What Happened To The No Phone After Shark Tank


No Phone: The human mind is exceptional in developing innovative ideas. These ideas lead to impeccable innovations. Nevertheless, sometimes these inventions can provide no positive value to the world. NoPhone is one such invention.

We are all aware of how smartphones have affected the world. While it delivers unmatchable benefits, it does have a lot of negatives, too.

Firstly, smartphone habits are real. As per multiple studies, US citizens spend 3.5 to 4.5 hours every day on their mobile devices.

This number increases for children and gamers extremely. For this reason, the NoPhone was made. So, what occurred when the founders of NoPhone presented their business in front of the Shark Tank team?

Evaluating Shark Tank’s overall reputation, each individual is worth hundreds of millions investing money in profitable and innovative businesses.

Does that mean that the NoPhone device has no valuable use? Or does it genuinely address and solve a problem found in this modern era?

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Here’s everything you need to know: Abou No Phone

No Phone's After Shark

All-around Overview Of The NoPhone Company On Shark Tank

  • Company Name: No Phone
  • Product Offered: Fake Mobile Device
  • Founder and When Founded: 2009, Chris Sheldon, Ingmar Larsen, Van Gould, and Ben Langeveldon
  • Shark Tank Episode Aired: Season 7, Episode 28
  • Investment Asked: $25K for 25% of the company
  • Deal Closing: No deal offered by any Sharks

What is NoPhone?

NoPhone is designed to stop smartphone addiction. So, they promote their product as the most obsolete phone ever. This phone does not have any key controls, lenses, or other features. It is merely a plastic piece with the shape of a phone.

As per their website, the phone does not come with any storage function with zero percentage of phone storage. The product is washroom waterproof.

NoPhone ZERO is one of their products. In comparison to the No Phone, it is a downgrade version as it does not offer much. It is rectangular and is black.

The company has also introduced a NoPhone SELFIE version that contains a mirror as an option.

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Who Are The Founders Of The NoPhone Device?

Christ Sheldon and Van Gould are the founders of No Phone. They represented No Phone on Shark Tank in 2016.

In the modern era of today, there are a couple of distinctive features in every mobile device. The primary aim of the NoPhone company is to develop a device that only encourages socializing without the requirement of using a mobile device.

Ergo, it encourages real-life socializing between humans. In place of talking on text messages or calls and spending time on social media, you can talk to people right before you.

That is why this phone does not come with music, WiFi, a camera, a screen, or other features that a smartphone generally contains.

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How Does NoPhone Work?

In Shark Tank season 7 episode 28, the founders of NoPhone, Van Gould and Chris Sheldonreprented the NoPhone for people who spend a lot of time with their mobile phones.

In the fall of 2014 and again in 2015, this ironic product obtained total funds of more than $20,000 two times on Kickstarter.

According to the fundraising page of Van Gould and Christ Sheldon, the NoPhone is a tech-free solution to constant phone addiction that enables you to stay active with the actual world.

Although the device seems to be funny, some people carry it along to accompany them on dates or to the movies. There is a CNET review that considered the NoPhone as the most useless gift ever.

The company is called the biggest fake phone company in the world. It has supplied more than 4000 devices. When Sean and Steven do not work for an ad company as art directors in New York, they pack and export out of a 400-square-foot flat in the city.

They are probably searching for a Shark to fund them with a large distribution. Van Gould and Christ Sheldon are entrepreneurs who pitched the NoPhone on Shark Tank in 2016. In the high-tech smartphone market of today, almost everyone has a mobile phone.

The firm is trying to develop a niche by offering the fewest number of smartphone possibilities. This phone does not come with a working camera, screen, music, WiFi, and other traits of a phone.

Nevertheless, you can enhance your selfie mirror (sticker), so that you can look at yourself while getting around a fake smartphone.

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How Was The NoPhone Business Before Shark Tank?

Before the firm was represented on Shark Tank, the founders of NoPhone, Van and Christ already sold 3100 amazingly. In 2014, they strongly led a fundraising campaign that raised triple the anticipated budget. Let’s check out more to know whether the Sharks believe in the unique idea of the NoPhone on transforming phone addiction.

What Occurred To NoPhone During Shark Tank Pitch?

Chris Sheldon and Van Gould appeared on Shark Tank. They were intending to get an investment of $25,000 in exchange for a 15% equity stake in the business.

Chris remarked that phone addiction has now become a severe problem in our society. Van demonstrated to the Shark Tank investors that he read a research study that mentioned that most American teenagers use their phones every day at least for 22 hours.

According to Chris, every day, people use their mobile phones while doing most of their daily tasks. The two entrepreneurs wanted to come up with a solution to deal with the phone addiction problem. Then, Van displayed the NoPhone.

Chris explained that it was a fake phone designed for people who are addicted to actual phones. Van claimed that it did not have a screen, battery, or any apps.

Chris said that you just have to simply pick it up, carry it and that’s it. He said that it did not have any warranty or refunds. He also added that it was not developed for any purpose. It was only the millennial generation’s favourite rock.

Van and Chris started to give out product samples to the sharks. Van gave Robert his invented phone with the selfie version which was just like a mirror. Lori asked the founders about the number of phones they delivered.

Van told her that since November of the last year, they had managed to supply 3100 devices. He claimed that most of the people who bought them did so with the selfie upgrade.

Kevin got very angry. He asked whether the two entrepreneurs were only kidding. That is why, Van ascertained that they were eager to grow their business. He also said that they had managed to generate nearly $42,000 in revenue as they started already. Robert felt happy after hearing this claim.

Lori Grenier wanted to know about the selling price of the product in the market. Van told her that the cost of a normal NoPhone with no frills is $12, and the cost of a new phone with the selfie update is $18. Furthermore, the new phone with a selfie upgrade is only a mirror.

Kevin reminded them that while their idea was lovely, it finally had no worth. He felt like he was in a parallel world where items were not needed to provide value to customers.

Van accentuated that with the contribution of the sharks, the inventors would be able to make so much impact on his company.

Daymond asked if the new phone was insulated by a patent. Van informed him that they had filed a provisional patent application. Van went on to say that he was serious.

Mark told them that the only thing he despised after people stared at their phones was worthless patents. He walked out of the show after saying that a patent on a block of plastic was ludicrous. The two entrepreneurs thanked him for giving his valuable time.

Lori Grenier laughed and said she was not going to put any more capital into this concept, and she just walked away from the deal.

On the other hand, Robert Herjavec thought the idea to be very fantastic. He admitted that they had sold a lot of units. Nevertheless, he depicted a concern that this amount of sales was the total market for this type of phone.

Chris explained that this was only available in their website store. Then, Van motivated Robert to assess what would occur if they pushed more sales and ran more marketing campaigns, so the products could be more famous.

Lori Grenier advised them not to put any capital into these terrible strategies. Robert left the deal finally. Daymond said sorry, but he cited that investing in this NoPhone would be very ridiculous.

Kevin illustrated that the product was not exactly nothing, but it was close. Kevin O’Leary told the founders that the product was deplorable, and then he also left the deal.

While Van and Christ left, Kevin looked at his hair in the mirror of the new phone. Van told the camera during his departure interview that the investors wasted a significant investment opportunity.

Van said it was their generation’s pet rock, not a worthless plastic piece. He said that it would become a great trend in future.

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No Phone Closing Deal in Shark Tank

Since NoPhone was first pitched during Shark Tank, it was useless. The entrepreneurs came to request a fund of $25,000 in exchange for 25% equity, but most of the Shark Tank investors did not purchase into the idea and walked away.

One shark thought that it could be very reasonable, while another remarked it to be intelligent. Nevertheless, it was not worth earning an investment.

Although the sharks did not keep their faith in NoPhone, the two inventors claimed that their product was not useless anymore. The startup began a Kickstarter in 2014, declaring that it can break phone addiction.

Consequently, they managed to raise $18,316 which is worth triple if compared to their financing goal. They have also given a TEDx Talk about how the power of a plastic piece can make the world better.

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NoPhone After Shark Tank

In a Forbes website article, the NoPhone product was referred to and it was about a fake smartphone business debut on Shark Tank. Moreover, the company is still prospering strong, and the homepage of the company features several great comments from significant publications, one of them even named it TechCrunch.

Time Magazine depicts this phone as a simulation of your pleasure item, enabling you to slowly leave it. The NoPhone Air, which is only a plastic box with nothing, is now available for $5 on the website. It can be a wonderful Christmas gift for your family members too.

All of the versions and the t-shirt of NoPhone are available on Amazon Prime. If you want to overcome your cell phone dependency, you should check out their website today.

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Is No Phone Still Active In Business?

NoPhone products are still available on the market. The users can download a TEDx talk to their phone. They now have a non-addictive phone and a waterproof version even without a battery.

Meanwhile, their Facebook page continues to make pranks about the technology-addicted era during the debut of their show. They joked about not buying their stuff on Father’s Day, displayed an orange NoPhone, and also posted a 360º film of this phone which was nothing but a deep hole of emptiness.

In an everyday world, NoPhone will not be required, but who knows what humans will be obsessed with within the next 10 years. The founders of the company said in an interview that Whatever it might be, they will be around to offer people a free mimic of something they regularly use.

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What Was The Net Worth Of No Phone in 2022?

In 2022, NoPhone had an approximate net worth of $15 million.

What is The Net Worth Of No Phone in 2023?

As of 2023, NoPhone has an approximate net worth of $15 million.


When the company appeared in Shark Tank, the approximate valuation of it was $100,000.

When it comes to business, the world would be glad to know that the NoPhone company is still doing well and running. If you check the latest sources, you will discover that the company is selling a waterproof model of NoPhone with no battery and remains a non-addictive phone for the users. This device comes without a plan. The company has also launched new products like the Family Plan, NoPhone Air, and employee gift bundles. For some individuals, the concept may be attractive and useful enough to break their phone-using addiction. However, many still believe that the device puts forward no practical use and offers no value.

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How does the No Phone help with smartphone addiction?

The NoPhone acts as a physical substitute for your smartphone, giving your hands something to hold and providing a humorous way to break the habit of constantly checking your phone.

Does the No Phone have any features like a real smartphone?

No, the NoPhone is intentionally bare of any features. It’s a simple, plastic block designed to be a humorous and tactile alternative to a real smartphone.

Can I make calls or send messages with the NoPhone?

No, the NoPhone has no electronic components, so it cannot make calls or send messages. It’s purely a physical object meant to symbolize a break from constant screen time.

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