What Happened To Tipsy Elves After Shark Tank

What Happened To Tipsy Elves After Shark Tank


How Did Tipsy Elves Become A Famous Clothing Brand? 

Tipsy Elves is a novelty holiday garments firm that came up on Shark Tank season 5. The two college mates Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton set up this company in 2011. After thorough research, we have come to know that the approximate Tipsy Elves worth is $6 million.  After getting an investment from Robert Herjavec the valuation of Tipsy Elves was $1 million.

The company provides a quirky,  unique range of clothing items that gives an uncommon but amusing touch to holiday garments. There are mainly comically themed and vibrantly coloured sweaters,  jumpsuits and accessories in the product line of the firm for different holiday seasons like Christmas,  Halloween,  and Fourth of July. 

The primary feature of the products of Tipsy Elves is that they come up with amusing and attention-catching designs. People will start talking about your dress if you wear Tipsy Elves sweaters adorned with absurd patterns and graphics or any eccentrically patterned jumpsuits. 

You will also get other products in the company like hats,  socks,  and fanny packs to get the perfect festive look.  The clothing of the company is manufactured by using high-quality fabrics to make it comfortable,  durable and a perfect fit. 

The approach of Tipsy Elves to holiday dressing makes it unconventional. The amusing, courageous,  and unique design of the sweater gives a refreshing alternative to conventional holiday sweaters. 

It provides a chance to come out from the conventional holiday attire and motivates the consumers to have a more fun,  light-hearted side of the holidays. 

Tipsy Elves is a perfect choice for those who want to add a dash of wit and an uncommon style statement to their holiday celebrations.  These attires will help you to give an uncommon appearance at office parties,  themed events,  or family gatherings.  

The company not only provides you with an outstanding way to celebrate festivals but also makes sure that you get the best quality and comfortable clothing without compromising your style. 

To make something extraordinary,  Tipsy Elves combines functional clothing with festive cheer and adds a fun element to any holiday season. 

Let’s have a quick look at how Tipsy Elves became so successful. 

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What are Tipsy Elves?

What are Tipsy Elves

Tipsy Elves is a firm that is popular for designing and selling holiday-themed apparel. It was introduced to bring fun and irreverence to usually boring holiday garments. The company mainly produces Christmas sweaters,  patriotic clothing, Halloween costumes, and other holiday-themed products. 

The products of the company are popular for their amusing designs and the best quality.  They also provide a wide range of men’s and women’s styles.  The products of the company became popular very quickly especially the Christmas sweaters which had become a must-have product for holiday parties. 

The company has improved its product line by including various holiday-themed clothing and accessories for other occasions like St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and even summer holidays.

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Product Details of Tipsy Elves

The product details of Tipsy Elves are as follows: 

  • The website of Tipsy Elves has 4 major fun-filled categories of sweaters and accessories to investigate.  The four categories are women,  men, babies,  and kids,  holidays,  and occasions.  
  • The company has numerous sales on its website. 
  • The first page of the company’s website displays different and new designs in store to choose from. They also display what is trending this season and shopping by various categories like season,  collection,  etc. 
  • The designs of the products are quirky and uncommon. 
  • The manufacturing cost of a sweater is $12 and the selling price of a sweater is $65.
  • The sweaters manufactured by the company are now available in multiple new styles for various occasions and festivals. 
  • The company has now established itself as a clothing brand. 
  • You may also buy skirts,  shirts,  shorts,  leggings,  Ski suits,  and many more from the company.

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Who is the founder of Tipsy Elves?

The two college mates, Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton are the co-founders of Tipsy Elves. Before introducing Tipsy Elves,  Evan Mendelsohn worked as a corporate attorney and Nick Morton was a dentist.  Though they are very successful in their careers they were eager to do something more entrepreneurial and inventive. 

The idea of Tipsy Elves came to Mendelsohn in December 2011 after finding a trend in people wearing ugly Christmas sweaters to holiday parties.

Nevertheless,  he saw that the sweaters available on the market either smelled of used ill-fitting vintage sweaters or cheaply made new versions that fell apart after wearing them a few times. 

After discovering a demand in the market for high-quality, new,  and deliberately ugly Christmas sweaters,  Mendelsohn made a partnership with his college friend Nick Morton.  In this way, Tipsy Elves was created. 

Before appearing on Shark Tank,  Tipsy Elves founders encountered a lot of problems.  They also became successful.  They started their journey with a simple selection of Christmas sweaters but experienced incredible growth in the first two years.  Therefore they expanded their product line by including sweaters for other holidays and accessories. 

They also faced problems in maintaining a balance between their jobs along their new business venture.  Ultimately,  Mendelsohn and Morton left their jobs so that they could concentrate on Tipsy Elves full-time. 

Despite the problems,  they represented Tipsy Elves on Shark Tank in 2013. By the time the company managed to sell more than $1 million in sweaters and were profitable.

At the end of the Tipsy Elves Shark Tank episode,  the founders were able to make a deal with Robert Herjavec.  He invested $100,000 in exchange for a 10% share in the business. 

The company was able to move to the next level with the help of the publicity it got from the Shark Tank show and the investment of Robert Herjavec.  The company expanded its product line and built it as a major company in the holiday garment industry.

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How was the Tipsy Elves Shark Tank Pitch?

When the founders of Tipsy Elves,  Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton, came up on Shark Tank season 5 they gave an outstanding and amusing presentation for their quirky holiday garment firm. 

They started their pitch by wearing their products – outlandish, humorous Christmas sweaters.  They wanted to display the out-of-the-box,  amusing element that is the primary feature of their company. 

After this, the founders explained that Tipsy Elves was about ugly Christmas sweaters and transforming holiday attire. The founders came up on Shark Tank intending to get an investment of $100,000 in return for a 5% stake in their business which valued Tipsy Elves at $2 million. 

They presented the sharks with remarkable numbers to back up their valuation.  They said that they had managed to earn nearly $900,000 in sales in the first year and projected sales of $1.6 million for the second year. 

They also demonstrated that the company was no doubt profitable.  That is why they were able to become a unique company from many other businesses that appeared on Shark Tank. 

The sharks gave mixed responses after the pitch.  Some of the sharks like Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban were concerned about the seasonal nature of the business and were dubious about its capability to generate sales outside of the holiday season.  That is why they inquired about the scalability of the business and its capability to grow. 

Nevertheless,  Robert Herjavec found the company Tipsy Elves potential enough. He praised the company as it focused on a particular niche market and has a successful track record. 

Robert Herjavec was ready to invest $100,000 in the company in exchange for a 10% stake which was double the equity stage offered by the co-founders of Tipsy Elves. 

But still,  the co-founders,  Mendelsohn and Morton accepted the deal.  They thought that Herjavec could make their business more successful not only with his investment but also with his business skills and network. 

The deal became successful for Tipsy Elves as well as Ribert Herjavex as the company has improved and expanded after appearing on Shark Tank.

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What occurred to Tipsy Elves after Shark Tank?

After coming up on Shark Tank,  Tipsy Elves found incredible growth and success.  The publicity it got from the show enabled it to grow its brand recognition which in turn resulted in a considerable boost in sales. 

After the Shark Tank episode,  the website traffic as well as the sales of the company grew significantly.  The businessmen reported that they made the same sales the days after the Shark Tank episode as the previous year. 

The investment and partnership with Rubert Herjavec also came up as a blessing for the company.  The company was able to expand its product line to add more than only Christmas sweaters with the help of the guidance and capital injection of Robert Herjavec. 

The company added other products into their product line for different holidays such as Halloween, Fourth of July, and St. Patrick’s Day. It has also introduced a wide range of year-round products like ski gear and Hawaiian shirts.

Along with expanding the product line,  the founders of the company also improved their inventory management and simplified their functions to deal with the substantial growth in demand in a better way. 

This enabled the company to run its operations more efficiently.  It has also managed to provide a better customer service faculty and earn higher profits. By the end of the first year after their Shark Tank appearance, the company was able to make more than $3 million in sales which was no doubt an outstanding growth from their sales before Shark Tank. 

The company has reported more than $125 million in lifetime sales,  explaining the sustained success and growth they have encountered since their pitch on the Shark Tank show. 

Besides the economic success,  Tipsy Elves have also obtained recognition in pop culture.  Celebrities have put on their products and featured in movies and TV shows.  In this way, the importance as well as the popularity of the company further increased.  

In a nutshell,  the appearance of Tipsy Elves on Shark Tank helped the company to become successful and grow.  It has proved that a quirky business can also sustain itself in the market if it gets proper exposure and guidance.

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Tipsy Elves Shark Tank Update

After coming up on Shark Tank in 2013 and getting an investment of $100,000 from Robert Herjavec in exchange for a 10% equity in the business,  the holiday-themed garment company, Tipsy Elves, encountered outstanding growth. 

The company was first known for its novelty Christmas-themed clothing.  But after the Shark Tank appearance,  the company expanded its product line by adding products for different occasions like flamingo-patterned golf knickers and American flag-print snowsuits. Robert Herjavec guided this diversification with his skills. So, he played an important role in the success of the company. 

Tipsy Elves has now achieved sales of more than $100 million.  It has become one of the Shark Tank’s most prominent success stories. 

The unique approach of the company to holiday garments and its obligation to donate a part of its profit to charity helped it to grab the attention and loyalty of customers. 

With co-founders Evan Mendelsohn and Nicklaus Morton at the helm, Tipsy Elves symbolizes the perfection of post-Shark Tank success, displaying how a niche concept, coupled with strategic suggestion, can lead to substantial development in the business world.

The company has now increased their number of employees to 20 and has a significant growth in annual sales to $20 million.  The company is now manufacturing sweaters for different movies like The Night Before. As of 2021, the company has managed to earn more than $120 million in sales and an annual revenue of $6 million. 

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Are Tipsy Elves still in business?

After conducting thorough research,  we have come to know that Tipsy Elves are still in business.  The company has prospered through funding,  partnerships,  and its desired concentration on holiday-themed garments since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2013.

As of 2023, the company has an approximate net worth of $6 million which reflects its continuous success and expansion.  The company provides a wide range of products such as clothing,  inner ear,  and accessories for a variety of occasions. 

It has a loyal customer base and more than 3 million satisfied customers.  People have given positive reviews about the products of the company.  In this way,  Tipsy Elves has become popular for funny and unique clothing products. 

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Final Opinion

So,  if it is cold out there and you are looking for something new and unique in place of the boring sweaters in your cupboard,  you may choose Tipsy Elves without a second thought.  The company has introduced quirky and new designs for sweaters.  The products of the company are available on Amazon.  We hope that the company will grow more in the future. 


Who are the competitors of Tipsy Elves?

Tipsy Elves has several competitors.  Some of them are as follows: 
Kuhlman Company
Johnny Cupcakes
Essential Apparel
Banana Republic Canada
Paul Frank Industries

What is the selling price of a sweater of Tipsy Elves? 

The selling price of a sweater of Tipsy Elves is $65.

What is the net worth of Tipsy Elves?

As of now,  Tipsy Elves has an approximate net worth of $20 million.  The annual revenue of the company is about $6 million.  The company has now reached $120 million in their lifetime sales.

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