Visit the Great Wall of China is one dream that most of us have. This iconic structure of Beijing is truly marvelous. But it must be noted that it is not possible to check out all the sections of the wall in a single day. If you want to visit each and every section of the wall then you will have to spend months together on the wall. This is not possible. So here are some top tour options that you can consider.


The Jinshanling Great Wall tour:

In this part of the wall, you will get to see the maximum number of watchtowers. These are built from huge bricks. The best part is that every watchtower has a different architecture. In this section, you will also find stones for shooting arrows. You will also find holes in the wall for pelting stones on the enemies. You will also find crib walls, barrier walls, and blockhouses in this section of the wall of your Great wall tour. While trekking in this section of the wall you will come across some splendid mountain views.

Gubeikou Great Wall tour:

This part of the wall is in Miyun County. When you take the Great wall tour in this section of the wall you will realize that there are two parts of the wall. One was built in the Ming dynasty. The other part of the wall was built by the Beiqi dynasty. You will find that most of the original parts of the wall are intact here.

Trek from Jiankou to Mutianyu:

In this trek, you get to visit two very different sections of the wall. The Jiankou is a steep section of the wall but this is also one of the best places from where you get to see the amazing surrounding beauty. The Mutianyu is a well-restored portion of the wall and you can actually spend quality time in this section of the wall.

Visit only the Mutianyu section of the wall:

This is the best preserved and well-maintained section of the wall. If you want to visit the wall along with family and kids then you must come to this part of the wall as it is one of the safest sections of the wall.

Watch to rising sun at the Great Wall of China:

If you want to catch the beauty of the Great wall with sunrise in the backdrop then you have to opt for this tour. Here you will reach the portion of the wall just at the time of sunrise and you can see the glory of the rising sun from the Great Wall of China.

Multiple days treks:

If you can spend some more time in Beijing then you have a chance to see different sections of the wall. You can select from 3 day or 4-day trekking trips on the Great Wall of China. This trek will take you to more than two sections of the wall.

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