What Happened To Shower Pill After Shark Tank

What Happened To Shower Pill After Shark Tank


After working out for the whole day you must require a solution to get cleaned. Shower Pill is one of the best solutions you may go for.  Shower Pill body wipes can be used at any place where there is a shortage of water.  According to the company,  it will safeguard your body from harmful bacteria as the Shower Pill body wipes are anti-bacterial.

Some athletes started this venture for athletes and they want to make it a brand.  A Sports-loving trio,  Wendell Hunter,  Wale Forrester, and Justin Forsett, started this company.  They were former football players.  So,  they know very well how it feels when sweat comes their way. 

When the company appeared on Shark Tank Shower Pill’s net worth was $3 million. Now it has a net worth of $4 million.  The company is operating and working smoothly to date.  Now let’s see whether the company is still in business or not. 

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Who are the founders of Shower Pill? 

Wendell Hunter,  Wale Forrester, and Justin Forsett are the founders of the company Shower Pills. The idea for the name of the business came to them while they were playing and joking.

While playing football,  they faced skin problems.  They wanted a solution.  That is why they launched a product that can be used in various situations,  even when you do not get water for a shower. 

The wipes are thick and antibacterial.  You may use the product for hiking,  trekking and camping too. It has now secured a place in the home emergency kit and travel packs.

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What are the Features of Shower Pill? 

What are the Features of Shower Pill 
  • The size of the cloth is just like a washcloth. 
  • The cloth has an aloe vera base that helps the skin to stay soft after use. 
  • You may get the cloth in buckets or travel packs to cater for any number of people.
  • The product is introduced to different groups of people and situations. 
  • The product is available in various flavours like charcoal,  cucumber,  lavender fresh,  and unscented. 
  • The company has launched a scholarship for underserved youth who wish to play a sport.

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ShowerPill before Shark Tank

Before entering the Shark Tank stage three former athletes turned entrepreneurs introduced a product called Shower Pill.  They believed that a showerpill, the body wipe can help you to stay fresh at all times.  The names of the three founders are Wendwll Hunter,  former linebacker,  Wale Forrester,  former defensive back,  and Justin Forsett,  former running back. The three athletes cum entrepreneurs are from Berkley,  California.  They came up on Shark Tank to get an investment of $300,000 in return for a 10% stake in their business. 

The three athletes will let the sharks in on a little locker room secret so long as they can keep it between them.  More athletes do not take a bath in between games or after practice. Athletes are proud of their health and fitness but they are responsible for a stinky and unhygienic offense.  In place of telling the sharp how Shower Pill works, they wanted to demonstrate it with the help of former UFC Women’s Champion, Miesha “Cupcake” Tate.

Miesha just had to pull out one extra thick, separately wrapped wipe.  Every wipe does not contain any kind of paraffin,  alcohol,  or any other harmful chemicals and substances.  You just need to walk down from head to toe.  Miesha was then ShowerPill fresh and all set to get dressed. She could go on her way consistently as she was assured that she did not have any post-workout bad odour or spread any nasty sweat-related germs. 

Miesha went behind a prop locker, changed,  and finally came out in a dress.  The three former athletes then asked which of the Sharks wanted to help it rain with the Shower Pill.  Shower to the people. 

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ShowerPill on Shark Tank

Miesha passed the samples to each of the sharks.  Wendell explained that they introduced a product that would cleanse as well as nourish your skin at the same time. 

Lori inquired whether they had done any skin testing and Wendell confirmed that.  He said that they had done hypoallergenic testing, and PH level testing (because he suffers from eczema). Unfortunately, Miesha had to leave the Shark Tank stage immediately as she had a flight to catch. 

Mark asked whether the three went on to play after Berkley.  All three of them did.  Wale went on to play nine years in the NFL and was a pro-bowl running back. Most importantly,  he was a part of the Baltimore Ravens and Seattle Seahawks.

Wendell played two years for the Buffalo Bills, and Justin was the benchwarmer but ultimately went on to join a local fire department where he had been for the past ten years.

Lori asked what the cost of one Shower Pill was.  They replied that the producing cost of one Shower Pill was $. 14 and the selling price of a Shower Pill was $.99. A pack of 10 shower pill wipes is available at $9.99. Lori inquired about their sales.  They replied that since 2014 they had experienced about 100% yearly growth. 

In the previous year they were able to generate $300,000 in sales and this year they are expecting to hit $600,000 next year they hope to hit $2 million and ultimately $5 million within two years. 

Barbara asked how they came to know that they had such a high growth.  Wendell explained that this was a decision that the three made to be great.  Their main purpose was to become an iconic brand like the Gatorade of Hygiene. They initially had to sell on e-commerce and they knew they wanted to broaden it into retail.

Robert asked whether they had any progress in the retail front and Wendell replied that they had obtained a letter of intent from Pharmica,  a boutique pharmacy.  He also said that they were talking with airlines to be provided on major airlines,  and even the military. 

Guest Shark and former MLB star Alex Rodriguez said that he had a question to ask that is he did not understand the number of 100% sales acceleration year after year.  He asked Wendell to clarify it.  Wendell replied that in 2016 they were able to generate nearly $300,000 in sales. In 2017 they were expecting to make another $300,000.

Mark inquired what their year-to-date sales were.  Wendell replied that it was only more than $200,000. Mark then asked how they could get to $600,000 by the end of December. 

Wendell said that they had concentrated on their consumer acquisition costs which was 25% of their run-rate.  As of August,  they had more than 30% growth.  Alex thought that the $600,000 would occur but asked for the net earnings on that income.  In this way, he wanted to assess the worth of the company. 

Wendell said that they had 60% gross margins as of now.  Mark then asked whether they were profitable.  Shower Pill was indeed profitable but all the money was going back into the company.  They were not burning money and did not have to put more money into the company to keep it running. 

They wished to become great.  That is why they looked at what was working and they doubled down on it.  Robert was still perplexed thinking that if they sold $100,000 in a month their gross margin should be $60,000. So,  what is the net margin finally?  Wendell estimated that they would be left with $40,000.

Robert then asked if they were left with $60,000 in a year how much money would they be left with after all the other expenses?  Unfortunately, the founders did not know exactly how much they would be left with.  The gross margin was 60% which means $360,000. They took the rest of the money and put it into marketing and growth. 

Robert then said that this was wrong as they took the money and put it into payroll, rent, marketing, and other places. Justin explained that this boosted their growth.  Mark said that he wanted to make things simple. Business was a sport,  and if anyone wanted to become successful in football,  in case you bust coverage,  you were going to get cut.  In business, if you do not understand your numbers and understand exactly what your next play is you will get cut.  Mark is the first one who left the deal. 

Robert spoke next.  He said that he loved that the founders were from the NFL and they were incredibly talented.  Nevertheless,  he learned a very long time ago that he had no talent.  That is why when he goes out into the world,  he has to perform better.  According to Robert,  performance trumps talent all day long. He had to trust in their capability to execute which he did not hear on this shower pills shark tank episode.  That is why he dropped out of the deal. 

Barbara said that she loved the enthusiasm of the three founders which was original.  Nobody could sit there without desiring to do business with them.  The thickness of the shower pill body wipe is no doubt great.  It is much thicker than a baby wipe.  She felt like it would be difficult to cut it with scissors. 

Nevertheless,  she did not like the confusion and their lack of knowledge about the numbers.  The founders got scope to speak about the numbers but the more the episode went on,  the more she got puzzled and this was not something an investor wanted to see.  That is why,  Barbara too went out of the deal. 

Alex spoke from experience that they were only as good as their team.  But he wanted them to bring an experienced person like a CFO or a controller.  Particularly someone who had the numbers locked down.  In this way,  when someone like the sharks questioned them,  they could turn to their CFO for questions about the numbers. 

Lori was the last shark in the deal.  She began by telling them to think like a millionaire and feel like they are broken.  She felt that the founders were hustling and thought that the product was smart and people would purchase it.  She thought that the Shower Pill was no doubt an outstanding concept and a great product. She was almost going to make them an offer.  But she ultimately went out of the deal because she understood what it took to get a product like Shower Pill into the eye of the public.  That is why she went out of the deal wishing the three former athletes best of luck. 

Regretfully, the three entrepreneurs had to leave the Shark Tank stage bare-handed.  They are not able to secure any deal from the sharks for Shower Pill.  The sharks were impressed by the presentation but they were not happy with the numbers and figures.

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ShowerPill after Shark Tank

The shower pill is still available.  There is no sign of going down any time soon.  It is still operating for nearly $1 for a Shower Pill pack.  You may buy a 10-pack by spending only $9.99. Shower Pill now comes with a clinically proven trial that ensures that it is capable of killing up to 99.9% of germs. It also keeps the shin fresh,  clean and moisturized.  You may get a Shower Pill on Amazon,  at Target stores,  and many other places. 

Indeed, you will not be able to get a Shower Pill at every Target store.  But it is available in most of them.  The company also provides free shipping for any order on their website that is more than $20. Show Pill has now introduced a line of activewear or 100% polyester shirts for men as well as women. 

But none of the products found in the activewear section have any reviews.  Shower Pill is now searching for wholesalers too.

The company has an outstanding social media presence on Instagram and Twitter. There are more than 100,000 followers on the two platforms. 

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Final Opinion

Indeed, Shower Pill did not get any deal from the sharks.  But they became successful with their effort.  They are still running smoothly.  We hope that they will become wider in the upcoming days. 


Who are the competitors of Shower Pill? 

Shower Pill has a lot of competitors.  Some of them are as follows:
Nico International LLC
JB Home Supplies
Made Of

Is the Shower Pill still in business? 

Yes,  as of 2022 the company is still in business.  Their sales as well as revenue are continuously growing and the company is now expanding to new horizons.  The company started to develop in 2016 and introduced a lot of new ideas during its journey. The company is now generating $4 million in sales.
The company is displaying that body wipes may help many areas other than just sweat and athletes.  We are expecting that they will help many more industries in the upcoming days.

What is a Shower Pill? 

Shower Pill is a thick body wipe that can be used for any situation of sweat.  The people who are behind the foundation of Shower Pill are Wendell Hunter,  Wale Forrester,  and Justin Forsett.  They obtain the idea of the name for the business at the time of playing football and joking.  They wanted to provide a solution to the skin problems created by playing football. 

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