What Happened to Magic Moments After Shark Tank

What Happened to Magic Moments After Shark Tank?


Was Magic Moments Able To Get A Deal On Shark Tank? 

Are you a fan of Shark Tank? If yes, you must be familiar with Magic Moments. Trevor George, Sanford Nelson, and Blake George pitched their unique creation on the Shark Tank show and grabbed the eyes of the sharks within no time. 

With the help of the smartphone app, people can take their smartphone pictures and turn them into different products like tee shirts, smartphone cases, mugs,  and so on.

But do you know what occurred to Magic Moments on Shark Tank?  Was it able to become a household name or remained in obscurity? 

In this article, we are going to put some light on what happened to Magic Moments after Shark Tank.  So,  without further ado let’s start.

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A Short Note On Magic Moments

The popularity of smartphones has risen incredibly nowadays. People are now capable of clicking pictures and videos that they own the licensing for.

So,  you already have an idea of how to do it but your day would be far better if you could attach all these outstanding photos with some trendy clothes. 

During college days we saw that to take pictures we needed to have an expensive camera or film developer kit on top of whatever else was required at home – developing cartridges were always running low as they did not last long.

But nowadays most people have a smartphone in their hands which lets them do everything like playing music,  taking good shots,  and many more. 

But do you know what is the most convenient way to get your photos off of your mobile and onto a shirt without compromising the quality or breaking any copyright rules? 

Magic Moments is the ultimate solution to do so. It is nothing but a service that enables you to bring your favourite memories into reality.

Magic Moments is an innovative app that lets you take the best photo and turn it into anything of your choice such as t-shirts, dog bowls, etc.

It has an official marketplace for sale. So,  you can earn money by selling these items for which you do not need to spend a single penny.

This is an ideal way to display your personality and earn some additional income. There is a scope for a career also: you may discover a new photography career.

The social marketplace, Magic Moments provides you the opportunity to submit your pictures and videos too. You can earn a 5% commission anytime when anyone purchases and uses one of the photos. 

All these have been possible due to the partnership with CafePress which has taken the responsibility of all three works: making, sending out shipping products to consumers on behalf of the user, as well as printing up shirts or other things as per these designs. 

In case you love to take pictures this will be the best way for you to earn some additional revenue. And in case you do not love to take pictures you may still browse through the marketplace and discover some outstanding photos taken by others.

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How Will You Use The Magic Moments App? 

After knowing the details about Magic Moments, you must be wondering how to use the Magic Moments appYou may use this app by following the simple steps given below: 

  • First, you need to download the Magic Moments app and create an account. 
  • Then you need to take a photo of anything you wish to turn into a product. You may choose anything from a landscape to a close-up of your dog.
  • Next, you need to upload the photo to the app and choose what type of product you wish to create. You may choose anything from a phone case to a canvas bag.
  • After that, you need to choose the size and colour of the product. 
  • Then you need to select a design for your product. You may pick any one design that is available in the app or you may even create a personalized design with the photo. 
  • Then you need to customize your product. You may add text, change the colour or even add a logo for customization.
  • Finally, you need to place an order for your product and wait for it until it arrives.

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Who Is The Founder Of Magic Moments? 

Magic Moments is indeed an innovative app that allows users to capture their favourite moments and share them in life and make money at the same time. 

Trevor George, Sanford Nelson, and Blake George are the person who came up with the unique idea of creating Magic Moments.

There are a lot of businesses that are using the name Magic Moments but they lack one remarkable aspect. The Magic Moments app is the only one that can have this .com domain name as it is unique to them.

Trevor George is an on-demand printing specialist and digital marketer. On the other hand,  Blake George is an MBA and former proprietor of a digital development business.  Sanford Nelson is the roommate of Trevor George’s University of Michigan and a former investment banker. 

The three entrepreneurs developed their businesses with the assistance of digital giant CafePress. The app not only enables the users to construct and design items for personal use but also allows them to sell their creations on the Magic Moments marketplace and earn a certain amount of commission on sales.

CafePress started to work with Magic Moments in November 2012. This is a genuine partnership. By having CafePress on board the company has got some additional respect and it has had a positive impact on the company.

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What Occurred to Magic Moments Before Shark Tank? 

Have you ever imagined being capable of taking a picture that you own the licence to and putting it on a mug or a t-shirt? Yes, you can do that.  But do you know you can do that by using your smartphone?

Magic Moments allows the users to take the photos that they cluck and place them onto any number of products. The app also allows users to sell those products on the official marketplace of Magic Moments. The most interesting thing about the app is that the app enables you to get a certain percentage of commission whenever anyone buys your product. You do not need to spend your money on this.

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Did Magic Moments Get a Deal on Shark Tank?

A lot of people click photos on their mobile phones every day. Magic Moments lets you take these photos and create customized products straight from your mobile.

The main distinction is that Magic Moments allows you to create these products on the go. You do not need to depend on the business of a digital camera or hooking it up to your desktop, uploading the photo to your computer and then editing that for a product. 

Magic Moments is the only app that also allows for money to be created for a product that you may have personalized. After creating a product you will be able to share it, keep it for yourself, or even sell it and make money in the Magic Moments marketplace. 

Do you know how it works? You just need to take a photo and upload it to the Magic Moments app, add a product,  customize the product and after the customization you need to wait until the product arrives directly to you. 

Magic Moments provides various types of products like t-shirts, iPhone cases, mugs, mouse pads, coasters, canvas bags, and hundreds of other products. There are a lot of phone apps that allow the users to create a t-shirt or something like that but there is no app that enables you to sell the products. 

Kevin asked the founders whether there was any proof that this would work, could they get people interested in Magic Moments and using the app?  Kevin also showed his concerns about the legality of copyright.

In reply,  Trevor ascertained to Kevin that the interest was out there and while there were no solid numbers out there the interest certainly existed.

Robert inquired about the clarification of the procedure saying if he wanted to take a picture of fellow shark Lori and put it in a coffee cup, could he also put it up on the Magic Moments site and allow others to purchase the same product? 

Trevor replied that there were a lot of photographers who liked to take pictures with their smartphones or similar mobile devices. Everyone seems to be a photographer nowadays. 

Following Kevin’s lead, Daymond said that if he wanted to take pictures of a family would not there be a challenge on the market?  The founders tried with intellectual property, copyright violation, and using images of others for commerce, nevertheless, they had managed to make a unique relationship with a public company named CafePress.

CafePress is generally the back-end manufacturer with Magic Moments and comes with worldwide distribution and every picture that a user would take, whether for selling or buying, was passed through the legal team of Cafepress who approve or deny them as per the set conditions. 

Lori asked about the prediction of who would utilize the marketplace to sell their item, and who did that feature appeal to. In reply, Trevor said that there was a customized side like for weddings, and digs.

Robert still did not understand how the process worked, inquiring who would purchase a mug if he put a picture of his dog on the mug. Trevor replied that nobody would purchase it as there was scenery and other amazing products. 

At this time, Mark asked why the consumer would not just go for  CafePress. Trevor said that Magic Moments was the official mobile app of CafePress and to secure an exclusive deal with CafePress Magic Moments had to make a licensing agreement. It is the mobile arm of CafePress.

Day one inquired about the sales and the founders replied that there were no sales,  they were pre-revenue. Kevin asked whether CafePress was taking money in the form of royalties or whether it was a straight equity deal.

Trevor replied that it was a royalty deal. Mark asked why CafePress would make an exclusive deal with Magic Moments. Trevor said it was the only technology that existed then. They just needed to take the technology and map it into the systems of CafePress.

Robert asked about the technology if the all and Blake answered that the uniqueness of the technology was that anybody could create and purchase anything from their phone.

Daymond showed his concerns about the valuation of the company as they asked for $500,000 for a 15% stake in the business which is equal to a $3.33 million valuation but the company had not made any sales.

Kevin left the deal. Kevin mocked Sanford when he told the sharks that they might misjudge the poser if the little device that was in the pocket and it could connect with hundreds of people all over the world. It could be the next biggest content creation tool.

Mark also left the deal as he was not happy with the product. Daymond said that until they had proof of concept in sales they would be only working off an opinion, not a reality. By saying this he also left the deal. 

Lori wanted to know why someone would purchase something from pictures other people take but she did not get any reply. So, she was out too.

Robert was the last shark but he too chose to leave the deal. So,  finally, the founders of Magic Moments had to leave the Shark Tank show bare-handed. They were not able to secure any deal from any of the sharks. None of the sharks showed interest in their product. So,  they chose not to invest in their business.

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What Happened to Magic Moments After Shark Tank? 

Although the Magic Moments app seems to be functional, the app is not accessible anymore on the iTunes store,  and the social network accounts of the app have not been active any more since 2013. It has gone out of business.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Magic Moments? 

The founders of the company appealed to the Sharks for an investment of $500,000 in exchange for a 15% stake in their business. So,  it is similar to the valuation of $3.3 million. But they are not active in business any more.

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Final Thoughts

Magic Moments was indeed a unique idea.  But it did not become successful. We hope that the Geoge brothers will become successful in their future ventures.  The idea of selling your photos is great but the market for this product is very small.

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Are Magic Moments successful?

No, Magic Moments did not become successful. It is no longer in business. They had a bright future, but after appearing on Shark Tank, the company faced a lot of problems and finally went out of business. 

Is “Magic Moments” Still in Business?

No, Magic Moments is not active in business any more. After the Shark Tank show, the company encountered a lot of problems.  The idea of a marketplace did not become popular. It finally went out of business.

How did they make money? 

Magic Moments enables the users to construct and design objects for their personal use. It also enables them to sell their creations on the marketplace of Magic Moments and earn commissions on sales.

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