Oat Haus After Shark Tank

What Happened To Oat Haus After Shark Tank


Eating clean is a way of life that many people now call their own. There is a wide range of diets. Every duet is tailor-made to suit your needs. There are numerous products available in the market be it gluten-free, keto, paleo and more to help you on your food journey.

Diet food is not boring any more. There is food for every mood with endless creativity and innovation in the field. If you have been staying away from normal butter and do not like nut butter, there is nothing to worry about. Your toast will not be lonely.

There is a spread named Granola Butter that considers every possible dietary restriction. Oat Haus is supposed to be the world’s first oat-based spread of Granola Butter. Granola Butter is made like nut butter and tastes like liquid oatmeal cookies. But this Oat Haus is tailor-made gluten-free, organic and vegan.

Ali Bonar used to take care of her nutrition all the time to keep her health better and she had been doing it since childhood. Due to the nutritional information overload, she always searched for clean food. Because of this, she became very strict and stressed. She had to go through an eating disorder like this for almost 10 years.

After that, she tried to change herself with the assistance of her therapist. For her health, she put nuts in her diet but her stomach was not able to digest the nuts. She began to search for a nut-free spread for this issue but unfortunately, she was unable to find any solution.

The world’s first oat-based spread Granola Butter was born after Ali determined that she would fix the issue herself. Ari Schaer, Eric Katz and Ali Bonar took part in Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 3 with Oat Haus and asked for an investment of $375k in exchange for a 5% equity at a $7.5 Million Valuation.

They were ready to make their way onto Shark Tank. Now the question is, will they be able to lay it on thick on Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban and Daniel Lubetzky? Let’s figure out. 

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A Brief Note On Oat Haus

Oat Haus

Oat Haus is a nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free and non-GMO product as well as gluten-free, vegan, kosher and allergen-free.

Granola Butter is the world’s first oat-based spread made without nuts. The company claims that the taste and nutrition of Granola Butter are very much liked by children.

Various types of ingredients are used in this butter as Oats, flax, maple syrup, coconut oil, olive oil, salt & spices.

Currently, Granola Butter is available in nine flavours including Cookie Dough, Original, Vanilla, Strawberry Shortcake, Birthday Cake, Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, Brownie Batter, Coffee and S’Mores.

The cost of a single granola butter is $12.95, and the cost of a bundle pack of 3 jars is $34.95. This granola butter is available on Amazon. It also provides a subscription-based facility.

The subscription-based model will get a 10% additional discount. If the Granola Butter 3 Jars Bundle Price is $34.95, then you will be able to obtain it at $31.46.

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What is Granola Butter?

In case you are on a super-specific diet, having food alternatives that enable you to stay on track is always a blessing. If you do not want to keep regular butter or nut butter in your diet, Oat Haus’ Granola Butter might be what you have been searching for.

According to their website, it is the first-ever spreadable granola. Feel the texture of a nut butter, with the warm cinnamon, vanilla, or chocolate granola taste you love. Are you thinking about how to use it? 

There are a lot of options: on toast, in a smoothie, on yoghurt, on ice cream, in a sandwich, on a banana, on apples, by the spoonful… find inspiration on Instagram or peep the blog for recipe ideas.

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Background Of Oat Haus

The former name of the company was Kween and Co. The Oat Haus business has 5 significant members: Ari Schaer, Eric Katz, Ali Bonar, Todd Kelly and Lisa Eiffes. But there are 3 co-founders in this company, their names are Ari Schaer, Eric Katz and Ali Bonar.

Ali Bonar

Ali Bonar is the CEO and co-founder of the firm as well as a marketing expert. During her career, she has served in multiple companies like Doximity, MSLGROUP, Chempetitive Group and Smith Integrative Oncology.

She did her Bachelor of Science (B.S.), in Nutrition Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley.

Eric Katz

Eric is the COO and co-founder of the firm. Eric served as a senior consultant at the TAMID Group after achieving his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California, Berkeley.

She worked at Atlassian in Data Analytics and Integration for a couple of months. She served as a Business and Technology Integration Consultant at Accenture for 3 years.

Ari Schaer

Ari is the CCO and co-founder of the firm.  She works to create content etc.

Why Is Oat Haus Granola Butter So Popular?

Oat Haus Granola Butter is so famous because it is nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and allergen-free.

Bunches of Oat Haus Granola Butter–gluten-free oats with flax coconut oil, olive oil, flax, a magic spice mixture as well as a little maple syrup–are being battered up in a completely nut-free plant in Philadelphia.

Oat Haus Before Shark Tank

Ali developed this product to fix her health issues. Ali started this nut-free butter business along with her friends Eric & Ari in 2018.

Ali had known Eric from the time of her college as they studied together in the same college. Ali began to search for nut-free spread butter but was unable to find it, so this incident led him to this business concept.

They had to encounter a lot of difficulties while making the granola butter product. The start-up stage of the business has been very tough for the creator. They had to spend a lot of money on the marketing of their product.

This product is available in Whole Foods supermarkets in select regions including North East, North Atlantic, Florida, & Southern Pacific Regions.

Apart from this, this butter product is also available in a few local markets, it includes 1000+ stores in various cities of the United States.

Internationally, this product is available in Canada’s Nature Market & Nature Sante. On December 1, 2020, the company had taken an investment of $600k from Overeasy Ventures in a seed round.

The creator may have nailed that more investment and mentorship would be required if he wanted to develop her business. Perhaps for this reason they chose to get into Shark Tank.

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Appearance In Dragons Den: Did It Go Through?

Kween Granola Butter was introduced in 2018 and rebranded in July 2021 as Oat Haus Granola Butter before coming up on Shark Tank season 13.

Ali, Eric, and Ari had applied three times unsuccessfully to take part in Shark Tank before being invited to apply a fourth time. Oat Haus applied in February 2021 and they filmed the episode in July that year. This third episode of Season 13 of Shark Tank aired in October 2021.

After a vibrant pitch and initially favourable reactions from sharks Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran, and Daniel Lubetsky, each withdrew referring to consistency and lack of differentiation amongst other things.

The Shark Tank Pitch Of Oat Haus

Ari Schaer, Eric Katz and Ali Bonar came up on Shark Tank with their business Oat Haus and asked the sharks for an investment of $375K in exchange for a 5% equity.

The entrepreneur told the shark all the particulars about her butter product and gave the shark to try this spreadable granola butter.

Eric and Ali have been in a relationship for the past 8 years, Ari and Eric are both childhood friends. Ali said that she got this business concept from her eating issues.

The lifetime sales of the business were $2.7 million. This business was started in March 2018. She also added that they managed to generate $156,000 in sales in the first year.

In 2019 they earned $435,000 in sales and in 2020, their sales were $1.2 million. It was possible because they spent 5% of their gross revenue.

In 2021 they were expecting to make about $2.5 million. The first 2 years this business was bootstrapped, they invested their $100K in the business and raised $600K on exchangeable notes.

To manufacture one jar you need to spend about $3.25 and the selling price of one jar is nearly $9 to $12.95 on their website. The company sells their product to the distributor for under $5.50.

Mark Cuban remarked that the product is not enough just to be allergen-free and gluten-free. That is why he dropped himself out of the deal.

Barbara Corcoran liked this business’s team, branding and she thought that it was an outstanding name but she did not think that she could do anything for this business.  That is why she was out.

Kevin O’Leary was stuck on the texture of this business, so he was out. Lori Greiner remarked that she did not think that this business was for her. Due to this, she was out. Daniel Lubetzkya was also out of the deal.

So, finally, the founders of Oat Haus were unable to secure any deal on Shark Tank.

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Oat Haus After Shark Tank

Nuts-free granola butter company was well accepted in Shark Tank but unfortunately, none of the sharks was ready to invest in this business.

All the sharks got out of the deal, conveying their explanations. Nevertheless, all the sharks appreciated the test of this product very much.

Shark Daniels said that he could not invest in this business but he could purchase this product for his children And he suggested it.

Most Popular Speaker Jacob Morgan shared a video on YouTube about the Oat Haus Shark Tank deal that failed and also created a podcast and shared it on social media.

On June 7, 2022, this company shared a video on its Instagram account and said that this granola butter has become available in the mom’s organic market.

This product was made available on the fresh market on June 27, 2022. On July 18, 2022, this product became available in Nationwide SproutsSuperMarket.

Till now all the buyers who have purchased this product, most of the people have given positive reactions regarding the test of this product.

It was cited on the Snack Futures website that Oat Haus took part in the 2022 CoLab class. After the end of 2021, this company managed to generate $2.5 million in sales. In October 2022, the sales track of the company was running at $3 million.

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Oat Haus Shark Tank Update

This company was unable to get a deal on Shark Tank, but after its appearance in Shark Tank, many people purchased this product. Their one-month sales were done within only 3 days.

As per some news reports, their sales boosted up to 300% after Shark Tank. Oat Haus has taken part in the Expo East 2022 event.

Is Oat Haus Still In Business?

Ali Bonner and her team are thriving in this business very well. Most of their priority is on the United States market right now. This product has been made available in most cities of the United States.

Granola butter is listed on Amazon and many people have purchased it online through Amazon. 71% of people have given a 5-star rating to this product on Amazon. Most people say that the taste of this product is very good.

Currently, you can find this granola butter at more than 9 supermarket retail stores in the United States.

The headquarters of this Food and Beverages Services Company is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has a total of 11-50 employees.

So,  we can say that Oat Haus is still active in business as of December 2023.

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Oat Haus Granola Butter Net Worth 2021

In 2021, Oat Haus Granola Butter had an approximate net worth of $3.5 million.

Oat Haus Granola Butter Net Worth 2022

In 2022, Oat Haus Granola Butter had an approximate net worth of $4 million.

Oat Haus Granola Butter Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Oat Haus Granola Buster has an approximate net worth of $4 million.


Once you have tasted Oat Haus Granola Butter, there is no turning back. Find out for yourself and get a jar of the Original Granola Butter directly from Oat Haus or Amazon.com. And if you are feeling adventurous, there are 6 other flavours on offer: Cookie Dough, Vanilla, Strawberry Shortcake, Birthday Cake, Chocolate, and Coffee. So,  pick a flavour as per your choice and enjoy it.

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What is the cost of the Granola Butter?

The retail price of a single jar of Granola Butter starts from $12.95. You may also purchase a 3 jar variety pack from $32.95 onwards on the website of the company.

How can I buy Granola Butter?

You may get the jars of Granola Butter in various retail stores like Harmons, Pressed, Erewhon, Central Market, Whole Foods and Thrive Market. You may also find the store closest to you by using the store locator.

Where is Oat Haus Granola  Butter Today?

There is no such thing as bad promotion, and Oat Haus Granola Butter’s appearance on Shark Tank did not land them a deal but it did get them to the attention of millions of people.
Oat Haus has not only collaborated with JOJO’s Chocolate in time for Valentine’s Day, but also they have made a partnership with actress Jameela Jamil who now serves as the brand’s new Investor and Social Impact Advisor.

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