It is true that a good spray tan is going to cost you more than sitting in the tan buy; it is also going to cost you much more less in terms of the potential sun damage. The sun can damage your skin, and it can also lead to sun diseases. Sitting more in the sun can also lead to dark spots, premature aging, and can even cause skin cancer. But if we talk about the spray tanning in Oklahoma city, it is going to offer you one of the safest and the sunless glows. But when you are going for the spray tanning, you have to make sure that it lasts for a long time. For that, you need to take care of certain things before you are actually going for spray tanning. These things are going to make sure that the tanning lasts for a long time and also evenly on your body. These are the things that you must do before your appointment.

Here are the things to avoid before spray tanning in Oklahoma City:

Avoid taking a hot shower:

It is very true that a hot shower might make you feel a little relaxed. You have to avoid taking the hot showers as it may open your pores and the spray tan is going to settle in your skin very unevenly. If you do not avoid the hot shower before your appointment, then it is going to leave brown dots in your body. You won’t get the look that you were hoping for. If you need to shower before going to the appointment, then you need to have the shower with the cold water so that your pores can be closed. If it is impossible for you to take a cold shower, then you can also take an ice cube and rub it all over your skin so that it can tighten your pores.

Do not use a self-tanner:

You have to resist the temptation to use the self-tanner even though you are used to that bronzed look. These things are going to make the spray tan look very uneven as well as patchy as it starts fading away. So stop using the self-tanner and save it for after your spray tan in OKC. You can easily use the self-tanner after the few days of your spray tanning session. With this, you can be sure that the tan is going to be there on your skin for a longer period.

Do not wax or shave:

It can be the case that the wax or shaving might be a regular part of your routine for grooming, but you have to avoid it. It must be done at least 24 hours before the tanning session. And if you avoid it before the session and want to do it after the session, then you need to wait for at least one to two days.

You have to avoid the waxing before the session of spray tanning in Oklahoma City because it is possible that there might be some wax cream leftover on your skin. If not properly removed, it can leave your skin with the dark spots. The heat from the wax is also going to open the skin pores which is going to give you a patchy tan. There is a risk of irritation or rashes on the skin. The irritation can mean that there is an uneven color of tan on your skin. So avoid it before leaving for a tanning session.

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