What Happened To Cookie Kahuna After Shark Tank

What Happened To Cookie Kahuna After Shark Tank


The Cookie Kahuna was featured on Shark Tank on 30 November 2020. The founder of the Cookie Kahuna Wally Amos was unable to secure any deal from the Sharks as he was owed royalties from a previous company. 

Before the Cookie Kahuna Shark Tank episode, the company was earning $36,215 in sales.  But soon after the Cookie Kahuna Shark Tank episode,  the company experienced incredible growth in sales.  Wally Amos disclosed that he and Cookie Kahuna improved in popularity after Shark Tank.

Wally Amos went bankrupt when Cookie Kahuna was unable to generate revenue.  He was compelled to create a GoFundMe page in 2027 to raise funds so that he could get back on track economically. 

When it was featured on Shark Tank,  the valuation of the company was $250,000. As of 2022, Cookie Kahuna’s net worth is unknown as the company has ceased its business operations completely.  But it has successfully made its name in the cookie industry.  Wally Amos is truly a legend of the cookie industry.  He has proved that age does not matter if you have strong willpower. 

We are here to tell you what occurred at the time of the homemade cookie pitch and news on the Cookie Kahuna Shark Tank update. 

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What is Cookie Kahuna?

Cookie Kahuna is a cookie company infused with the Aloha culture of Hawaii.  The cookies are available in three main tastes:  chocolate Chip, Butterscotch Macadamia, and Chocolate Chip Pecan. The cookies are packaged in plastic. 

 The cookies were sold in Hawaii mostly in compact 6-ounce containers. You may also purchase them online.  The founder of the company,  Wally Amos is Hawaiian.  That is why a Kahuna reference was added to its name. 

Who is the founder of Cookie Kahuna?

Wallace Amos Jr. Or Wally Amos is the founder of Cookie Kahuna.  He founded the company in 2016. He is known as the king of cookies. 

Wally Amos is also a good author and a television personality in the United States. He set up Cookie Kahuna at the age of 80. He co-founded Aunt Della’s Cookies with Cookie Kahuna.

Before introducing Cookie Kahuna,  he started another cookie business,  named Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies. He took $25,000 from Marvin Gaye and Helen Reddy to back up Famous Amos.

Famous Amos was available in multiple supermarkets all over the United States.  However, he was compelled to sell Famous Amos due to economic issues and his name was trademarked. 

Hence,  he set up Uncle Noname’s Cookie Company and Uncle Noname’s Gourmet Muffins later. 

Uncle Noname’s Gourmet Muffins was renamed Uncle Wally’s Muffin Company later in the decade. The muffins were available in more than 3,500 locations and achieved widespread acclaim.

Moreover,  Wally Amos is a novelist who wrote books like The Cookie Never Crumbles and The Power Within.

He also wrote books like Without a Name: How to Turn Lemons into Lemonade, The Famous Amos Story: The Face That Launched a Thousand Chips, and Watermelon Magic: Seeds Of Wisdom, Slices Of Life. Amos has written ten novels in total. He has served as a clerk since William became the first African-American talent agent of the agency.

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Cookie Kahuna before Shark Tank

Cookie Kahuna before Shark Tank

Famous Amos, or Wally Amos, is a part of cookie history. Wally began his first company,  Famous Amos in 1975 which was based on

Aunt Della’s cookies are a unique family recipe. 

Though the original cookie business of Amos became very successful,  Wally made poor business decisions, and eventually, he sold parts of his business. 

Famous Amos changed hands various times before coming under the Kellogg company.  Wally does not have any stake now in his original company and he has no right to use his name or likeness in future commercial ventures. 

Wally still has an incredible passion for baking and selling cookies after twenty-five years.  Hence, he designed The Cookie Kahuna cookies and delicious treats cooked in the spirit of “Aloha.”

Cookie Kahuna cookies are available in multiple flavours like the chocolate chip (with or without pecans) and butterscotch macadamia. The cookies are made based on the original family recipe that began the Famous Amos cookie tradition.

Famous Amos does not use this recipe any more.  Wally then told them that he had something that would make them grin. 

Wally comes on the Shark Tank stage with a kazoo and a tray with Sharks sample cookies.

All the sharks burst into laughter.  He gave each of the Sharks a dish of cookies and a glass of milk. All the sharks joke that Wally was a legend but he would not obtain the funds easily. 

The sharks raced about their cookies which are slightly lighter and crunches than other cookies. Wally then announced publicly that he is the Amos behind the over 40-year-old company Famous Amos. He was no doubt a cookie legend. 

We can not deny the devotion of Wally to cookies.  But he had a lack of commercial insight.  He did not have the required skills to drive Cookie Kahuna to the next level on his own.

He came up on Shark Tank and asked the sharks for an investment of $20,000 in return for a 20% stake in his Cookie Kahuna business.  Nevertheless,  it was obvious that he would not be paid only based on his name glory.

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How was the Shark Tank pitch of Cookie Kahuna?

Wally Amos pitched his product on Shark Tank intending to get an investment of $50,000 in return for a 20% stake in The Cookie Kahuna. He received the sharks with the song  “Cookies for Sharks.”

He distributed each of the sharks a plate of sample cookies and a cold glass of milk.  The Sharks approach bed that Wally Amos was indeed a collie legend.  They remarked that the cookies were delicious and crispy. 

Robert asked about the production cost and profit margins. Wally took out a piece of paper and started to read his notes. The sharks were not impressed by this as he had to read the details,  he did not have anything in his memory.  He read that for a one-pound bag, Costco charges $7.89. The cost of making the identical bags is $5.25.

He earns $2.64 profit from one bag.  That means he had a profit margin of less than 20%.  Robert said that this was not possible for a company and he could go bankrupt due to the shipping charges. 

Lori then left the deal advising Wally that he should channel his passion and enthusiasm into a more viable venture. It was not possible to sell cookies with enthusiasm. 

Barbara said that when Wally sold his former company, he sold his name, attitude, and image. Moreover,  she said that her intuitions imply that it will be very difficult for Wally to become successful in his second cookie business as he has failed in his first cookie business. 

Kevin had the same thinking as Barbara.  That is why Barbara and Kevin dropped out of the deal. 

Robert admitted Wally’s passion for the product but he reminded him that the success of the business is more important.  The cookies were delicious but the cost of the cookies was relatively high and the distribution was quite limited.  That is why,  Robert did not think that Cookie Kahuna would be a long-term success. He did not give any offer. 

Barbara asked Wally why he wanted to build his second cookie business from scratch after the first failed so spectacularly.

Wally said that he just loved cookies and felt that he was able to reproduce the popularity of Famous Amos.  Barbara left the deal remarking that Wally had sold his image and personality while he sold his company. 

Mark too left the deal as there was a conflict of interest.  The sharks understood that while Wally Amos was an outstanding promoter,  he was not an efficient businessman.  He enjoyed interacting with customers but concentrated on selling a nice time, not how the cookies could generate revenue. 

Wally had to leave Shark Tank bare-handed but he did not lose hope.  He left the show expecting that he would be able to take the Cookie Kahuna and widen it to rival,  if not,  then he would surpass the size of Famous Amos. 

You may also get Cookie Kahuna in Hawaii’s brick-and-mortar stores and online. They were available at $5.99 each.

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What occurred to Cookie Kahuna after Shark Tank?

Wally’s Shark Tank experience was satisfying though he did not secure any deal from the sharks.  In an interview after the show,  he said that Cookie Kahuna’s exposure to Shark Tank has improved awareness and media attention. He thought that the improved exposure would lead to increased revenue.  He advised that a potential shock should always be on the minds of his customers. 

Cookie Kahuna stayed open for business. You can order them online to date and they will be delivered to your door through Wally’s Cookies. 

The cookies give very little information as they are quite similar to the original Famous Amos cookies.  Their products generally get sold quite fast online.  Though the distribution is still limited,  it is gradually improving.  Costco is supposed to be the first nationwide retailer of Cookie Kahuna cookies in the United States.

He did not want to give up on his cookie dreams though he was 82 years old.  The retailer provides discounts on social media across nearly all holidays, no matter where he discovers him.

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Cookie Kahuna Shark Tank update

Cookie Kahuna was not able to raise money for the sharks but its appearance on the Shark Tank stage enabled it to raise its sales.  Cookie Kahuna did not become successful in 2018 as it had a lack of funds. 

Wally Amos was not able to introduce the brand Cookie Kahuna and ultimately he opened Aunt Della’s Cookies. Nevertheless,  that company did not become successful too and Wally Amos faced a lot of financial problems after that. 

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Did Cookie Kahuna get a deal on Shark Tank?

Cookie Kahuna led to very low profitability due to the high cost of production and low profit margins.  The sharks did not want to take any risk by investing their money in Cookie Kahuna.  That is why, none of the sharks invested their money in Cookie Kakuna.  Wally had to finally leave the Shark Tank stage without any deal. 

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Is Cookie Kahuna still in business?

Wally obtained funding for Cookie Kahuna from a business partner when he concentrated on operations.  But while the partner left,  Wally was compelled to stop his Cookie Kahuna business as he had a lack of cash. 

His cookie kingdom in tatters,  the 82-year-old man named again and made up his mind to revive it.  Wally therefore moved his concentration to Aunt Della’s Cookies, his new cookie business.

As an homage to the aunt who trained him how to bake for the first time, he chose Della.

His new cookie company was briefly featured on Indiegogo in 2019 but was compelled to shut down because of a lack of funds. It appears as though the company has stopped its operations.

Wally Amos, an 84-year-old Hawaiian shirt-wearing businessman, was striving in the cookie industry.  He did not give up his cookie dreams and he wants to bring joy to his customers everywhere he goes.

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Final Opinion

So, we have shared everything about Cookie Kahuna on Shark Tank. We hope that you all have enjoyed reading about the company and learned a little bit about where the company came from and what occurred to it after Shark Tank.  It would seem that those who have tasted the cookies and discovered that they are delicious feel the same way that we do: that Wallace Amos is still alive anywhere in the globe, living his life to the fullest, making cookies, and having a good time.


Is Cookie Kahuna out of business?

Cookie Kahuna has ceased its operations completely and went out of business.  After this,  Wally Amos moved his concentration to his second cookie company that is Aunt Della’s Cookies.
Unfortunately,  that company too went bankrupt.  That is why Wally Amos faced a lot of financial problems.  Nevertheless,  his passion for baking and selling cookies keeps him going even at the age of 84. He wants to provide joy to others with the help of his cookies. 

What is the net worth of Cookie Kahuna?

The valuation of Cookie Kahuna was $250,000 when it appeared on Shark Tank. Cookie Kahuna’s net worth was $60 million before the company ceased its business operations. 

Where will I buy Cookie Kahuna from? 

Cookie Kahuna is sold in Costco stores.  The Cookie Kahuna was set up in 2016 and now the product is sold online as well as in locations owned by Costco.  The baked goods of Wally Amos are only available in Costco stores all over the state of Hawaii. 
The weight of the cookie box is one pound and the cost of each cookie box is $7.89. The production cost of a cookie box is $5.25.
The Cookie Kahuna is a popular choice for many people in the state of Hawaii. Wally Amos is well-known for his delicious cookies and other baked goods, and he has made a name for himself by selling them at Costco stores.

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