buck Mason in two ways: they can either buy an individual product that they can wear with anything they want or buy a package. 

The company puts together an outfit of 3-6 clothing pieces that you just can not mess up wearing and will match with any piece of clothing.  Unfortunately,  the sharks did not find the clothing ideal as the clothing is primarily focused on people who have to lead a more physical lifestyle because of their work, who do not have adequate time for shopping,  or who do not have any sense of fashion. 

The price of a pair of jeans is $135. After hearing this Mark says that it is not at all cheap for a pair of jeans.  The Buck Mason t-shirts were available at $24 and the button-down oxfords are available at $88.

The shares inquired about the Buck Mason sales.  They replied that it was nearly $300,000. Robert inquired what the founders did before starting Buck Mason.  Sasha replied that he worked in the clothing industry for 20 years and Erik is from a more tech-media-oriented side.  Erik began to work on a content platform named This Built America which profiled the companies that are rethinking American manufacturing which motivated Erik to launch some manufacturing back to the United States. 

Kevin gave an instance:  in case he was a consumer and bought a shirt and jeans,  how many more times does he have to purchase?  Kevin said that he understood the company as Buck Mason is boasting in their American manufacturing and they are trying to pick a price point that implies the consumer investment cost is going to be lesser than their lifetime value.  But Kevin did not hear their retail strategy, roll-out strategy,  or anything else about growing the business. 

Robert then jerked Kevin after inquiring the founders of Buck Mason whether Kevin was correct.  Sasha said Kevin is partly correct.  They have gained consumers for very little to no price. They gain consumers through their social media and public relations channels. 

Buck Mason concentrates on these people,  not fashion bloggers.  They also added that they are creating a different kind of company.  Kevin said that he still did not understand how the development of the business came in. He also asked whether they are only going to invest thousands of dollars and explode the model while maintaining the present business model or whether they have a plan to grow their business into retail or wholesale. The two answered they want to stay with online retail mainly. 

Mark asked them about their investment in the company and Erik said that he and Sasha are the sole investors and they have invested $10,000.

Kevin asked them how much they would make on a sales figure of $500,000. Sasha replied they both had only started to pay themselves and on a figure of $500,000 in sales, they would be able to make nearly $35,000. After hearing this, Daymond looked concerned. 

Mark said that he liked the idea and he had an interest in American-made products but he is not perfect for the apparel industry.  That is why he left the show saying that he could be a consumer,  but not an investor. 

Lori liked the story as well as the products but she did not know what to add to the combination of hit men in their hearts with clothes that they found that they required to wear.  That is why she also left the deal. 

Robert then said that he found the initial investment of $10,000 amazing as they managed to turn that into an income stream of over $300,000. However, Ribert did not understand how they targeted and acquired consumers. They had limited themselves to only shopping online.  That is why Robert went out of the deal. 

Kevin said that clothing companies generally trade at around 4 times their cash flow and they are bigger than Buck Mason.  He said that Buck Mason had to make a lot more money to obtain a proper evaluation.  Kevin liked the branding but he did not understand how Buck Mason would be able to grow their sales volume and retain their market share.  If they wanted to get an investment of $200,000 from Kevin,  they had to give half of the company to Kevin. 

Daymond said that he did not understand what the founders would do with his investment and his money.  So,  he left the deal.  Kevin said that partnership would be perfect for a company that nobody has heard about but there are certain risks too.  Kevin then offered the founders that he was ready to invest $200,000 in exchange for a 50% share in their business. 

Sasha said that they have strived a lot to create the brand and they are not interested in giving up a 50% share of the company. Lori instigated the two founders to make a counteroffer. 

Erik then made a counteroffer of $200,000 in exchange for a 15% equity along with a $100,000 line of credit which is particularly for inventory. He also said that they would provide free clothing for a lifetime to Kevin.  After this Robert made an offer of $200,000 along with a $100,000 line of credit in exchange for 25% of the company.

Kevin left the deal.  Robert did not change his mind. However, the founders, Erik and Sasha did not find the deal with Robert well and therefore left the show without a deal.

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What occurred to Buck Mason after Shark Tank?

Buck Mason is still actively doing business, but there are no strong figures to ascertain how nicely or badly this company is doing.

To be convinced, their whole range of apparel line continues to expand in terms of providing men with more simple-yet-fashionable supplies, and they have even worked with Stetson Hats to make an exclusive line of data for buck Mason customers. 

They have introduced more classic button-down shirts, chinos, shorts, types of denim,  sweats like sweat trousers and other comfy apparel in their clothing line.

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Buck Mason Shark Tank Update

Sasha and Erik did not accept the offer of Robert as they were sure that Buck Mason’s business was worth $1.5 million to $2 million and Robert’s offer was much less than that. 

Buck Mason grew by 20% to 100% every month in the year after coming up on Shark Tank. 

There are already 12 retail locations of Buck Mason in California, New York, Austin, and Atlanta.  They launched another half dozen in 2021. Buck Mason’s net worth in 2022 is $16 million. 

Some of their current best-selling products are original curved hem tee, lounge pants, and slim jeans.  Their patterned shirts,  suit-like delegates,  and shorts have also gained much popularity.

The company ships its products all over the US free of cost if the orders are above $100. You may also return the products for free.  They give a return label along with the package. You may also return the items by going to any retail location of them. 

If you are interested in their product you may file the brand on Instagram at @buckmason.  They keep updating their product images often.  They have an active Twitter Account @buckmasonusa which has more than 3.7K followers. 


From their introduction to Shark Tank to their present status,  Buck Mason has become a thriving business.  They proved that anything can be possible with the proper idea and implementation. We are eagerly waiting to reach the top of success in future. 


What Is The Net Worth Of Buck Mason?

When the founders of Buck Mason came up on Shark Tank, the valuation of Buck Mason was $2.5 million.  As of 2022, the net worth of Buck Mason is $16 million. 

Who are the competitors of Buck Mason?

Buck Mason has a lot of competitors like John Lewis, Harrods brand, and American Supply brand.

Is Buck Mason Still In Business?

Sasha and Erik run Buck Mason. The founders know very well how to market their company properly. They are still in business as of 2023.

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