What Happened To Lifebelt After Shark Tank

What Happened To Lifebelt After Shark Tank


Prevent Car Accidents With Lifebelt

Lifebelt was pitched on Shark Tank season 1. The product is designed to improve vehicle safety.

Lifebelt is created as an intelligent seat belt locking device that stops the vehicle from starting without fastening the seat belt properly.

One of the most important features of the tool is the seamless integration of LifeBelt into the vehicle’s ignition system. As soon as it is installed it starts detecting whether or not the driver’s seat belt is buckled with the help of a sensor. 

The lifebelt does not allow the vehicle to start in case the seat belt is not fastened. In this way, it is assuring the use of the seat belt. It works easily and it does not have a complicated process. In this way, LifeBelt has become user-friendly for drivers irrespective of age and experience levels. 

The LifeBelt is capable enough to cut down the number of deaths and injuries created by vehicle accidents due to the non-use of seat belts.  As per the statistics, a lot of deadly accidents could have been bypassed in case the sufferers wore their seat belts. 

LifeBelt is here to solve this issue by mandating the use of seat belts assuring that the drivers make a habit of fastening seat belts. Lifebelt is an ideal option for any driver especially those who forget to fasten up or have younger drivers at home. 

Its usefulness extends beyond personal safety, as the overall adoption of LifeBelt could lower medical expenses related to car accidents and decrease the workload on emergency services.

LifeBelt takes a measure towards safeguarding individual drivers and encouraging a safer and more reliable driving culture.

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A Short Note On Lifebelt

Lifebelt is a seat belt safety tool that does not allow a car to start unless the seatbelt is fastened. In this way, it ensures that the drivers and passengers wear their seatbelts before driving. 

Allison came up with the idea of creating Lifebelt after experiencing a personal tragedy. His friend died in a car accident and he was then inspired to develop a safety gear that could help people to stop such incidents. 

This safety tool was developed to promote the usage of seat belts and enhance road safety. It contains a device installed in a vehicle that is connected to the seat belt buckle. The device detects whether the seatbelt is properly buckled by using sensors.

In case the seatbelt is not buckled, the LifeBelt does not allow the scar to start or gives a warning signal until the seatbelt is fastened. It aims to motivate drivers and passengers to always wear their seat belts, decreasing the risk of harm in car accidents. 

LifeBelt has earned acclaim and support from people and organizations supporting road safety.

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Who Is The Person Behind The Foundation Of LifeBelt?

Robert Allison is the founder of Lifebelt. He lived in Edmond, Oklahoma. Before inventing Lifebelt, Allison served in the oil and gas industry and had no automotive or safety industry experience.

Despite this, he made up his mind to address the substantial issue of preventable deaths due to drivers not wearing their seatbelts.

Allison’s motivation for developing LifeBelt came from an unfortunate disaster in which he lost his friend. He was deeply affected by the accident and started to think about how to avoid such incidents. 

He came up with the idea of a device that would compel the drivers and passengers to buckle up their seat belts before the car would start.

Before coming up on Shark Tank, Robert Allison spent years creating and perfecting the LifeBelt. He faced a lot of problems in his journey. He at first faced skepticism and resistance from many quarters as he did not have experience in the auto industry. 

Despite these problems, he continued, pushed by the faith that his creation could protect lives. He worked tirelessly on the technical design and filed for patents.

As part of his trial for the launch, Allison went to different safety organizations and auto manufacturers. While he developed some interest, the journey to Shark Tank was still long.

The product required to be mass-produced, and this needed considerable funds. Allison thought that Shark Tank could be a scope to secure funds for Lifebelt. 

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What Encouraged Robert Allison to come up with this device?

Robert Allison was the founder and owner of Lifebelt. He came up with the product after experiencing the death of a close friend due to a reckless driving accident.

This incident motivated him to create a way of stopping reckless driving. He invented this device to ensure that every driver on the road is taking proper safety measures.

Allison’s initial target was his co-workers and parents. He didn’t think about losing another person on the roads. Also, he targeted the school buses to confirm students are safe. For this motive, he began offering the device in a local shop.

After a year of testing and assessing the usefulness of LifeBelt, Alison determined to develop his reach and target more automobiles. But this was not conceivable without sufficient capital investment. This factor encouraged him to pitch the idea to Shark Tank.

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What Occurred To Lifebelt On Shark Tank? 

Robert Allison gave an impactful and emotional presentation of Life Belt on Shark Tank. He at first shared the personal story that inspired him to invent this tool. That narrative resonated with the sharks.

After this, Allison illustrated the functionality of the LifeBelt, explaining how it could protect many lives by stopping a vehicle from starting until the driver’s seat belt was securely tied up.

Allison was looking for an investment of $500,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in the business equating to a valuation of $5 million. 

The sharks expressed their interest in the product after realizing that the product had the potential to enhance road safety. Nonetheless, they were also concerned about the technical feasibility and commercial viability of the product. 

The sharks were eager to know why Robert wanted to set up a business in place of licensing the product to manufacturers.

Barbara Corcoran was curious but felt that the product was very much dependent on being approved by major car manufacturers.

Kevin O’Leary was suspicious about the product’s value. He thought that the patent was the only important asset. He asked Robert if the patent was with the $5 million valuation.

Kevin showed his interest in purchasing the parent and proposed $500,000. Robert Herjavec then made Kevin’s proposal double and was ready to offer $1 million for the parent.

After assessing the offers, Robert Allison chose to deny all proposals and refused to sell his patent. He said he would only think of selling the patent if his brand became widely acknowledged and installed in millions of vehicles per year.

According to the Lifebelt Shark Tank update, we have discovered that Robert Allison secured a million-dollar deal with Gillman Automotives. The deal involved producing and installing Lifebelt in millions of cars in exchange for millions of dollars.

Nonetheless, it is ambiguous whether this deal is still in place as the company’s website has been taken down, and the product is not available for sale any more. 

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Did LifeBelt Get A Deal On Shark Tank?

No, Lifebelt did not get a deal on Shark Tank. Robert appealed to the sharks for an investment of $500,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in his business.

He wanted to build a business in place of licensing the product to car manufacturers which created some doubts in the minds of the sharks.

Barbara Corcoran was the first shark who left the deal as she did not find a concept for selling the product. 

Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec expressed their interest but they made the offers focusing on purchasing the patent in place of investing in the business.

Kevin O’Leary was ready to give $500,000 for the patent while Robert Herjavec doubled the amount by offering $1 million for the patent. 

Nonetheless, Robert Allison dropped their proposals, declaring that he didn’t want to sell his patent unless his brand became nationally acknowledged and installed in millions of vehicles every year.

After appearing on Shark Tank, Robert Allison got a million-dollar deal with Gillman Automotives. The deal involved producing Lifebelt and installing it in millions of cars in exchange for millions of dollars.

Nevertheless, there is now no clue whether this deal is still active or not. The company’s website has been taken down, and the product is not available for sale any more.

In brief, we can say that while Lifebelt did not get a deal on Shark Tank, it managed to get a substantial deal afterwards. Unfortunately, the company is no longer active at this time.

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What Occurred To LifeBelt After Shark Tank?

Life Belt after Shark Tank encountered a lot of problems and finally went out of business. Life Belt declared partnerships with Gillman Automotive Group and Safety Mom Direct. 

However, there have been limited updates on the advancement of these partnerships and the integration of LifeBelt into their vehicles.

As of 2023, LifeBelt is not active in business. The official website delivers no updates on product availability or buying options. The Facebook page and official press releases have not been updated for a long time.

The company may have gone out of business due to a shortage of consistent communication with its audience, problems developing sales due to a niche market, and limited development and modification projects.

There has been substantial public support for LifeBelt, with many people realizing its capability to enhance road safety. There is support for the product’s implementation in vehicles, although some analysts convey worries about suitability and potential inconvenience.

During the Shark Tank pitch, LifeBelt aspired to a $500,000 investment in return for a 10% equity stake, signifying a valuation of $5 million. Although it did not get any deal on the show it got benefits from the improved visibility but there is no clue about the Lifebelt’s net worth. 

LifeBelt encountered sales, development, and communication problems which led it to close its doors permanently after appearing on Shark Tank. 

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How Does LifeBelt Earn Money?

Robert Allison wanted this system to be installed in as many cars as possible. He wanted the public to understand the importance of this product. 

Robert Allison promoted Life Belts in neighbourhood businesses. For $229, he installed the system. Nonetheless, Life Belt is also available online and is quite easy to install.

He got orders from various national traders after the Life Belt Shark Tank episode was aired. He got commissions from traders like Autozone and Hendrick Automotive.

The Life Belt was available for sale on the Safety Mom Direct website for a short period.

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LifeBelt Shark Tank Update

After coming up on Shark Tank, Robert Allison the founder of Lifebelt was unable to secure a deal from the sharks. The sharks were worried about the business model and the valuation of the patent. 

Robert Allison did not accept Kevin O’Leary’s and Robert Herjavec’s proposal to purchase the patent. He said that he would only sell the patent if his brand became widely recognized.

Nevertheless, after further research, we have come to know that LifeBelt secured a million-dollar deal with Gillman Automotives to produce and install LifeBelt in millions of cars.

Unfortunately, it is ambiguous whether this deal is still in place as there is no clue about it.

LifeBelt may have encountered problems as the company’s website has been down, and the product is no longer available for sale. This implies that the company may have gone out of business.

To sum up, although LifeBelt did not secure a deal on Shark Tank, it secured a substantial deal with Gillman Automotives. However, the company’s recent status is shaky as its website is not active any more and the product is not available for purchase.

What is the Revenue of LifeBelt?

As per the research, Robert Allison expected an earning of $30 million by the end of 2010 after securing a deal with Gillman Automotives and collecting orders from national stores.

Unfortunately, no more information on the deal is available from Allison or Gillman Automotives. The Life Belt web page was last updated in 2020, although the product was unavailable for purchase.

The Gillman Automotive website does not seem to sell the Life Belt.

Life Belt is also not available on the websites of other dealerships.


Life belt was indeed an amazing idea that was pitched on Shark Tank. The founder of Lifebelt was willing to offer a permanent solution to many reckless driving accidents. Despite failing to get a deal on Shark Tank, they got huge exposure from the show. For this, Robert got multi-million dollar orders from automotive merchants and a $1.7 million deal from the Gillman Group. But unfortunately in 2016, the company went out of business.


Is LifeBelt still active in business?

As per our research, we have come to know that Lifebelt went out of business. The website of his company has been taken down and its products are not available for sale on any e-commerce website.

What is the net worth of LifeBelt?

The net worth of Lifebelt is $0 as the company is not active in business any more. When it came up on Shark Tank, the valuation of LifeBelt was $5 million. 

Who Is The Investor Of LifeBelt?

Robert Allison has secured a multimillion-dollar agreement with Gillman Automotives. Just like Allison, Gillman wanted to have this technology installed in all automobiles.
Allison got significant benefits from this deal as the deal’s worth was $1.7 million and the anticipated earnings by the end of the year were a minimum of $10 million. But there has been no update since then. 

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