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What Happened To Titin After Shark Tank?


Titin Shark Tank, Do you have a problem that has been annoying you for a long time? How are you handling it?

Some people turn their difficulties into business opportunities. Patrick Whaley is such a person.

Titin’s Weighted Shirt is the brainchild of Patrick. He came up with this idea as a solution to his skinny childhood and longing to gain muscles.

Patrick came up on Shark Tank episode 609 intending to get an investment of $500,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in Titin company.

Do you want to know did they got a deal on Shark Tank or what occurred to Titin: Weighted Shirt after Shark Tank?  If yes, Keep reading this article to get the Titin Shark Tank updates in 2023.

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The Genesis of Titin

Titin Tech was set up by Patrick Whaley, a mechanical engineering graduate who altered his speciality to Kinesiology and Physiology.

Patrick is still active with the company today. Patrick began Titin Tech in 2005 but has been outlining since high school. He used to roam around with a weighted daypack to try muscling and bodybuilding.

The idea of a weighted shirt was developed to help attain its training objectives, and a prototype was created. The life of Patrick took a surprising change in 2009.

In a failed robbery endeavour, he was shot and left dead. Patrick found his prototype weighted shirt in rehabilitation more practical than physical therapy.

Motivated by living evidence, he amassed $100,000 in Kickstarter crowdsourcing and $1 million in Fundable to help launch the company. Elite athletes approved his prototypes and were even honoured by the Sylvester Stallone film, Expendables 3.

As production started and sales online rose, the business started to gain incredible swiftness, with monthly sales exceeding the $1 million mark, which enabled Patrick to obtain certain investors.

Nevertheless, Patrick began to search for new investors with apparel merchandise knowledge to help speed up production and offer guidance, using backorders to fill and not adequate cash.

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How Does Titin Weighted Shirt Work?

Titin Weighted Shirts come with an extra 8lbs that are spread smoothly to ensure it does not cause pressure on the user’s muscles and joints.

They are made of moisture-wicking tissue which enhances their positioning across the body muscles. The hydrogel inserts in them ensure there is no movement which increases muscle growth at the time of doing exercises.

Also, these inserts are separable and enable you to cool or heat them to tackle post-exercise recovery. Through this characteristic, they offer sufficient resistance that lets the users build their body muscles quickly.

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Innovative Product Concept

Titin’s After Shark Tank

Titin is a range of weighted shirts and shorts for the ultimate training session. It is an extra 8 lbs. spread evenly and does not pressure major muscles or joints.

Several Titin users enjoy the ability to heat and/or freeze gel inserts like the one featured in the attached photograph. Mark Cuban said on Shark Tank that he was cautious about the “science” underlying Titin, but Daymond John took a bit of CrossFit. (500k dollars for 20 percent.)

There is a constant demand from athletes for faster, stronger, and lighter ways to enter the weighted force system of Titin. Titin Tech creates weighted shirts and shorts, especially for athletes who add extra strength during exercising to boost their strength and aerobic performance, maximizing competitive outcomes.

The hydrogel inserts, made of moisture-wicking tissue, are patented. They are intentionally positioned around the main muscle groups to let zero insert movements while improving muscle growth during exercise.

The gel inserts benefit from being separable to heat or cool them to help heal after exercise. Although there are several forms of compression gear, Titin provides the latest solutions for amateurs and experts, everyday workout enthusiasts, and military and law enforcement officers throughout the country today.

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The Road to Shark Tank

Patrick Whaley was not happy with his slender build as a young man and started putting weight on his backpack in elementary school in the shape of books to attain strength.

He quickly learned, however, that carrying heavy weights was not the most efficient workout procedure. He continued creating the idea throughout high school because the weight improved against him and resulted in shoulder problems during workouts.

A terrible disaster soon brought Patrick’s vision back to life after taking a break from his academic studies at Georgia Tech to concentrate on his studies.

Patrick was the sufferer of an attempted mugging in May 2009 while migrating to a new apartment in Atlanta. During a war for his attacker’s gun, the bullet penetrated his lungs, passed through his liver, and exited his back.

Fortunately, Patrick’s fortune and youth were on his side, and he survived the potentially deadly wounds, but he confronted a difficult healing process that could span months if not years.

His healing was facilitated by the fact that he had spent so much time inventing his weight-enhanced training shirt. Patrick realized that his shirt was the most useful everyday aid he could utilize to help in his recovery.

Within a year, Patrick completely recovered and was re-inspired to promote his Titin shirt, as he had given a name to it. He started showing it at enterprise conventions all over the country, focussing on earning maximum exposure for his product.

In May 2014, he introduced a Kickstarter effort to raise additional funds. Although he aspired $100,000, he finally raised more than $117,000 with the assistance of more than 500 backers.

The Shark Tank producers met him shortly after the campaign was completed and asked him to appear on the show.

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The Shark Tank Experience

Patrick represented his Titin apparel on Shark Tank Episode 7 Season 6 and asked for an investment of $500,000 in exchange for a 5% stake in the Titin clothing business. He started his pitch with a breakneck description of his brand.

He said that Titin is a patented brand dealing with fitting weighted compression gear systems for human beings.

Patrick highlighted the features of this system which uses gel inserts with a density similar to that of human muscle tissues. He had some promotional materials claiming that the Titin system could deliver 13% boost in vertical leap, 11% endurance, and 3% in running speed. The declaration pissed some Sharks off.

Mark was the first shark to express doubt about it and asked for a description of the science behind the Titin system. Patrick shared some successes of his product among the sportsmen and athletes.

However, Mark could not believe that and requested an elaborate description of how the product worked and not mere anecdotal information. So, Patrick reiterated the pitch putting in elaborations and validities on how the weighted shirt works but this was not sufficient to convince Mark.

Robert appeared inquisitive with the idea and willing to try the weighted shirt. He wanted to know the price of this product. Patrick takes him through the data.

Robert tried the shirt while Patrick informed the panel that he had already made more than $1 million in sales in the past few months. 

He goes further to say that they sell Titin products mainly via online retailers and are targeting to hit $10 million in sales in the recent fiscal year.

This information impressed the sharks but did not convince Mark. He opts out referring to his suspicions on the shirt’s proficiency to tackle performance.

Despite showing interest, Robert feels anxious about the product’s study ambiguity. He too left the deal.

Lori could not wait any more to follow suit. She had zero interest in the product. Despite being friendly to Patrick, she is out too.

Kevin and Daymond are now the two remaining Sharks. Kevin remarked that the sales are on the right rotation and offer $500, 000 for a 15% stake. However, he had unkind words for Patrick referring to his pitch as that of an arrogant ass. The words hurt Patrick but he takes them simply though he does not jump at the offer.

Daymond uses the opportunity and steps up with another proposal. He is willing to offer $500K for 20%. He too has some suspicions about the company’s future. He also offers to deal with the inventory. Patrick withstood the offer and raised his equity to 10% but the two sharks were reluctant to accept it.

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The Shark Deal

Patrick Whaley secured a deal with Daymond John in Shark Tank Season 6 Episode 7 worth $500,000 for 20% of Titin Tech, valuing the company at $2.5 million.

Following Titin’s Shark Tank success in 2015, Whaley and Daymond started to push the company, but things slowly worsened in the following years.

Post-Shark Tank Success

The Titin business was unable to convince the sharks during the show, except for Daymond John. Mark Cuban’s public contempt for Patrick’s product was weighed against his excellent sales results, so investors opted out once Cuban made his opinions public.

Daymond saw past the uneasiness and recognized that investment and inventory management would settle Patrick’s inventory problems. Patrick demonstrated he chose Daymond’s offer because it contained inventory management.

Several high-profile customers have already started using Titin since it was declared on the show, including Paul Millsap of the Atlanta Hawks. The Boston Red Sox’s Dustin Pedroia and the Tokyo Golden Eagles’ Jonny Gomes have also been worthy.

Patrick and Daymond believed that Titin had a bright future. But the brand awareness and sales have grown since the show’s beginning. They are creating a more reasonable model to appeal to the average fitness enthusiast and enter the mass market.

As of now, it is too early to tell whether Titin can revolutionize workouts for us, but the most reasonable Titin system is now priced at $250.

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Is Titin Weighted Shirt Still In Business?

Titin shifted its customer support and marketing to the Empire State Building. They continued with operations. However, a person sued them accusing the duo of forgery but the case was unsuccessful. He had charged them with stealing his technology.

Titin is no longer active in business after Mark told Daymond to stop using Houston Mavericks on their website. Currently, the Titin Tech website is offline. Their social media pages are also dormant.  However, their products are obtainable on Amazon. 

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Titin Shark Tank Update

It has lately been disclosed that Patrick Whaley offered to purchase Titin for $1.1 million in exchange for half of the company’s shares. It turned out that he paid $1.1 million for half of the company’s shares. Whaley approved it, making it one of the most expensive proposals he has ever made on Shark Tank.

After that, the company was doing well. There were multiple customer reviews on their website and even their Instagram account. They sell the stuff at Walmart and Amazon. The product was well accepted, and customers complemented its design and quality.

Amazon users commended the shirts for being great and well made, in addition to how evenly the weight is distributed among the shirts – something that marked the product as distinct from other identical workout clothes.

Many well-known athletes began using weighted shirts, too. Like, Jonny Gomes, Dustin Pedroia, and Paul Millsap.

Titin is no longer a firm. They are not selling compression shirts any more. Patrick Whaley founded Whaley Ventures LLC in January 2016 to start making money from investing in other businesses.

What occurs, then? One of the customers whom Titin was selling the compression gear for was a woman named Sarah Zabian, who declared that the technology they utilized to make the vests was stolen from her.

Patrick Whaley tried to sue Titin (unfortunately), but they never replied to him. He emailed Mark Cuban about the hoax allegations they had filed against him and posted his replies to the email on his website and that is not even all; he emailed President Obama, which is strange, seeing as how he has nothing to do with the product.

Titin Compression Shirts did not beat the case, but it did cause the company to go down, and it also caused their website to be permanently deactivated.

We cannot find any stores that still sell the gel-stuffed compression gear that Titin makes. They are no longer functional on social networking sites and the company’s Instagram account has not been active since 2016.

Patrick Whaley, who founded Titin in 2013, runs a new company called Whaley Ventures LLC. Patrick Whaley is the creator of Whaley Ventures, a new firm he founded in January 2016.

He was General Manager and the Senior Director of Technology at Austin-based business RoyCon Technologies. He worked as an Innovation and Acquisitions Consultant at StrategyWise.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Titin?

The valuation of Titin was $10 million when it came up on Shark Tank. The net worth of Titin is unknown as of 2023 as the company went out of business.


While Titin’s expedition had a powerful beginning with its appearance on Shark Tank, the company encountered a lot of ups and downs after the show. Despite initially being offered an investment by Daymond John, Titin had a lot of struggles. The biggest one of them was a lawsuit about the stolen idea that was brought against the firm.

The lawsuit was won by Titin but they lost their initial velocity, and the company has worked to recreate the success they encountered on Shark Tank. As Titin proceeds to make waves in the market, it leaves a long-lasting legacy as a Shark Tank success story.

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How much does the product cost?

The cost of the Titin compression weight system is $250.

How does Titin: Weighted Shirt help you?

The Titin weighted shirts and shorts enabled fitness enthusiasts, athletes and sportsmen to gain muscles, boost endurance, and increase running speed. 

Why did Titin: Weighted Shirt Shut Down?

In July 2021, Titin’s website and social media pages went offline. The business ceased to operate. Nevertheless, its products are available on Amazon. No particular reason is available for why it shut down its operations.

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