What Happened to Hatch Baby After Shark Tank

What Happened to Hatch Baby After Shark Tank


Make Your Parenthood Easier With Hatch Baby

Hatch Baby is a tech firm that makes smart products for babies and families. The company was set up in 2015. It has received a lot of awards including being pitched on Shark Tank.

Hatch Baby aims to make patterning easier by offering solutions to day-to-day problems. Hatch Rest+ sound machine and night light are their flagship products that are made so that babies can sleep better while giving parents control from their smartphones.

You may use the Hatch Baby device from newborn through toddlerhood and it has soothing sounds, a dimmable night light, time-to-rise alert settings and many more.

It also helps to connect with other famous baby products through Bluetooth or WiFi like infant and climate monitors. The company has therefore developed its offerings by adding nursing pillows, sleep sacks, diaper caddies, and other objects developed to streamline parenthood.

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A Short Overview of Hatch Baby

Hatch Baby is a company that has introduced a revolutionary baby changing pad along with an integrated scale for checking the weight of the baby and making sure about their health.

According to the theory, the accurate weight of a newborn determines the general health of a child. Hatch Baby was rebranded as Hatch which sells different types of products related to sleep for grown-ups, children, and infants.

With the help of these bedside Hatch products, you may get soothing noises at night. They emit different hues and colours just like night lights and work as an alarm clock with which you may schedule sleep patterns.

Furthermore, you may operate them by using a smartphone app. Rest+ includes an audio monitor and voice control that is specially designed for infants and young children.

The changing pad talks with an app that connects to a corporate server enabling parents to observe the growth of their baby even when they are not present.

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Who Is The Founder Of Hatch Baby?

Who Is The Founder Of Hatch Baby

Ann Crady Weiss and Dave Weiss are the founders of Hatch Inc. It is an electronic baby scale that helps to track the weight, sleep, eating, and poop of a baby regularly.

Hatch Baby is a firm that is popular for creating unique products especially to make parenting easier and more convenient. The company aims to develop smart, technology-driven solutions so that parents can monitor, track, and support the growth and development of their kids.

One of the most popular products of the company is Hatch Baby Rest, a multi-functional device that comes with a night light, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert.

One may control this device remotely by using a smartphone app. It enables the parents to personalize light and sound settings, make routines, and monitor the sleep patterns of their babies.

Hatch Baby also provides other products like the Hatch Baby Grow, a smart changing pad that also works as a scale, letting parents track the weight and growth of their baby over time.

The firm keeps innovating and expanding its product line to fulfil the requirements of contemporary parents. The founders pitched Hatch on Shark Tank in January 2016 and got a deal of $250,000 from guest shark Chris Sacca in return for a certain amount of share in the business.

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How Does Hatch Baby Work?

The base of the Smart Changing Pad contains tiny sensors that can detect even the smallest changes in the weight, movement, or length of a baby. There is a digital touchscreen display that shows statistics like how much your baby drinks per feeding, how much sleep he obtains, how much time he remains awake, and even how many diaper changes he undergoes. All these are very useful statistics for parents as well as doctors.

You may share the details of your baby across various devices with the help of the Hatch Baby app for iPhone or Android. Smart Changing Pad gives real-time data about the health of a baby. It helps to reduce the tension associated with the first couple of months when you are concerned about whether they are on the right path.

The Hatch changing table comes with a changing pad base, quilted pad, touchscreen display, safety strap, and four C batteries. It is 31×15×3.5 inches which implies that it is compatible with usual changing pad tables.

The weight of the Smart Changing Pads is only 9 pounds. That is why it is completely portable. It is available in four distinct colours and is manufactured by using machine-washable polyester microfiber and ABS plastic. Moreover, it is free of BPA and phthalates.

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How Was Hatch Baby Going Before Shark Tank?

Ann Weiss was worried about her baby’s weight and intake of breastmilk. That is why she came up with the idea of creating Hatch Baby. She along with her husband created the smart changing pad and accompanying software so that other parents and kids do not face any problems.

Ann and Dave met at BabyCenter where they co-led teams accountable for all ingredients of the business along with the product development, engineering, editorial, design, community, and marketing.

They were entrepreneurs at heart and they wanted to assist others and settle real-world problems. Ann was undergoing sleepless nights with her first child just like a new mother.

Likewise, Dave could not sleep either. That is why they worked together to make a sleeping product that would enable them to have a better sleep. They started their venture with Rest.

As they have a baby it is obvious that they have a better knowledge about parenting issues. That is why they anticipated a new product named Hatch Baby, a cutting-edge, revolutionary changing pad designed only for kids.

It will help you to keep track of the weight, feeding schedule, and other similar habits and trends of your baby through a link to your smartphone.

They only require an investor who would help them to manufacture and bring their ideas to market.

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What Happened to Hatch Baby On Shark Tank?

The husband-wife duo Dave and Ann came up on Shark Tank season 7 episode 7 on 15 January 2016 intending to get an investment of $250,000 in exchange for a 2.5% stake in their business. The base of the Smart Changing Pad comes with tiny sensors that are capable of catching even the smallest changes in the weight, movement, or length of a newborn.

The co-founders, Ann Crady Weiss and Dave Weiss represented their company along with their flagship product, the Hatch Baby smart changing pad in front of the sharks.

Ann and Dave depicted in the pitch the features of the smart changing pad along with its capability to measure the weight, track growth, and record diaper changes and feeding times of a baby.

They highlighted the advantages of their product like assisting parents to stay notified about the development of their baby and providing peace of mind in the process.

The co-founders appealed to the sharks for an investment of $250,000 for which they were ready to give up a 2.5% equity stake in their business equating the company to a valuation of $10 million.

They were able to impress the sharks with their product as well as their backgrounds. However, a few sharks were concerned about the high valuation and potential competition in the market.

After a few negotiations, the guest shark named Chris Sacca proposed to invest $250,000 in exchange for a 12.5% stand with an extra 12.5% in advisory shares.

Ann and Dave agreed to the proposal and made a partnership with Chris Sacca. They used the funds to develop their business.

Since their arrival on Shark Tank, Hatch Baby has continued to innovate and develop its product line. It has now become a famous brand in the parenting technology space.

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What Occurred To Hatch Baby After Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank, Hatch Baby was praised for its smart changing mat by different mother websites.

Participants in the research expressed the same concerns about a deficiency of nutrients in their babies just like Ann.

A hatchling of the second generation has been introduced. This new version has the same functions just like the original. The only difference is that it is easier to use.

A second product is the Hatch Baby Rest, which facilitates adequate sleep and feeding habits. The customer can schedule light and sound patterns as per the habits of their kids like sleep time and feeding times.

They were featured by Business Insider and The Guardian. The Facebook page of the app reveals that more than one million meals have been eaten. We can only expect this device to continue to develop and grow just as babies help.

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Hatch Baby Shark Tank Update

Chris Sacca assisted them in finalizing a deal that cost them $250,000 which ensured that they would be able to take the business to the next level. Hatch Baby 2 is currently available in a newer and more stylish design.

Moreover, it has launched a new product named Hatch Baby Rest. Hatch is a nightlight controlled through an app that you may use to promote healthy feeding and sleeping habits.

You may use it to set various sounds and lights to go with your baby’s sleep. It was also featured in The Guardian and Business Insider.

The initial title of Hatch was Hatch Baby. Hatch declared their name change and launched a new product line including the Hatch Restore.

You may also use it as a smart light, a reading lamp, a dimmer, or a wake-up call device.

It has also introduced Rest+, a newer version of the original that provides eleven sounds to calm babies and has a night light that can be set as per your choice.

Moreover, there is a colour wheel in the product that you may use to change the light intensity.

You may buy different accessories from the website of the company like a Hatch Mini, a smaller, more portable version of the original Hatch Baby.

Moreover, it has a few soothing sounds and you may control them remotely by using a compatible smartphone app. An app costing only $39.99 can easily control it from anywhere.

The price of the Hatch Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale is $149.99. Hatch Baby has a pool of accessories available, like night lights, power cords, travel cases, and so on.

They ship all the products free of cost and you may get your money back within 60 days in case you are not satisfied with the product. It was also disclosed that Amazon had invested in Hatch as part of their new Baby Skill Activity API which enables parents to watch the sleeping habits of their babies by telling Alexa to do certain things.

You could record the changes to your baby’s diapers and ask Alexa to repeat the data. Parents recommend weight management, care, and sleeping apps.

It was made available for a very limited time. In 2020, the Baby Activity Skill API was not available any more.

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Is Hatch Baby Still In Business?

After getting a deal with the guest shark Chris Sacca on Shark Tank,  Hatch Baby experienced remarkable growth and kept innovating and expanding its product line

With the help of the exposure they got from the Shark Tank show they were able to increase brand awareness,  which in turn led them to more sales and consumers.

From then on, Hatch Baby has introduced a lot of new products like the Hatch Baby Rest and Hatch Baby Rest+, which combine a night light, sound machine, and time-to-rise alert. You may control each of them by using a smartphone app.

These products have become very famous among parents for their functionality, customization, and proficiency in creating habits for babies and toddlers.

Besides its original smart changing pad, Hatch Baby Grow, the company has expanded its line of smart products to help parents through different stages of their child’s growth and development.

Their priority on integrating technology with everyday parenting requirements has helped them stand out from the crowd.

Parents and industry experts have given positive reviews about Hatch Baby and the company keeps evolving to fulfil the demands of contemporary parents.

The partnership with Chris Sacca and the exposure from Shark Tank have indeed helped Hatch Baby to reach the top of success

Hatch Baby, currently named Hatch has employed nearly 60 people and is operating under the name Hatch with a new investment from Amazon to develop the material available through its Alexa-based voice service.

The launch aligns with their developing product portfolio, which contains Rest+ for babies and Restores for grown-ups. You can purchase its entities straight from the website, as with Amazon.

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Final Opinion

The founders of Hatch Baby have shown how to become successful with effort. The investment from the shark helped them to grow their business. We hope that it will grow more in the future.


What is the net worth of Hatch Baby?

The valuation of Hatch Baby was $10 million when it appeared on Shark Tank. The net worth of Hatch Baby is more than $5 million as of 2023

Who are the founders of Hatch Baby?

Ann and her husband Dave are the founders of Hatch Baby.

Did they get any deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, they got a deal from guest shark Chris Sacca.

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