What Happened To Morninghead After Shark Tank

What Happened To Morninghead After Shark Tank


Fix Your Hair With Morning Head Quickly

A bad hair day generally begins after getting out of bed.  Max Valverde faced this problem before creating Morninghead

Morninghead is a shower cap that can be used to restyle your hair in the morning quickly. Max represented MorningHead on Shark Tank where he obtained some laughs but not any investment.

As of 2023, Morninghead cap net worth is nearly $200,000.

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A Brief Note On Morning Head

Max Valverde is the inventor of Morning Head. It is a type of shower cap designed to fix your hair before you go to bed. If you want to use the product you need to first fill the container with water, after that you may place the product in your head if you do not have adequate time to wash your hair or take a bath.

People were eagerly looking for a product that would fix hair issues during their busy mornings. This bedhead product is generally called Morning Head Tank. The approximate value of the company is $100,000.

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Who Is The Founder Of Morninghead? 

Max Valverde is the founder of Morninghead. He was born in Park City, Utah and later shifted to Rhode Island to complete his education in mechanical engineering at Brown University. He completed his graduation in 2006  with the world at his feet.

One year after completing his graduation, he was appointed as Manager for International Sales and Engineering at a construction company named Sika EMSEAL. He served in this position for more than six years.

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The Foundation History Of Morninghead

Max is a busy man who has a lot of hobbies. He loved to play basketball or go for a walk after work. After getting home, he took a shower and hit the hay. After waking up he is generally greeted with a messy bedhead.

Valvarde became tired of wetting his hair in the sink and did not want to take a bath again in the morning.

That is why the Boston native introduced a new solution named Morninghead. You do not need to use it in the shower. You may use it on the go by filling it with water and allowing the hair to absorb the wetness.

He started the business in 2012 and within 18 months he managed to make $36,000.

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Morning head: Product Details

  • The cap comes with a design just like a shower cap.
  • The cap is made by using a product that can absorb water.
  • The retail price of the cap is $10.99 on Amazon and $29.99 in Boston’s shops.
  • You may use the product by following three simple steps:  you need to add water inside the cap, you need to put it over your head and massage, and then you need to style your hair as per your choice.
  • The manufacturing cost of the product is $1.19.

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What Happened to Morning Head On The Shark Tank Pitch?

 The producer of Shark Tank came to Max Valverde in 2014 to tell him to take part in Shark Tank. Although he was hesitant at first, he finally agreed to represent his product on the show. 

He came up on Shark Tank season 5 intending to get an investment of $25000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the business.

Max came up on the Shark Takk stage with messy hair and quickly described how it worked. After hearing the name of the product the sharks started to giggle just like school kids. 

Max provided a professional pitch but all the sharks only laughed and mocked his idea. The company has managed to sell 7000 units in more than 42 countries which amazed the sharks but they did not think that it was a reliable business.

The founder asked for only $25000 and the sharks were acting like he asked for half a million. Unfortunately, Max came back home bare-handed.

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What Occurred To Morninghead After Shark Tank? 

Although Max was not able to secure a deal from the sharks, the company is still running. It has been 8 years since the company appeared on Shark Tank, but it is still active in business to date.

Indeed, it has not become extremely successful. It has not become a million-dollar business but it is a small side business that helps to earn some additional money.

Max left this business to become the Chief Commercial Officer at a friend’s startup named FareHarbor. He finally became the CEO when it was acquired by Booking.com in 2018. Molax probably had adequate equity in the FareHarbor to become a millionaire.

Morninghead’s social media is now inactive but the company is still selling its product well without any promotion. The product is only sold through the website of the company and Amazon.

People have given a 3.3-star rating and 370 reviews about this unique shower cap on Amazon. We do not know about the recent sales of the company but the estimated annual revenue of the company is $50,000. The estimated worth of the company is $200,000 now. 

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Advantages Of Morninghead

The advantages of Morning Head are as follows: 

  • The cap has a lot of customers from all over the world.
  • The company has a website.
  • The product is sold on Amazon, their website, and in some mom-and-pop stores all over the world.
  • The product is an ideal accessory for those who wet their hair in the sink, want fast mornings, and take a shower at night before going to bed or who have bad hair for wearing headgear.
  • It is a reusable, affordable and washable product.

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Disadvantages Of Morninghead

The disadvantages of Morninghead are as follows: 

  • The cap requires some funds to improve the design and make it more compact for use.
  • The product can not be used for long hair. Only people with short hair can use this product.

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Did Morning Head Get A Deal On Shark Tank?

The hair expert, Max Valverde came up on Shark Tank intending to get an investment of $25,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the business, Morninghead.

The entrepreneur wanted to demo the product and he got some laughs from the sharks. They found it impressive and interesting when Max told them that he had sold 7000 to date in 42 nations all over the world.

In the last 18 months, he had managed to generate $36,000 worth of sales for the firm. He had done marketing for the product from his website and made some videos on the same on YouTube.

Kevin O’Leary suggested he invent other things in place of focusing on this one. Mark said that he would be interested when Max would introduce a new product. That is why he left the deal.

Barbara knew a solution to the product: a wet cloth. Hence she left the deal. Daymond John trusted Max and the product to be good. He said that he could make money from the product but it was not scalable. Hence he left the deal.

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What Is The Net Worth Of Morning Head?

When the founder pitched Morninghead on Shark Tank, the valuation of the company was $125,000. As of now, the company has a net worth of nearly $100,000. We do not know about the current sales of the company. The product is available for sale on Amazon as well as on the website of the company. The founder is not concerned about the company any more as he has become the CEO of FareHarbor.

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Is Morning Head Still In Business?

Yes, the company is still active in business. Although it did not get any investment from the Shark Tank show it is still going well. It has a customer base from all over the world. 

However, it is true that the business is not scalable and has not become a profitable business. The products of the company are available in stores and online. It does not have a remarkable income. Max has now partnered with a friend and become the CEO of FareHarbor.

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Is Morninghead An Efficient Product?

Customers have praised the Morninghead shower cap a lot as it enables them to get rid of the just-woken-up look within no time. 

It is true that women also face the same hair problems as men when they get out of bed in the morning. But Morning Head caps are especially designed for men.

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Can Morning Head Be Beneficial For Long Hair?

Shower caps like The Morning Head are only available in one size. Those who have long hair would not find the product useful.

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Morning Head cap or shower cap that has an extremely insulation interior. Morninghead shower caps are specially designed to fit over your head and prevent you from any mess or Bedheads. In 2021, Morninghead had a net worth of $100,000.


What is Morning Head?

Morning Head is a shower cap-like product that makes the bad hair straight. 

Who is the founder of Morning Head?

Max Valverde is the founder of Morning Head.

Did it get a deal on Shark Tank? 

No, it did not get a deal on Shark Tank.

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