What Happened To Squeeky Knees After Shark Tank

What Happened To Squeeky Knees After Shark Tank


Track Your Child Where He/She Is With Squeeky Knees

Squeeky Knees came up on the popular TV show Shark Tank intending to get an investment from the Sharks so that they can take their three-year-old business to new heights.

Squeeky Knees was pitched on Shark Tank season 5 episode 19. The episode was aired on 7 March 2014.

In this article, we are going to discuss the Squeeky Knees. You will be able to learn the journey of Squeeky Knees on and off the show from this article.

So, let’s learn an overview of Squeeky Knees and find out what occurred to Squeeky Knees after Shark Tank.

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A Short Overview of Squeeky Knees

Squeaky knees are soft protection for the knees of your baby. This knee pad is designed to keep the knee of your baby safe while moving.

It doesn’t add weight or bulk to the pants and you can alleviate yourself from the tension of your kid’s knee getting hurt.

Squeeky Knees have a patent pending for their silicone technology-based product. It has become an outstanding tool for parents for the absorption of noise and vibrations caused by jumping, jogging, and crawling.

Every time the child moves, the knee pads make a squeaking sound. This sound will make you alert to see where the kid is moving. It enables the parents to rest without any tension as they know that their child will be safe.

Squeeky Knees are nothing but pants that come with built-in knee cushioning and are available in various types of cute styles for boys and girls. The built-in knee pads on the leggings keep working as required for a long time.

Even the most energetic of babies would not be able to break through the tough design of the knee pad. They function well on different types of surfaces like concrete, wood, and ceramic.

Besides crawling, they are useful for many activities. Even when your child learns to walk, they continue to provide an extra layer of protection against scratches and bruises.

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Who Is The Founder Of Squeeky Knees?

Lisa Evans and Ivan Barnes are the founders of Squeeky Knees.  They launched the product in 2010 to protect their son’s knee while he is moving around the house.

Not only that, the product also makes a squeaky sound when they move which is pleasant to the ear as well as keeps track of the location of the kids. 

Eavan made a collaboration with Right Bank Babies but later the company left it. There are various types of products like jeans, knee highs, pants, onesies, leggings, and stockings. You may easily wash these squeeky knees by using a washing machine.

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How Was Squeeky Knees Going Before Shark Tank? 

Squeeky Knees are cushioned leggings for babies that contain squeaking sound enhancement built right into the padding. It is available in a variety of colours.

Lisa and Ivan set up Squeeky Knees as they were unable to keep watching their active new baby because they had a lot of other responsibilities.

As soon as Lisa’s baby started to crawl all over the house. The baby moved the entire house even when Lisa was not there. So, she became anxious and made up her mind to create a clothing pad that would hold him contained and let her know where he was.

Ivan and Lisa devoted the first year of their startup working to patent it so that other businesses could not copy their product.

On the contrary, Lisa and Ivan did not endeavour to improve sales or distribution since their website obtained little attention.

They registered to appear on Shark Tank because they thought they had an outstanding idea and the motivation to develop their company.

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What Occurred To Squeeky Knees During Shark Tank Pitch? 

Ivan Barnes and Lisa Evans appeared on Shark Tank intending to get a business partner for their children’s clothing line business named Squeeky Knees. The founders of the company came up on Shark Tank intending to get an investment of $80,000 in return for a 20% stake in the business which was equated to a valuation of $400,000.

The knee-high leggings come with a cushion and squeaker that serve two purposes. They assert that the knee pads safeguard young children’s knees from injuries and squeak so that parents can know where they are in the house.

Lori Grenier was mainly concerned with the state of sales. Ivan reported that they had managed to sell 500 copies and had made just under $10,000.

The first year of their three years with the firm was devoted to looking for patents. Kevin O’Leary said that there were not any sales because the idea sucks.

Lori Greiner affirmed that customers were drawn to a product when it genuinely serves as pledged. Due to the apparent poor sales performance, she was denied out of boredom.

Mark Cuban advised the duo saying that they were a product rather than a business. Saying this, he left the deal. Robert Herjavec also made up his mind to quit the deal as according to him it was too early and their sales were not enough.

Kevin O’Leary decided to leave the deal as he did not like the concept and thought that it was a lousy idea. Daymond John was the last shark left there. 

According to Daymond John, if they worked along with each other they would spend most of the day arguing and he would finally go out because the two argued with Mark Cuban about going head to head against people who dedicate their full day to their firm.

The founders of the company were not able to secure a deal from the sharks. So, they finally left the Shark Tank stage bare-handed.

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What Occurred To Squeeky Knees After Shark Tank? 

Squeeky Knees was promoted soon after the Shark Tank show. It was the effect of appearing on Shark Tank. But the business never originally took off.

They have not maintained their social media accounts since 2014 and most of the products for sale are not available even if the website is still active.

He made a practical point that seemed to have worked out as expected, even though they both responded violently to his evaluation at the moment. Although Squeeky Knees was an amazing idea, the Sharks ignored it and they were right; the business ceased to function in 2017.

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What Did The Shark Tank Investors Say About Squeeky Knees? 

Mark Cuban liked the idea of Squeeky Knees and there was a difference between a product and a company.

He said that there was no company; they only had a product. Lisa and Eavan the founders of the business argued with Mark making excuses. Mark Cuban finally left the deal.

Daymond John said that he rooted for him and he was on the fence but he argued and he did not listen. So, he decided to drop out of the deal.

According to Kevin O’Leary, their idea sucked and he went out of the deal. Lisa said Kevin that he was her favourite and he responded it still sucked.

Lori Grenier told them that this was not supposed to be the right idea. So, she dropped out of the deal.

Robert Herjavec had no issue that they were doing it part-time, and they were there too early. So, he went out of the deal.

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Final Opinion

Although Lisa Evans and Ivan Barnes came with extensive expectations to get a deal in Shark Tank, their business plan was unable to catch the attention of the sharks. So, they were unable to get a deal and returned bare-handed. They kept putting their effort into the business for a while but Squeeky knees after Shark Tank was unable to find a ground to develop their business and finally went out of business. 


What is the net worth of Squeeky Knees?

Both before and after the presentation, the valuation of the company was nearly USD 400,000. The company has since closed its doors, and it is unspecified what the company’s net worth is.

Is Squeeky Knees still in business?

No, Squeeky Knees is completely out of business as of now. Their business plan failed poorly because of the lack of business sense. Their business website is still active but there is no activity whatsoever and no stock remaining.

Who is the founder of Squeeky Knees? 

Lisa Evans and Ivan Barnes are the founders of Squeeky Knees.

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