What is Grabify used for? How to Grab someone’s IP address?


If you want to show off your omniscience to your friend or want to figure out whether this Catfish is telling an untruth you about his or her location or for any other reason, it is true that we always have a reason for trying to untangle this piece of information once in a while.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the concept of IP addresses and how they are useful for achieving this feat. We will also introduce you to a tool named Grabify, which usually helps you get the information you require with the help of IP addresses.

So, let’s come to the main topic without further delay.

What do you mean by IP addresses?

If we think simply, we will say that an IP address is a unique ID or number that is assigned to every user of the internet so that they can differentiate them. This special number helps you to know some particular things about the bearer, which “approximate” location happens to be one of them.

The term approximate is emphasized as the provided location can be affected by several factors and might not be accurate.

What do you mean by Grabify?

Grabify is a completely free web-based tool that helps in grabbing IPs or URLs and shortening them. IP grabbing means to get or grab the IP addresses of people. But you should know that Grabify is the only tool that helps you to do so. There are a lot of IP logging sites like this on the internet.

Gravity is preferable because of its simplicity and straight-to-the-point design. If you search on Google you will be able to see how popular it is and how widely it is used.

As per the recent records, it has 66,073,484 IP logs on its database. Also, they have been featured on three different episodes of MTV’s Catfish.

How Will you use Grabify to know Someone’s location?

It is a simple process like sending them a link. Grabify helps to abstract the whole technicalities and provides you with the information you require. If you want to know someone’s location by using Grabify you have to follow the steps that are mentioned below:

  • First, you have to find a link to any interesting topic. You must be sure that your friend or Catfish will not be able to control themselves to visit this link as soon as they receive this.
  • Then you have to move towards Grabify and paste that same link into the box that shows “Enter URL or tracking code”. This will be shown on the homepage.
  • Then you need to click on “Create URL” A pop-up will arise that will ask you whether you have consented to the terms of use or not. You have to click on agree. After creating your URL successfully you will be taken to a new page with a lot of information.

On this new page, you will find a lot of customizations that can be done to your link and you will learn how creative you get might be limited to your knowledge of a few technical stuff about URLs. But we recommend you keep it simple.

The most important things that are to be noted are as follows:

  1. Your new URL: The new URL will look like This would be the link that you will send to the Catfish or a friend. We recommend you change the domain to something else so that the person whom you want to victimize can not know that it is a Grabify link because of its popularity.
  • Your tracking code: A tracking code is a number that you enter to get access to your logs.
  • Your access link: To get to view your logs directly you have to visit this link. You do not need to come back to the homepage to enter your tracking code anytime you want to view your logs. You will be able to copy that also.
  • Smart Logger Feature: Grabify introduced this new feature so that they can give you additional information about your victims. This feature includes information like your target’s device orientation, its charging state, battery percentage, his/her device’s GPU if he/she is accessing the link over a Tor exit node if they’re accessing over a VPN, and a whole lot of cool info. You just have to turn on this feature.

As soon as you have taken the notes of these and are done with your customizations you will be all set to send out your link.

You need to hit up your friend or Catfish with the new link and a couple of descriptions might be attached to it so that they could not help clicking on it.

As soon as you know that they have clicked the link or you have asked them whether they have checked out the link or not, you need to move toward the homepage of Grabify and enter your tracking code. It will be better for you to use the access link that you have already copied so that you can go straight to your logs.

Then you have to see the Results section that has been updated with the real data about the target that has clicked the link. You will find that his or her location is included in it. Then you need to click on more info if you want to see more information about the user. If you want to see more detailed info you must turn on the smart logger.

One thing you should keep in mind is that Grabify keeps track of anyone who clicks on the link, even you.

What are the things you should remember while using Grabify?

While you are using Grabify you have to keep in mind the following things:

  • Catfish signifies a person who has a fishy personality whom you have met online.
  • Grabify is a completely free tool that lives off the donations of several people to whom it is useful. If you have found it useful you may also donate something so that it can run continuously. If you want to donate something you have to go to their homepage and click on the donate button. It takes donations through PayPal. You do not need to worry about security for this.
  • You should keep in mind not to use the information you receive for any dubious purposes. If you still do this you might be out into jail for this.

What can you learn from a tracking link?

A tracking link helps you to get to know a lot of information depending on the device the target uses and the service we use for tracking. A Grabify/link helps you to get a lot of personal details about the device you have targeted, location, OS, and many more sensitive details. If you use this type of link tracker you will be able to get a lot of information that will help you to locate the person in the real world. If you are getting harassed by someone online you may use this to track the person and file a complaint to the police or press legal charges for harassing you.

Grabify can create two types of tracking links, the default being a lightweight and nearly undetachable redirect to a decoy URL. You will find this default option to look and act like a URL shortener. Most people will not notice this.

These links help you to get the IP address, country, browser, operating system, hostname, and internet service provider.

As most people do not recognize this as something to be doubtful that is why it is quite safe to use if you want to get more information. There is a page, so you can learn a lot more details about the user. If you use the advanced tracking you will be able to see the battery level or if the device is plugged in or not. It will be possible for you to see the make and model of the device, the internal network IP address, the time zone, screen size, and even which way the user is holding their device.

How Does Grabify Work?

Grabbify is embedded with a tracker and a logger in the link. When the targeted person clicks on the link the tracker and the grabber both are activated. They start to run in the background and collect information about the device. There are a lot of companies that do the same with us and we do not know about it. That is why a lot of hacktivists aim at privacy policies and laws in several countries.

What are the best Grabify alternatives?

There are a lot of Grabify alternatives available on the internet. Some of them are as follows:

Abstract IP Geolocation

Abstract IP Geolocation

It is the best alternative that is used all over the world for getting accurate lookups. It has come up with a free plan. It allows 500 requests per second and gives data to help geolocate any visitor.

Open Tracker

This is placed on the top of the list as the best Grabify alternative. This tool is completely different from other tools as it utilizes real-time analytics so that you can keep your clients engaged. You will make yourself feel relaxed and watch as it engages your clients. It has come up with a free trial option.

IP Address Locator

IP Address Locator is also a unique tool that can be used for tracing, monitoring, tracking, getting, searching, finding, and checking IP addresses. With the help of this IP Address Locator, you will be able to search IP addresses and find the location of any IP address.


This is an outstanding IP tracker tool that can be used by you very easily to keep monitoring any IP address you want to track. Not only that, but you can also use this tool to detect the location of the IP. Tracking IP addresses has become very easy with this tool. It is supposed to be one of the best IP tracking tools of all. The most interesting thing about this tool is that it not only helps you to track IP but also it helps you to detect the location of the IP address.

IP Address Info

This best Grabify alternative, IP Address Info will help you to get to know your private as well as public IP address. It is one of the best tools that can be used if you want to secure, optimize, and analyze internet connectivity.


Is it legal to use Grabify?

Yes, it is completely legal to use Grabify until you do not misuse the information. In several countries depending on the privacy laws, it might be illegal to do so. You should check this yourself.

Can I contact Customer Care?

Grabify has a lot of staff members for the registered accounts so you can get assistance from them. You may contact them at any time if you have any queries regarding support-related issues.

What do you mean by smart logger?

Smart logger is a new feature that helps the user log items such as battery level if the device is charging, screen orientation, device orientation, and a lot more that are about to come.

To Sum Up

If you want to find someone’s IP with the link, the Grabify IP logger will be the best choice for you. But you must be very careful while you are using this Grabbify link to track someone’s private details. The details should not be used for any suspicious activities. Otherwise, you may face legal issues and even be put into jail. Also, there are a lot of Grabify alternatives. We have tried to provide all you need to know about Grabify and how to use it. We hope that this guide will be very helpful for you if you want to know someone’s details. So, you must go through this article once and check the process.

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