What Happened To Petpaint After Shark Tank

What Happened To Petpaint After Shark Tank


Make Your Dog Ready For Festivals With Pet Paint

Petpaint, Do you take your dog whenever you go? Do you want to dress him up for Halloween or have a pooch-size football jersey for him?

You may find dog costumes costly. There are a lot of pets who do not want to wear these outfits.

With Pet Paint, you may get a perfect way to dress up your dog without the dress. It is a non-permanent coloured hairspray for pets. It is available in various colours like Beagle Blue, Basset Black,  Greyhound Green,  Poodle Pink, Old Dog Orange, Pug Purple, Whippet White, and Yorkie Yellow.

It is a completely safe product. It is safe for the skin of your pet as well as for ingestion whether by accident or your dog licks or chews throughout the day.

Each of the products of Pet Paint has been veterinarian tested.  It manufactures dog-safe spray paint.

The firm is a member of The American Pet Products Association, The World Pet Association, and The National Association of Professional Creative Groomers. It has also received the seal of approval from PETA.

If you have a limited artistic ability Pet Paint provides stencils to make your pooch paint job look perfect. With Pet Paint and stencil, anyone can paint stars, hearts, tiger stripes, bubbles, flames, and more on their dog, cat, horse, or any other animal with fur.

So if you want to paint up or dress up your pet and your dog doesn’t like to be dressed up in human clothes, Pet Paint is a fun alternative for your pet.

Pet Paint is an outstanding way to adorn your pet for any occasion. Check out this article to learn more about Pet Paint and how Shark Tank helped the firm.

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How Will You Use Pet Paint?

If you want to use Pet Paint you have to just shake the can and spray on your pet’s coat. It is an aerosol that works very much like spray paint and gets dry within 10-20 seconds.

The colour remains vibrant all day. If you want to remove it you just need to wash your pet with soap and water as you would for any other bath.

It will not harm your dog if you leave it in. It will come out by itself after a short period.

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Who are the founders of Pet Paint?

Abe is the inventor and CEO of Pet Paint. He went to Moorpark College from 1995 to 2000 and completed his graduation in marketing.

He learned entrepreneurship when he worked in Morton Karr’s new development department. He wanted to make a product for his dog and other pet dogs that could be used to include them easily on different occasions and festivals with the family. Hence he developed Pet Paint.

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What Occurred to Pet Paint on Shark Tank?

Abe Gerry was looking for an investment of $200,000 in exchange for a 20% equity stake in the business. To pitch Pet Paint on Shark Tank, Abe Gerry said that he was going to show something incredible to the sharks and it was unique.

Then he pulled the sheet off a table and uncovered his product, Pet Paint. Mark Cuban instantly cried out and looked away.

Rivet Herjavec even did not seem to be happy with the product as just below the logo of Pet Paint the graphic was saying Colored Hair Spray for your Dog.

Abe called the dog to be introduced and a lot of dogs handled by walkers were escorted out. All of them were painted with designs like a football jersey, stars, flowers, and stripes, and even came with stencils for every purchased can of Pet Paint.

It is a veterinarian-tested, super dry, washable, and easy-to-use product. Kevin wanted to know about the inception of the product. That is why he asked if Abe woke up one fine morning and said to himself that he wished to spray paint for dogs.

Abe replied that two of the dogs, named Billy and Monkey came out and he tried to get a short to stay on Monkey and after conducting research for a few years he was able to develop Pet Paint.

Mark asked how much money he had invested in Pet Paint. In reply, Abe said that he had invested nearly $240,000 in four years.

The sharks were surprised after heating this. Abe said that it was all his money. Barbara said that it was a large amount of money and asked why he did so much. Abe replied that he still had $200,000 in his inventory.

Lori said that she was not sure that something like Pet Paint was patentable and Abe said that some patents are pending on multiple key ingredients but you could not have colour on dogs.

Kevin asked Pet Paint to rub off on other surfaces and Abe said that as long as the paint dried it would not come off – it takes 20 to 30 seconds for the paint to dry.

Kevin also asked about the toxicity or what would occur if the dog licked the paint and Abr replied that PetPaint has passed multiple safety checks successfully through testing.

Kevin pointed out the usefulness of the product. He said that people would rarely want to spray paint their dogs except for something like a holiday festival or party.

Abe asked whether Kevin had dogs. And Barbara supported Abe. Kevin replied that he had children instead of dogs.

Abe pointed out the idea that rolling up pets may be a little bit unfamiliar to Kevin. If a dad brings home a dog with stars to an 8-year-old daughter’s birthday the dad becomes a hero.

Robert had the same opinion as Kevin. He pointed out that Kevin had probably never arranged a birthday party for his kids.

Barbara pointed out the high amount of money and the percentage of shares that Abe was appealing for and wanted to know how Abe came to that valuation.

As the pet Paint came to the warehouse of Abe in March, they managed to sell more than $70,000 worth of paint and each was sold for $9.99.

Pet Paint had a 50-store testing deal with Petsmart to date and Petsmart wanted to retail it as well as put it in use in their salons. This deal was decided to begin just two weeks after the recording of the Pet Paint Shark Tank episode and they were going to ship $12000 worth of units to the 50 store test.

Robert inquired about the protection of sales within the rest of the year and Abe replied that within the remaining 6 months of 2013, he was expecting to make nearly $120,000 worth of sales which would take the revenue of Pet Paint at just under $200,000 for the year.

The distributors and grooming industry had re-orders led five times. Robert pointed out the uniqueness of the product for groomers. At that time Barbara pointed out that she believed that the product lacked a good price.

The can was available at nearly $10 and it was not an easy buy. People might buy a can for a birthday party or a Halloween party. She said that she did not think that it was selling well for that price point. That is why she left the deal.

Kevin said that he wanted to tell Abe a story. Around 4000 years ago there was a group of people named the Phoenicians who used sea molluscs to create a purple dye they used throughout their kingdom that no other culture had access to.

He wanted to point out that if Abe had the purple dye that nobody could make he could sail off and make a high amount of dollars. But anyone can make a coat spray for their dogs. And that is why he did not want to invest in the business.

Mark inquired how Pet Paint was doing online and Abe replied that they were doing very badly online due to the availability of the product in stores. The sales of physical stores were dragging down online sales.

That is why Abe wanted to concentrate on retail stores in place of online sales. Lori said that she was concerned with the huge amount that Abe was standing by. She said that he should never order inventory until sales had been placed. Lori finally left the deal.

Mark supported Lori in various respects. He said that as Abe invested a lot of money it depicted his responsibility but he had a problem that Abe was not able to visualize that online was the best solution. That is why he left the deal.

Robert was the last shark. He said that he was generally very decisive in this kind of matter. Robert said that his children used social media all the time and kept seeing cute things like that. They often search out the product and go from there.

Robert liked the product but he did not like the fact that Abe had not made the best endeavour to monetise his product. Abe asked him what it would take to make a deal. At that time Barbara interrupted them and said that she wanted to give a proposal.

She said that she was ready to invest $200,000 in exchange for a 60% stake in the business. She also added that she would be doing Abe an extraordinary favour as she was going to take over social media and would be able to create an amazing website and an excellent social media presence.

Robert said that he wanted to leave the deal. According to Kevin, the company was not worth the $200,000 that Abe was asking for and he would make a mistake if he refused Barbara’s proposal.

Abe said that he was not searching for a partner who was looking to make money out of it and wanted a more human partner who had an interest in the business. That is why he refused to take Barbara’s offer.

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What Is The Status Of PetPaint Now In 2023 – After Shark Tank Update

After the Pet Paint Shark Tank episode Abe followed the advice of the sharks and started to sell the product online. He started to sell the product not only on the website but also on Amazon.

Besides this, he made a deal with Petsmart who were ready to sell the paints at 50 locations all over the nation. A lot of shelters started to use the product to detect neutered or sprayed animals. Some have even dressed up the animals with the paint to motivate people to adopt and it was effective.

Pet Paint is still active in business as of 2023. If you visit their website you will find that they are now providing three categories of sprays:  Halloween Costumes, Holiday Kits, and Finishing Sprays.

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Halloween Costumes

It contains different stencils and paints for a DIY costume. The price range if the product starts is between $29.97 to $69.99.

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Holiday Kits

These kits are available for St. Patty’s Day, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. They contain a bottle of Pet Paint, a stencil, and a masking shield. The price of the product starts from $14.95+.

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Finishing Sprays

This spray is used over Pet Paint as soon as the colour is dry. It will reduce colour transfer and make the product long-lasting. It is available for $24.99.

You may also get their Open Starter Kit which contains 16 cans of Pet Paint and 16 different stencils.

The company also provides Doggie Dazzle Swarovski Diamonds which can be used to make your dog sparkle. Various colours like pink, blue, white, green, and orange are available within the price range of $9.75.

If you want to use them you just need their Non-Toxic Stone Glue which is sold individually for $11.80.

The company also offers Doggie Dazzle Xtensions that you may put on your dog. The retail price of every pack is $29 and it contains 150 silicone-lined installation beads, a fur hook tool and a pair of bead crimping pliers.

The company provides a flat shipping rate of $8.99 all over the United States. As of 2023, the company has managed to make over $5 million in lifetime sales.

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Final Opinion

Although Abe did not secure a deal on Shark Tank, he became successful. The advice of the Sharks helped him to make his business a successful one. The company is still doing very well in the market. We hope that it will grow more in the upcoming days.


Is Pet Paint still in business? 

As of 2023, Pet Paint is still active in business. It is doing very well in the market. It is sure that all the sharks must be repenting after seeing Abe’s success. The products of Pet Paint are available all over the nation.

Who are the competitors of Pet Paint?

There are a lot of competitors of Pet Paint. Some of them are Matter Mark, Petroleum, Neobux, AIMIA, etc.

What is the net worth of Pet Paint? 

When Pet Paint appeared on Shark Tank the valuation of the company was $1,000,000. Barbara made an offer at the valuation of $333,333.33 but Abe refused the offer. The approximate net worth of Pet Paint is $5 million.

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