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What Happened To Chord Buddy After Shark Tank


Chord Buddy, a revolutionary guitar learning tool, gained widespread attention when it appeared on the popular television show “Shark Tank.” Developed by Travis Perry, Chord Buddy aimed to streamline the process of learning to play the guitar, making it accessible to beginners with little to no musical experience.

Chord Buddy is an outstanding platform or kit that enables people to learn guitar chords. This procedure makes all stages simple and describes them in a readily understandable, instantly graspable language, which intrigues the learner in learning to play fast.

People have given a lot of outstanding reviews for Chord Buddy including one from one of the sharks, Robert Herjevic, who remarked that Chord Buddy works. It allowed him to start playing the piece right away.

The founders of the company pitched Chord Buddy on Shark Tank which garnered massive popularity. The system is designed with the aim of teaching guitar lessons for two months.

In this article, we are going to explore the journey of ChordBuddy on Shark Tank along with its unique features, and the impact it has brought in the world of music education.

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Chord Buddy Shark Tank Net Worth

Before the Chord Buddy Shark Tank episode, it had a net worth of $1.25 million. In 2022 Chord Buddy had an approximate net worth of $1 million.

Why Was Chord Buddy Created? 

Travis Perry introduced Chord Buddy. A student does not need a teacher to learn the guitar if they use Chord Buddy. You just need a guitar, instructional DVDs, and a lesson book.

Travis designed this to help people who wanted to learn guitar but could not have the capability of paying for private guitar lessons.

Chord Buddy is perfect if they have problems learning specific chords since they do not have to spend much money to learn them.

Travis initially launched his product to the market in October 2018. It was so simple that anyone could pick up the skills within two months. The original purpose behind this was to teach his daughter the basics of how to play a  guitar.

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A Short Overview Of Chord Buddy

Chord Buddy

Chord Buddy is one of the most flexible ways for people who want to play guitar as well as ukulele. Most people think that a guitar lesson is very difficult and unpleasant.

However, the unique self-teaching device of Chord Buddy is conveniently connected to the neck of the guitar and reduces the pain and effort associated with learning.

You will never need to be concerned about these problems again as the Chord Buddy handles them efficiently.

The Chord Buddy enables you to play guitar with the click of a button. You do not need to waste your time working on your hand position and developing calluses.

Four colour-coded buttons on the novel design come up with notes for one of the four most commonly used chords: C, D, G, and E minor. You just need to press the green button. You have just completed a C chord.

You may press the red button to create a D chord. You will be able to play hundreds of songs if you can strum and hit the four buttons on the guitar.

Chord Buddy is not designed to work as a crutch. This unique learning system slowly deletes buttons by deleting them as it teaches. You will still be able to use the other three buttons; nonetheless, you will have to understand where to place your fingers to play the fourth chord.

It will only take two months to wean yourself off the Chord Buddy and become a self-reliant guitar player.

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Who Is The Person Behind The Foundation Of Chord Buddy?

Travis Perry is the person behind the foundation of Chord Buddy software. He was born in Dothan, Alabama. He earned his undergraduate degree from Troy University. Later he started his career as a music teacher and guitarist.

The story of Perry indicates that he was about to declare bankruptcy when he set foot on a business venture that resulted in millions of sales. Perry takes guitar lessons and has listened to many objections from his students about learning to play.

A few beginners have said that it takes them a lot of time and is also quite painful for their fingertips.

 His 8-year-old daughter also made the same complaints. Perry then made up his mind to improve the guitar for his daughter’s annoyance with the guitar and with a lot of rookie players.

By using his huge knowledge of stringed instruments he developed Chord Buddy.

He started to design a gadget and a system that would finally become Chord Buddy. As a firm, Chord Buddy provides song and lesson books, accessories, DVD instruction, and two-month lesson plans for educators.

A lucrative business has developed around Perry’s guitar, as he has gone from attracting the other sex with the instrument.

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How Was Chord Buddy Doing Before Shark Tank? 

Perry developed a product from Dothan, Alabama. He got inspiration from his daughter. According to Perry, he developed a gadget that allows him to play guitar immediately.

Travis Perry understood that people used to give up learning to play the guitar mainly because they were frustrated and encountering pain in their fingers.

Travis Perry’s eight-year-old daughter also conveyed her desire to stop playing the guitar, which is why he thought that he had to resolve the typical guitar obstructions.

Travis Perry shared that his neighbourhood was extremely hard hit during the downturn, so it was crucial to keep manufacturing and jobs here in the United States. Besides, Travis Perry accentuated the significance of giving back to the community.

He also acknowledged the importance of hiring people, equipping them with opportunities, and generating a product millions of guitar lovers enjoy. Travis Perry claims that he requires Shark Investments urgently because he has created a market for his goods but is out of money.

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Chord Buddy Shark Tank Pitch


Travis Perry, a guitar educator for making music education more convenient, developed Chord Buddy as a response to the typical challenges confronted by beginners learning to play the guitar.

He understood that many people gave up on learning the instrument due to frustration and the abrupt learning curve associated with conventional techniques. Chord Buddy was developed to handle these problems and offer a user-friendly alternative for desiring guitarists.

Shark Tank Appearance

Chord Buddy made its debut on Season 3, Episode 10 of Shark Tank, airing on November 4, 2011. Travis Perry appeared in the tank seeking a $125,000 investment in exchange for a 10% equity stake in his business. During his pitch, Perry demonstrated the simplicity and usefulness of Chord Buddy, immediately arresting the attention of the sharks.

The concept behind Chord Buddy

Chord Buddy is a guitar learning device that attaches to the neck of a guitar and enables beginners to play chords quickly. The device comes up with colour-coded buttons that correspond to different chords.

Users press the buttons, which then hold down the corresponding strings, letting them produce a chord without having to bother about finger placement. When users become more relaxed, they can slowly remove the Chord Buddy and start playing the chords on their own.

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The Reactions Of the Sharks

Kevin O’ Leary

Kevin O’Leary proposed to make a deal in which he was ready to pay $125,000 in exchange for 20% ownership of the company. Furthermore, he was willing to provide his favour for ChordBuddy for an entire year, including coming up with an informative commercial to market the product.

Daymond John

Daymond John explained to Travis that he could be an outstanding partner for ChordBuddy, and he matched Kevin’s proposal. Daymond also suggested that Travis had come to a choice as fast as possible because the offer may not be available for much longer.

Mark Cuban

Chord Buddy blew away Mark Cuban and he was particularly taken by Travis’ resolution to maintain the production of his product within the United States.

Mark is scared that Travis would have to be the only salesman to go out on the road and describe the product to every distributor. Due to this, he has decided not to invest in ChordBuddy and left the deal.

Barbara Corcoran

According to Barbara Corcoran ChordBuddy is an extraordinary product and Travis is an excellent person. Nevertheless, Travis would require himself to sell the product. She made the same proposal just like Kevin and Daymond, implying that a portion of the cash, namely $50,000, would go toward creating an infomercial.

Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec indicates to Travis that he was the only Shark in the Tank who desired to be a rock star but could not play the guitar. Robert compared Travis to himself, saying that he was a “redneck from Alabama” and that Robert is a “redneck from Croatia.”

He also proposed to invest $125,000 in exchange for 20% of ChordBuddy and said that he would put an extra $50,000 into escrow to create an infomercial.

Travis let Robert know he was interested in working with him and would accept his offer. He remarked that this was a pivotal point in his and his family’s lives.

Robert also joins the fray, offering $125,000 in exchange for 20% of the company. Barbara offered  $175,000 for 20% of the business, with $50,000 set aside for an infomercial.

Travis praised Robert for being a family man, so he wanted to know whether Robert would match Barbara’s offer. He did, and Travis and Robert agreed to the deal.

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Shark Tank Deal

The sharks were intrigued by the potential of Chord Buddy and recognized its appeal to a wide audience. Ultimately, Travis Perry secured a deal with shark Robert Herjavec, who agreed to invest $175,000 for a 20% equity stake. This partnership marked a significant turning point for Chord Buddy, providing the capital and expertise needed to expand its reach and impact.

Post-Shark Tank Success

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, Chord Buddy experienced a surge in demand. The exposure from the show, coupled with Robert Herjavec’s investment, allowed the company to scale production and launch an aggressive marketing campaign. Chord Buddy became a popular choice for beginners, music teachers, and parents looking to introduce their children to the joy of playing the guitar.

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Evolution of Chord Buddy

Chord Buddy continued to evolve, introducing new features and improvements based on user feedback. The product became available in different versions to accommodate acoustic and electric guitars, catering to a broader audience. Additionally, Chord Buddy expanded its product line to include instructional DVDs, songbooks, and other accessories to enhance the learning experience.

Impact on Music Education

Chord Buddy’s impact on music education has been significant, breaking down barriers and encouraging more people to pick up the guitar. Its innovative approach has made learning the instrument more enjoyable and less intimidating, particularly for those who may have otherwise been discouraged by the complexities of traditional methods.

Chord Buddy Shark Tank Update

Chord Buddy after Shark Tank became very popular. As soon as the Chord Buddy episode Shark Tank aired the sales of the company on Amazon increased.

Travis was able to expand his market and famous musician John Rich marketed Chord Buddy.

With investors esteeming Chord Buddy at $1.2 million, Chord Buddy has been a smooth operation since it was established.

Before Chord Buddy was seen on Shark Tank, the business was able to generate more than $500,000. They generated nearly $1.5 million in revenue after their great appearance on Shark Tank.

Chord Buddy is still running its business smoothly and generating nearly $ 1 million in profit every year. We hope his business will keep growing in the upcoming days.

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Chord Buddy’s journey from the Shark Tank stage to becoming a popular and influential tool in the world of music education showcases the power of innovation and determination. Travis Perry’s vision to make guitar playing accessible to everyone has been realized through Chord Buddy, inspiring countless beginners to pursue their musical aspirations. As the product continues to evolve and reach new audiences, its legacy in simplifying the path to learning the guitar is likely to endure.

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Is Chord Buddy Still In Business?

After the Shark Tank guitar Chord Buddy episode the business experienced remarkable growth. Chord Buddy is a business that takes Guitar Hero to the next level and makes learning the guitar enjoyable.
You can buy the products of the company straight from the official website. The products are also available in the company’s merchant partners all over the United States.
They are also available for purchase on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.
The company has introduced different products from books to string tuners and colour-coded learning aids. By using the DVDs you can take the do-it-yourself method, and the website also provides guitar teachers with training on how to use the system in classes.
Besides, customers can use downloadable apps to supplement their education. Travis Perry is the chief executive officer of the company Chord Buddy.
Guitar learning instruments connected directly to the guitar are available widely but Chord Buddy is the leader in the industry.
However, if the beginners want to learn how to play the guitar in an entertaining and interactive environment they can use the Guitar Hero video game series.
Guitar Hero is obtainable on Playstation and Xbox and comprises a wide range of colour-coded guitar controllers

Did Chord Buddy get a deal on Shark Tank? 

Yes, the company got a deal on Shark Tank.

What is the net worth of Chord Buddy? 

The estimated net worth of Chord Buddy is $1 million.

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