What Happened To MTailor After Shark Tank

What Happened To MTailor After Shark Tank


Get Perfectly Fitted Customized Shirts For Men From MTailor

Have you got tired of finding suits and blazers not suitable for your build, shape, and size? If yes, you may try this three-step app named MTailor.

MTailor is a firm that is popular for manufacturing customized clothing for men. Interestingly, they have been found to have more statistical assurance about human behaviour by more than 20%. You just need to measure the scale with a phone camera.

MTailor is a unique clothing company that provides customers with an innovative approach to purchasing custom-tailored clothing. MTailor aims to revolutionize how people shop for clothes with the help of proprietary technology and algorithms to provide perfectly fitted apparel.

In this article, we are going to discuss what occurred to MTailor on Shark Tank.

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A Short Overview Of MTailor

MTailor is an apparel tailor for men that is popular for mainly custom-tailored garments. MTailor allows you to give your measurements from your smartphone after which the apparel will be tailored as per your specifications and delivered to your door.

Online shopping allows you to order nearly anything for which you do not need to visit a store physically. On the other hand, it has always been very complicated to purchase clothing lines until MTailor came to the rescue.

The MTailor app is available for Android and iOS which enables the users to better sense their body measurements before getting a custom-fit garment. There are more than 10000 outfits available for users.

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How Will You Place Your Order From MTailor? 

You may place your order from MTailor by following the simple process given below:

  • First consumers take four pictures following the given policies.
  • Then they enter their height and weight details into the app or website.
  • After that, their measurements are calculated by using machine learning algorithms created by engineers at Stanford University, this ensures more accurate measurements than conventional data like measuring tapes or body scans used by other firms.
  • Finally, consumers may choose fabric style preferences and complete their orders.

You may get more than 10000 design combinations for every shirt. The process was quick as well as very simple.

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How Does MTailor Work?

MTailor is a type of measuring software that takes 16 measures over your entire body to ensure that every apparel item fits perfectly. Each of the clothing fits 20% better than a professional tailor.

Moreover, the software records a short video and converts it into a detailed set of specific metrics. It has developed a technology that is capable of collecting your measurements with a single 360-degree rotation.

There are other additional functions available in the clothing measurement app that is given below: 

  • Capture Your Video: You need to place your phone down, take a 6-foot step back, and soon around once. It only takes nearly 15 seconds.
  • Capture Your 3D Point Cloud: The technology accumulates your 3D Point Cloud to specifically measure your garments.
  • Finalized 3D Scan & Measurements: The device may then calculate up to 16 measures to ensure that your apparel fits perfectly.

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How Did MTailor Start?

Miles Penn is the inventor of MTailor. He is also the CEO of the company. He became tired of spending so much time and money every time he required a dress shirt made

He did not like online shopping as the shirts available online were not custom-fit for him. Penn made up his mind to make a solution to his dress shirt issue.

That is why he created the proprietary app with a friend from Stanford University. Penn introduced MTailor in 2012 for Android and iOS. The tailored clothes app was available only for men all across the United States. Penn launched this app to stop wearing the clothing of another man.

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Who Is The Founder Of MTailor?

Miles Penn is the inventor of MTailor. He was a student at Stanford University when he created this app in 2012.

He developed the application during high school and set up the company after proving the sample worked. Miles Penn is now the Chief Executive Officer for Bit Body, Inc., the parent company of MTailor.

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How Was MTailor Going Before Shark Tank?

Miles Penn appeared on Shark Tank intending to get an investment of $2.5 million in exchange for a 10% stake in the business. Miles did not like to shop at the mall. He also found that internet shopping was even worse as he generally orders five shirts expecting to get one that ships in time and avoid having to return four.

A custom-made outfit is no doubt of good quality but very costly and inconvenient in comparison to the traditional one. Miles Penn pitched Mtailor on Shark Tank episode 721. This app measures you for custom-made clothing.

You may place your custom-size shirts online by using Android and iPhone software that measures you just like a professional tailor. The price of the MTailor shirts starts at $69 which is less than half the price of conventional fitted shirts.

Penn did not like to buy clothing online. That is why he came up with the idea of creating MTailor. He ordered everything online excluding clothing as he did not like to get ill-fitting clothing and deal with returns.

He found a profitable business opportunity when he was looking for a solution. MTailor is supposed to be 20% more precise than a professional tailor. It is very simple: you need to place your phone at the right angle and then it takes a picture of you without wearing a shirt.

Then it uses the photo and height to measure your body. The app then utilizes these measurements to make customized shirts that you may buy through the app.

Penn’s venture capital firm has a solid early investor base. The company was set up at Y Combinator and managed to raise $2 million from Khosla Ventures which is a venture capital company set up by Sun Microsystems co-founder Vinod Khosla.

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What Occurred To MTailor On Shark Tank?

MTailor has a simple concept. It is a technical solution to a realistic problem with clothes shopping. It aims particularly at the formal wear demographic of men.

The MTailor measures seventeen points across the body with the help of the device’s camera which in turn creates a shirt fitted with 20% more precision than a professional tailor and in only 30 seconds.

The supply chain problem cost them nearly half of their projected revenue for the year. One of the sharks named Barbara Cocoran said that Penn was too sure for someone so new to the business.

On the other hand, Mark Cuban did not like how the supply chain issue was being dealt with and bowed out. MTailor may have made a deal with Daymond John but he wished to make a proposal that contained licensing the technology.

Penn did not accept that. Kevin O’Leary proposed to give a loan with 7% interest. But Penn did not take the offer. He walked away with his strategic business plan but he did not have any investment in his pocket.

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What Occurred To MTailor After Shark Tank? 

Although MTailor did not get any investment from the sharks, it does not mean that it lost hope. As soon as the MTailor Shark Tank episode was aired in 2015, Penn began to pursue venture capitalist funds by himself.

He is supposed to make adequate good deals. MTailor was able to generate only $13 million in sales. The company took seven years to reach the valuation that it showed to the sharks back when the episode aired.

Penn did not think that the deals proposed by the sharks were tailor-made for MTailor. It got positive media coverage.

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Is MTailor Still In Business?

As of 2023, MTailor is still doing well in the customised online tailored clothes for men. After the MTailor Shark Tank episode, it has expanded its range from just men’s button-up shirts to all types of clothing and not only for men.

Besides the lineup of men’s shirts, jeans, suits, tees, and chinos, the app will now measure women and match them up with precisely fitted jeans. To know more about it you need to download the MTailor app for Apple or Android.

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What Is Next For MTailor?

It is very difficult to say what is going to happen in MTailor as the social media accounts of the company have been inactive since 2021.

The company made the last Instagram post featuring an article on its custom polo range from The Modest Man website. MTailor has a Facebook account but the account has been inactive for a long time.

Nevertheless, you will be glad to know that Miles Penn still stands by his product. He even wore a custom Tailor suit in his marriage last year.

Penn is active on his personal Twitter where he keeps promoting his company. Indeed, Penn does not have any reason to be proud.

A lot of companies test the water temperature on Shark Tank but they fail to sustain their business. MTailor has been able to sell more than 100,000 items of custom clothing to date.

It always maintains a line of fabrics made of 100% cotton and its prices are now even lower than they were on Shark Tank. You may get custom-tailored clothes online at $29.

We are eagerly waiting to see the next revolution of MTailor in menswear.

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Did MTailor Get A Deal On Shark Tank?

The founder of MTailor, Penn got proposals from two sharks named Daymond John and Kevin O’Leary but did not accept any of the offers. He rejected Daymond John’s proposal by saying that he had a distinct strategic plan for his firm and wanted to build his line to set up the value of the company.

Moreover,  he told Daymond John that licensing would derail the firm.

Kevin O’Leary told Penn that he did not want him to go to China and try to reinvent how shirts were produced. He should rather try to perfect this technology.

As soon as O’Leary gave an offer, Mark Cuban remarked that was the deal and Penn would not be able to reject that.

The CEO of MTailor told O’Leary that he was searching for an equity partner who would be invested in the company in the long run. He said sorry to Kevin O’Leary and said that hehe was unable to accept that offer. All the sharks were surprised after hearing his decision.

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What Is The Net Worth Of MTailor?

The net worth of MTailor was $25 million when it came up on Shark Tank. The estimated monthly revenue of the company is between $350,000 and $450,000. The company has been serving for a long time. That is why this is a lot of money.

MTailor got $8.3 million in funding. But the sharks refused to give Miles Penn $2.5 million when he requested the money. The rapid growth of MTailor implies that the revenue numbers will reach even higher very soon.

MTailor is an innovative company that sells shirts for men that can be personalized. It was a very effective way of measuring that was done through a phone and the measurement result was the final measure.

Miles Penn tried to represent his idea on Shark Tank but he was refused but he did not lose hope. The worth of the company has risen much more than everyone anticipated.

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What Were The Sharks’ Offer For MTailor?

When the two sharks left the deal John admitted that he did not like Penn but he liked the concept. John then proposed to invest $2.5 million in exchange for a 17.5% stake in the business along with the condition that Penn licenses out the technology.

One of the sharks Mark Cuban said that Penn’s decision to go to China was an error and that is why he left the deal.

Kevin O’Leary was ready to give Penn $2.5 million as a loan with 7% interest that he had to repay within 36 months along with a 2.5% stake in the company.

Final Opinion

MTailor could indeed experience further growth if it got investment from a shark. However, an entrepreneur needs to stick to your vision and keep working hard till it becomes successful. The founder of MTailor has taught us a lesson: not to give up on your vision for your business. Although each of the shares told him to concentrate on the tech aspect of his business and license it to bigger companies, Penn stuck with it and kept working on it.


What is MTailor? 

MTailor is a clothing tailor for men that is popular for making clothes as per your requirements. The app, MTailor allows you to give your measurements from your mobile and after that, you may customize it according to your choice. At last, it will be delivered to your doorstep within a certain timeframe.

Who invented the MTailor?

Miles Penn came up with the idea of creating MTailor. He is now the owner of Bit Body Inc. Miles Penn wanted to provide a solution to the problem with odd-fitting products bought from online stores. He founded the app when he faced problems at the time of buying shirts for himself.

Who are the competitors of MTailor?

There are a lot of competitors of MTailor. Some of them are Threadless, Damartex, Shoptagr, and Missygow.

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