Handy Pan NetWorth After Shark Tank

Handy Pan NetWorth After Shark Tank


Handy Pan is a stainless steel cooking product. You will not be able to know what it is until you see it. Handy Pan is a non-stick pan that comes with an in-built strainer to make it convenient for users. Adam Chaudry and Josh Conway have been friends since childhood. They invented the product.

Josh and Adam, the co-founders of Handy Pan appeared on Shark Tank season 13 episode 21. They gave an outstanding business pitch for funding Shark Tank. They were able to secure a deal from one of the sharks, Lori Grenier.

In this article, we are going to cover the net worth of the handy pan and a variety of topics related to the Handy Pan.

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What Is The HandyPan?

The Handy Pan is one of the most popular stainless steel cooking tools which helps to remove unwanted liquids from pan food etc.

When we prepare some street food we often want to extract the oil from the same food but at the time of extracting the oil, some food also comes out.

Handy Pan is an all-in-one solution to this problem. If you use this kitchen tool you will be able to easily extract the liquids like oil, etc from the food.

The founders have used the best quality ceramic and stainless steel to make this pan and you will be able to clean this tool very easily.

This tool comes up with a pool of unique features which will enable you to cook a good meal. The price of the product is $29.99.

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What are the features and uses of Handy Pan?

Handy Pan NetWorth After Shark Tank

The features and uses of Handy Pan are as follows:

Retractable strainer

The Handy Pan is made by using the best quality stainless steel. There is an in-built strainer in this kitchen tool which provides outstanding durability and efficiency.

The Handy Pan with strainer comes up with a user-friendly design. You will be able to easily retract the strainer when you will not use it. So, you will have a great cooking experience.

If you use a Handy Pan you will be able to cook various dishes at once and for this, you do not need to use multiple pots or pans. This is a versatile kitchen tool. You will be able to save your time and effort in the kitchen and make your cooking process more pleasing and smoother due to this special feature of Handy Pan.

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Non-stick ceramic exterior

The product comes up with a non-stick ceramic exterior. So, you do not need to worry about the hassle of stuck food and burnt residue on your pan. You will be able to release food easily due to this advanced ceramic coating. You will be able to cook and clean it easily.

Besides this, if you cook in this kitchen tool you do not need to use excessive oil or fats. So, it helps to create healthy eating habits. With this tool, you will be able to enjoy perfectly cooked meals and clean up the non-stick ceramic surface effortlessly.

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Lightweight aluminium alloy

It is a lightweight product. So, you will be able to easily handle this tool at the time of making food. This is a perfect tool if you are going to prepare some delicate dishes that need precise movements.

Moreover, the outstanding heat distribution properties of the aluminium alloy help to cook your food smoothly. If you use this tool you do not need to worry about burnt or over-cooked meals.

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Eco-friendly materials

The Handy Pan is an outstanding sustainable product that is a safe substitute for conventional plastic items.

The product is prepared by using sustainable resources. The founders have not used any harmful chemicals like PFAS or PFOA to make this product.

If you opt for this environment-friendly tool for your household you will be able to give your upcoming generation a cleaner and safer environment.

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Stainless steel bottom

The pan comes up with a stainless steel bottom which makes it durable and enhances its longevity. The founders have used high-quality stainless steel to make this product which enables the pan to resist anything.

Moreover, it can be used to cook anything on induction.

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Ergonomic handle

The handle of this kitchenware is made from the best quality phenolic resin which makes it durable as well as a convenient grip.

The ergonomic design of this tool helps to offer the utmost comfort and functionality.  It reduces the stress on your hand and wrist even when you use it for a long time.

This feature enables you to work for hours without feeling uncomfortable or exhausted. So, you will be able to do your work easily and efficiently.

The ergonomic handle improves the overall performance and usability of the Handy Pan. That is why it has become a must-have tool for any professional.

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Heat-proof button

There is a durable and heat-proof button on the retractable strainer so that the strainer remains properly in place when you use it, no matter whether it is exposed to high temperatures.

Moreover, due to the heat-proof button, there is rarely any chance of slipping or falling off the strainer at the time of using it. So, it reduces the chances of spills or accidents.

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Who is the inventor of the Handy Pan?

Adam Chaudry and Josh Coway, the two childhood pals, are the founders of the Handy Pan.

Adam Chaudry is the co-founder and principal managing partner of Handy Pan. Handy Pan is a product of Chauway Enterprises. Chaudway Enterprises was introduced in April 2015.

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A short history of the founders of Handy Pan

Adam Chaudry and Josh Conway studied in grade school in Ohio, United States. Since then they are good friends.

Josh always prefers to keep his educational background secret but we have come to know that his partner, Adam Chaudry has pursued business administration at Ohio State University.

After that, Chaudry was admitted to Capital University Law School. He completed his graduation in 2012. After that, he started to serve as the lead attorney and litigator at Chaudry Law. He specialized in criminal defence and civil rights.

In 2015, he contacted his old friend, Conway to become a partner in Chaudway Enterprises where they produced digital and physical products. Before becoming a partner of Adam Chaudry, Josh was serving as a general manager at a tech company.

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Handy Pan Worth

The Handy Pan is a very popular kitchenware. It is a non-stick pan with an integrated strainer. Adam Chaudru and Josh Conway who were friends since childhood came up with the idea of making this product. One of the sharks, Lori Grenier decided to invest in the business. The Handy Pan value in 2023 is going to be $250,000.

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How was Handy Pan established?

The two men came up with the idea of a non-stick pan at the time arguing about the qualities of a napkin. They finally thought of adding a strainer to the product to give it a unique twist. They launched an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign so that they could turn their concept into reality.

Adam and Josh became partners of Priority Designs which was a consulting company. This company helped them to launch their product in 2019 because they had not left the concept. As soon as the pan was introduced people were welcoming it gladly and soon it started to grab the attention of people. However, the designers only invested $550 on advertising as they did not have any idea about online product promotion. As a result, they gained a paltry $7,900.

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What occurred to Handy Pan on  Shark Tank?

The founders of Handy Pan, Adam Chaudry and Josh Conway took part in Shark Tank season 13 in 2022 to settle their advertising problems. They appealed to the sharks to invest $10000 in exchange for a 20% stage of their startup business. The amount they asked for was ridiculously very low.

Robert Herjavec asked them why they were only asking for $10,000. The two replied that they were not motivated by economic profit.

They just want a shark who will help them to expand the audience of their product. Lori Grenier was extremely eager to invest in the business. But the other sharks withdrew themselves one by one. Lori Grenier decided to invest in the business as she had nothing to lose.

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What occurred to the Handy Pan after the Shark Tank?

As soon as the handy pan shark tank episode was aired on television, they went out of stock totally within a short time. The founders were not ready for such a high level of demand.

Handy pan sales have increased so much that the inventors of the product are now having issues keeping up with demand. But we do not know whether the deal with Lori Grenier was ever closed or not.

After the show when the sharks undertake due perseverance on the business a lot of deals fail. Sometimes the entrepreneurs choose to refrain from transferring stake and rather go for publicity. You may now buy the pan only on the official website of the company that is BuyHandyPan.com.

The product is soon going to be available on major e-commerce sites like Amazon. Most of the customers of Handy Pan have given positive Handy Pan reviews after using the product.

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Is Handy Pan Still In Business?

Currently, the Handy Pan brand that comes under Chaudway Enterprises is running very well. Handy Pan is no doubt a very unique product but the big brands available in the market may easily duplicate the product. So, we do not find the long-term rhythm of the product. So, as of 2023, Handy Pan is still in business.

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Handy Pan Shark Tank’s net worth

After coming up on Shark Tank, Handy Pan has gained huge success and growth. As per the reports of online sources, Handy Pan’s net worth is nearly $250,000. When the product was released in 2019, the founders were able to generate only $7900 in sales. But Handy Pan after Shark Tank went out of stock due to excessive sales. The founders of the product earn a good amount of money from the business but they have not published any revenue details yet. As of 2022, the founders of Handy Pan, Josh Conway and Adam Chaudry have a net worth of 10,000 USD.

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Handy Pan Shark Tank Update

The founders of Handy Pan pitched a handy pan on Shark Tank and appealed to the sharks to invest only $10,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in their business. The duo had received less than $10,000 from the sales at that time and they were willing to grow their business into a retail status.

The other sharks were checking the product.  At that time Ribety asked them why they were asking for such a small amount. Barbara was eager to know why the product was able to make only a small revenue of $7,900. Josh replied that they had sold only a small number of products. Josh also shared with the sharks that they tried online selling but that did not work.

Finally, Lori Grenier decided to give what the duo asked $10,000 in return for a 20% share.

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Who are the competitors of Handy Pan?

The competitors of Handy Pan are:

  • Zwilling Madura Plus Nonstick Skillet
  • Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Skillet
  • All-Clad D3 Stainless-Steel Fry Pan

But they are different from Handy Pan because the products are very costly. That is why Handy Pan has always been the best choice for customers as it offers unique features and the best price guarantee.

Handy Pan Shark Tank: where to buy?

Handy Pan is now available for purchase on its official website only. However, the company has declared that they are going to make the product available on major online e-commerce platforms like Amazon.


Handy Pan has become a household product after its debut on Shark Tank. The product is still doing very well in the market. The victory of Handy Pan is an apt example to show that one can create a successful enterprise with dedication and persistence towards creative concepts.

Though the founders encountered a lot of challenges and setbacks at the time of creating their product they were committed to its success. Their significant success stories proved that anything is possible for businessmen who have education and innovation.

It requires advice from experienced consultants and investors to bring a product successfully to the market. The company is developing its product line. So, we can say that the company will be more successful shortly.


Did Handy Pan manage to become successful?

Yes, Handy Pan was able to become successful. It has a net worth of nearly $250,000. The company is very active and still in business.

Is the Handy Pan non-stick?

Yes, the handy Pan is non-stick. The non-stick property is nothing but a special coating that enables the users to remove food easily without any remains left behind. 
As the product is non-stick, the cooking, as well as cleaning processes have become easier and more convenient. Moreover, you will require less oil or butter if you cook food in this non-stick pan.

What is a handy pan made of?

Handy Pan is made of high-quality aluminium material which makes the product durable and lightweight.

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