Pooch Selfie networth

Pooch Selfie Networth After Shark Tank


Be Ready To Click The Perfect Pooch Selfie

A pooch selfie is nothing but a pet accessory that enables you to take better photos. The flexible clip of the Pooch Selfie makes it perfect for use with different devices along with tablets, smartphones, and third-party cases.

You do not need to remove the tool for using the front and back-facing cameras. You may also click images in vertical or horizontal directions.

In case you have left it unattached with the ball attached you have to discover Fifi to obtain your phone back. The most appropriate thing you may do is provide her with a smartphone to play with but that is not sufficient.

Jason created Clever Dog Products LLC. He is the CEO of the company. The Pooch Selfie is the demo of what he has in stock for us.

A lot of products like this are going to be introduced very soon. Policy Selfie became very successful from the date of beginning in January 2016. You may buy this product now from Amazon.com and Chewy.com also. The product is also available at various retailers like Ace Hardware and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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What Is a Pooch Selfie?

Pooch Selfie is nothing but a smartphone device that enables you to click the perfect photos of yourself as well as your dog. You may click photos of your dog while they watch the squeaking tennis ball on the Pooch Selfie phone clip which grabs the attention of the dog.

Policy Selfie is a kind of smartphone attachment that allows the users to take the perfect selfie with the dog.

This phone attachment comes up with a squeaky tennis ball that grabs the attention of a dog and directs its eye straight at the camera phone so that the users may click pictures.

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Who Is The Founder Of Pooch Selfie?

Pooch Selfie was set up by Jason Hernandez. He has created a smartphone device that creates snapping crisp and concentrated pictures of you and your nearest friends that can be easily attached to any smartphone or tablet.

The Pooch Selfie Squeaky ball is connected with a black clip to the device. It is safe but you may also remove it whoever you desire Bruno to see it when you squeak it.

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What Occurred to Pooch Selfie Before Shark Tank?

Pooch Selfie was launched for the first time in 2014. Jason Hernandez came up with the idea as soon as he observed how hard it was for his wife to get their dig Logan to look at the camera at the time of clicking pictures. Jason was a lifelong animal lover.

To assist her, he jumped in with a tennis ball which instantly grabbed the interest of the dog. His wife became successful and was able to click an Instagram-worthy selfie with their dog Logan. After that Jason started to think what would happen if he was not there to help her.

That is why he started to work. Do you know what the outcome was? He managed to create a device for smartphones that let dog owners click better selfies with their pets.

The Pooch Selfie was nothing but a clip that enables you to connect a noisy ball to your smartphone so that at the time of trying to take a selfie with your pup you may grab his attention to look at the camera.

Jason officially introduced the company under his brand name in 2014 after designing the product. He uploaded his project to Kickstarter in 2015 to turn it into reality.

He managed to accumulate $40,000 with the help of other pet owners. The amount was seven times greater than his initial target.

As a result, he gave birth to Pooch Selfie. He was not only able to produce the product but also he was capable of creating a professional promotion for it.

After three years of developing this business, the founder chose to appear on ABC’s Shark Tank. He knows that if by any chance he becomes successful he will be able to work together with some of the most prosperous businesses of the nation.

After preparing a pitch, Jason followed an open casting call and cast for the 10th season of the Shark Tank Show. The Pooch Selfie shark tank episode was aired thereafter on 17th March 2019.

Jason loves his pets and is frequently posing to click selfies with them. But the dogs are notoriously hard to pose for photos. This is the fact that led him to create Pooch Selfie. He invested $39,897 on Kickstarter in 2015 to start the manufacturing of this product.

After the Kickstarter campaign, Jason did a professional advertisement and the product is currently available in various places like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon.

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What happened to Pooch Selfie on  Shark Tank?

Jason Hernandez came up on Shark Tank intending to get an investment of $100,000 in return for a 20% share in his business.

Jason started to pitch by telling the Sharks that he is a pet lover and he loves to take pictures with his dog. He also informed the sharks that he had to take a minimum of ten photographs to get a perfect one as his dog always moved his head away from the camera.

He displayed different selfies clicked with Logan on the Screen at the time of giving his presentation. After realizing that he is not the only pet lover who is facing this issue, he tried to make a solution which led him to create Pooch Selfie. The camera highlights the product as soon as Jason tells it about it.

Jason told the sharks that his wife would explain how the Pooch Selfie works with their pup, Logan, as soon as he realized that the sharks wanted to notice it in action.

A few sharks were impressed after learning the concept when Jason displayed the images of happy customers clicking selfies with the tool.

He also says that we may use Pooch Selfie for portraits besides selfies. Jason then asked who wanted to help him in changing the way we click photos and selfies with our furry kids.

Lori then inquired whether they will get samples or not. Jason replied positively. As soon as his wife and Logan dealer the stage to play ball he quickly moves toward the Sharks and clicks a pooch Selfie with everyone.

The sharks check the product with their hands for a few seconds before Kevin asks Jason the amount of Pooch Selfies he had managed to sell to date. Jason replied that the company has managed to generate $380,000 in revenue to date.

After hearing this the sharks were impressed and asked Jason about the price of the product. Jason told them that the selling price of the product is $9.99.

After that, Kavib asked Jason about the manufacturing cost of the product. Jason replied that it requires $1.30 to manufacture a pooch Selfie. To satisfy the sharks, Jason said that the price includes the expense of packaging also.

Lori then asks Jason how many units he has managed to sell to date. Jason said he did not remember the units but he may get those numbers if Lori wants.

The guest shark, Matt Higgins told Jason to take a deep breath to gather his thoughts. Jason does so and then declares with pride that he has managed to sell 25,000 units to date.

To give response to Lori’s inquiry, Jason says that he is working alone on the product. He said that everything he is displaying in front of the sharks is completely his effort.

Kevin said that anyone can easily imitate this product within a few seconds. Jason nods his head but informs the sharks that he retains a United States utility patent for the innovation.

After that, Kevin asked Jason how they are selling their products.  Jason replied that 74% of their sales arrive from their online store which is operated by him only.

Kevin asked whether Jason has requested any pet retailers about the product. Jason said yes and also said that their product is available currently at his best retailer which is Bed Bath & Beyond.

Due to this, Bed Bath And Beyond had to cut down the prices. He also said that they have offered the product to different stores but they are slow in sales as the product is distinct from conventional dog toys and to use this product it is important to have a little education.

Matt then moved the subject and asked Jason about his past. He told the sharks that he pursued his education in mechanical engineering at school and used his proficiency to design this product which was refined before mass production.

He told the sharks that he went to China to come across the shoulder and work with them to get the genuine components of the product. Jason told Mark that he had made an investment of $18,000 from his own money in the company so far and he has no loans or debts.

Jason nodded his head as soon as he was asked whether he works in the company full-time currently. He said that it is no doubt his ideal job but the Pooch selfie revenue was not adequate to sustain himself as well as his family.

That is why he has not left his day job as an electrical salesman. Day and asked Jason how he would use the $100,000. Jason replied that he wanted to rebuild the product as it is not compatible with a lot of the latest devices.

Moreover, he would use the investment for their follow-up product which uses the same precept but sets a treat at the top to grab the attention of a dog.

Matt asked Jason whether he has any remaining stock. Jason replied that he still has 18000 units of the original Pooch Selfie. The sharks then asked why he is not selling those units to gather funds for his business in place of taking help from an investor.

Jason said he is not selling the product, rather he is saving it. Daymond becomes utterly distressed and starts to discuss his dogs. He said that one of his pups has died recently and he has no decent photographs of him. He then decided to invest $100,000 in the comment in exchange for a 33.3% share in the business.

No other sharks were ready to invest in the company. That is why Jason accepted Daymond’s proposal finally. So, at last, Daymond was ready to invest $100,000 in return for a 33.3% share in the company, Pooch Selfie.

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What Happened To Pooch Selfie After Shark Tank?

Pooch Selfie after Shark Tank gets outstanding reviews. The company was selling well after Shark Tank, particularly during the time of holidays. Pooch Selfie is the best gift for a person who loves dogs. The selling price of a pooch selfie is only $9.99.

Pooch Selfie experienced a huge growth in sales after appearing on the Shark Tank show. We do not know whether the deal with Daymond was properly conducted finally or not. You may buy the product now virtually from anywhere.

The product is now available to different retailers like Chewy, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Grommet, Amazon, and many more. A lot of people thought that Amazon went out of business as soon as the product became unavailable on the website.

However, the retailer has now refilled it. As of 2022, you may still access the official website of the company online. You may also buy products from the website.

The price of a single pack is $12.99 and the price of double packs is $25.98. There is a pink version of the accessory which you may purchase from the organization. 

There is a rumor that Jason is not associated with the company anymore. As per his Linkedin profile, we have come to know that Jason resigned from the firm in January 2022 when he was not appointed there anymore.

But the product is still available for purchase. That is why we may say that he has sold the firm to someone. But we do not know to whom he has sold it. But the social media accounts related to the company are still being used actively.

Jason shared his opinions about the loss of Logan in a post on Instagram a few weeks ago. Moreover, the company has an official Facebook page though it has not been updated since 2021.

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Pooch Selfie Shark Tank Update

We have not got any information about Pooch Selfie updates about the deal between Daymond John and Pooch Selfie. The product is currently obtainable everywhere like Amazon, Chewy, The Grommet, Bed Bath and Beyond, and many more.

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The product, Pooch Selfie has come up as a blessing for pet lovers. With the help of this product taking snaps with dogs has become easier. We hope that the company will grow more in the upcoming days.


What Is The Net Worth Of Pooch Selfie?

When the company came up on Shark Tank, Ploch Selfie’s worth was $500,000. Pooch Selfie’s net worth in 2022 is $500,000.

Who is Pooch Selfie For?

Pooch Selfie is an outstanding solution for pet parents and pet lovers who love to click photos of their pets. This is also a good product for vloggers and influencers who have to strive a lot to take the perfect snap with their pets and this product makes their job easy.

Is Pooch Selfie Still In Business?

As of 08/2023, Pooch Selfie is still doing business actively.

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