Just The Cheese NetWorth After Shark Tank

Just The Cheese NetWorth After Shark Tank


Just the Cheese is a company that is popular for making cheese snacks. David Scharfman set up this company in 2012. The company produces the Just the Cheese bars by using 100% natural cheese. They are rich in protein and calcium. You will get Just the Cheese snacks in four distinct flavours: original, sharp cheddar, jalapeno, and pepper Jack.

David Scharfman, the founder of Just the Cheese, makes a line of all-natural and baked cheese snacks. The founder of the company came up on Shark Tank in 2020 and asked the sharks to invest $500,000 in return for a 5% share in the company.

But unfortunately, the founder was not able to secure any deal from the sharks. Still, Just the Cheese company kept growing and the products of the company are currently available in more than 3,500 stores all across the country.

So, now the question is what is Just the Cheese exactly? There is no doubt that it is Cheese but it is not just any cheese. The company gets its award-winning cheddar cheese from small family farms in Wisconsin.

After that, the company shredded and baked them into bite-sized snacks which contain high amounts of protein but low amounts of carbs.

Let’s learn about Just the Cheese’s net worth in detail.

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What is Just The Cheese?

What is Just The Cheese

Just The Cheese is an outstanding snack bar for people who want to lose weight or retain weight because it will give you a feeling of complete satisfaction between meals. People who are searching for a healthy, rich in protein snack bar which contains low amounts of carbs may choose Just the Cheese bar without a second thought.

The name, Just the Cheese implies that it is a cheese product that is prepared only by using natural ingredients. Cheese lovers prefer to have a Just the Cheese snack bar very much. Just the Cheese is a very good strategy for conveying one’s love for cheese.

Just the Cheese contains a very low amount of carbohydrates but the company has not compromised with the taste. So, you will get the same crunch and flavour just as you have in other snack bars. Just the Cheese aims to become a perfect snack for ketogenic people.

This is a handmade snack bar that is prepared by using the cheese of Wisconsin which claims to be 100% natural and pure. You will be able to fulfil your taste buds with the help of various flavours of Just the Cheese snack bar like garlic and chive, jalapeno cheese, Wisconsin cheddar, grilled Cheese, and mild cheddar.

Just the cheese is rich in protein. This is also a sugar-free and keto-friendly snack bar that contains minimal amounts of carbohydrates. The product is available in convenient packets. The prices of the snack bars depend on the quantity and size.

Those who are looking to get a tasty, fully-natural, low-carb, high-protein snack that will be capable enough to keep them feeling full and satisfied between meals must choose Just the Cheese without any hesitation.

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Who Is The Inventor Of Just The Cheese?

David Scharfman set up Just the Cheese. But multiple people run the company. David Sachrfman himself, his wife, Connie, and his father, Paul, run the business together.

David came from a cheese-making family in Reeseville, Wisconsin. He wanted to set up a firm that would respond to the requirement of the market for healthy cheesy snacks.

He manufactures cheesy snacks in the cheese factory in Reeseville owned by his family. The cheesy snacks they produce are completely gluten-free and trans-fat-free.

David came up with the idea of making a cheesy snack bar company when he was only 10 years old. But he finally did it after growing up. He was serving as an advisor but to set up his company he left his job.

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A short history about the founder of Just The Cheese

David Scharfman lives in Madison, Wisconsin. He pursued his education in political science.  He has received government degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As soon as he completed his graduation, he enrolled his name at the UVA Darden School of Business for studying MBA focusing on general management and finance.

Soon after completing his post-graduation, he set up Guangdong Poker Club in 2009. After a few months, he became the international marketing manager for his family-owned company, Speciality Cheese Company.

He started his own cheese business by setting up Fresh! Cheese Company in Manila, Philippines in 2012. But unfortunately, he did not become successful in the business and he had to return to New York again. He then got a job at The Alexander Group.

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How was Just the Cheese established?

David Scharfman began another business after a few years.  This time he tried to remake the best-selling snack of his father’s business. He called it Just the Cheese.

He purchased baked cheese in 2017 and he understood that the taste of his product is much better than that. After that, he told his father to manufacture his cheese snack.

The company then started to produce eco-friendly snack bars with shredded cheese. They also introduced bite-sized versions and crisp bars. Just the Cheese revenue became $3.7 in the very first year.

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What occurred to Just the Cheese before Shark Tank?

David Scharfman has a cheese-making family background. So it is quite obvious that he has seen a lot of events related to cheese and he knows the psychology related to cheese very well from his childhood.

He knew how thirsty the Americans are for cheese and they always want to fulfil their thirst with an ordinary, healthy and delicious baked ingredient that has outstanding marketing. We have seen how outstanding their marketing strategies are when the founders appeared on the stage of Shark Tank wearing fantastic cheese-themed clothes.

The founder of the company came up on Shark Tank season 11, episode 19 to represent the new product of his family. David had everything to achieve and forfeit from the Shark Tank pitch particularly as his family has already funded more than a million dollars in the business. A lot of jobs were also in the queue.

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What occurred to Just the Cheese on Shark Tank?

David came up on Shark Tank intending to get an investment of $500,000 in return for a 5% equity in his company, Just The Cheese. David started his presentation by describing his product and distributing Just the Cheese products among the sharks.

He said that this is a keto-friendly bar and contains only shredded cheese and there are no grains or fillers in the bars. The bars are available in multiple options like grilled Cheese and aged cheddar and they are available in two-packs.

After tasting the bars, the sharks were amazed when they found that every bar contains only 75 calories. Lori Grenier said that she had purchased this product earlier from Amazon.

Though the sharks liked the taste and features of the product, they had issues with the firm from the very beginning. The guest shark Daniel Lubetzky said to David that there are a lot of companies who are doing the same thing. But still, the sales figure of the company is quite impressive.

Just the cheese managed to earn $3, 7,000,000 in sales at the time of the filming year. The products of the company are available in more than 700 retail stores. You may also buy the products of the company from the official website of Just the Cheese as well as Amazon.

The manufacturing cost of each Just the Cheese bar is $0.95 and the selling price of each bar is $1.99. According to Kevin O’Leary, the company has a very low-profit margin.

Despite the insufficient margins, Kevin showed his interest to invest $500,000 in Just the Cheese in exchange for a $0.20 royalty for each bar forever. Kevin was highly experienced in marketing.

Robert Herjavec leaves the show before David gives any reply. He said that he did not like the flavour but he admits that the founder has done a good job indeed.

Daniel also leaves the show as he thought that it was indeed an outstanding company but there is no scope for the brand on the market as there are a lot of opponents. Lori Grenier then remarks that she was not willing to make a deal in such a low stake and she did not like this extremely competitive industry at all.

After that, Mark Cuban also refused to make any deal as he did not think that the value of the equity is the same as the investment. He thought that it would be risky for him to invest in the company. So, he withdrew himself.

Lori thought that the royalty Kevin was demanding was too much. That is why she showed her interest to invest $500,000 in return for a $0.15 royalty per bar forever. David after calculating gave a counteroffer to Lori. He said that he was ready to give $0.05 for each bar as a royalty for twenty years.

Lori did not change her decision. But she modifies it until she regains $750,000. Hence, David claimed that the firm would be overtaxed.

Mark wanted to rejoin the discussion. He said that he was willing to invest $500,000 in the company in exchange for a 15% stake in the business and he claimed no royalties. As soon as Lori left the deal, David refused to accept Kevin’s proposal.

David gave a counteroffer of $7.5% to Cuban but he rejected that instantly. David then confessed that he was not able to do it and that is why he left the show barehanded.

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What Occurred To Just The Cheese After Shark Tank?

The company came up on Shark Tank recently but the business is developing continuously. The company has given a few online purchase options. The website of the company is very thriving. They have an active Instagram page. The media like The New York Times, BuzzFeed, and Greatest have featured the company.

Just the Cheese after Shark Tank got free publicity though it did not accept the three proposals given by the sharks.

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Just The Cheese Shark Tank Update

Just the Cheese became famous and popular as soon as the Just the Cheese Shark Tank episode was aired. The company has developed its retail distribution channel and became available in various offline stores after the show.

The company also became popular on Amazon and Target after the Shark Tank Just the Cheese episode.

The company has different types of cheese bars in their product line such as Aged Cheddar bars, Grilled Cheddar bars, Jalapeno cheese bars, Mild cheddar bars, Wisconsin bars, White minis, and many more.

You can purchase the product at $2.84 by visiting https://www.justthecheese.com/. If you are ordering for the first time the company will give you a free shipping offer.

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Is Just The Cheese Still In Business?

Yes, Just the Cheese is still active in business as of 2022 and the company is doing very well. The products of the company were available only at 7/11 shops all over the country when it appeared on Shark Tank but now you will be able to find them on the official website of the company, Target, Amazon, and Walmart. 

The company earned huge fame from the Shark Tank show. They are at present delivering their cheese in 7/11 stores all over the United States. Moreover, they are also available in more than 700 retail stores along with Walmart, Target, and their official website JustTheCheese.com.

The founder of the company is progressing his business gradually. Currently, Just the Cheese’s worth is $10 million.

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How much is Just the Cheese worth?

Just the Cheese company’s value was $10 million when it came up on Shark Tank. Just the Cheese’s net worth is more than $10 million and as of 2022, the company generates $4 million annually in revenue.

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Just The Cheese Product review

The company has received a 3.9 customer review rate on Amazon out of 5,453 international ratings. A lot of people suggested buying this product on social media.

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Who are the adversaries of Just the Cheese?

There are several adversaries of Just the Cheese. The most significant adversaries of the company are as follows:

  • 14th Street Pizza
  • Murray’s Cheese
  • Oorja Nutrition LLC
  • 2Betties
  • NuGo Nutrition
  • Linda’s Diet Delites
  • Conti’s Sugar Mountain
  • Healthsmart Foods

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Who are these cheese snacks for?

The people who love to have snacks, Just the Cheese is perfect for them.  If you are looking for healthier snack options it will be ideal for you as the company produces gluten, free nibbles.

Thinking about the health of people, the company has made its products contain low-carb. So, it will be best for you if you want to lose weight or do not want to consume any weight-loss products. That is why the product became so popular.

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Before the debut of Just the Cheese on Shark Tank, the company gained more success. The company not only got positive reviews from their reliable consumers but also it has developed and expanded its business very beautifully. We hope that the company will be more successful in future. 


Is It Just The Cheese Halal or Kosher?

The products of Just the Cheese company have not been Halal or Kosher certified yet.

Where is Just the Cheese produced?

Just the Cheese produces its products in Reeseville, Wisconsin.

From where can we purchase the products of Just the Cheese?

You may purchase the products of Just the Cheese company by visiting the official website of the company.  You may also get them on Amazon as well as in different local stores.

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