What Happened to Rethink App After Shark Tank

What Happened to Rethink App After Shark Tank


In the dynamic world of technology and entrepreneurship, the Rethink App has appeared as a groundbreaking solution that grabbed the attention of investors as well as users alike on the popular TV  show Shark Tank.

This article is going to explore the journey of the Rethink App, from its initial pitch on Shark Tank to its transformative impact on the way we approach day-to-day assignments and foster optimistic habits.

ReThink App Net Worth 2020

In 2020, the ReThink app had an approximate net worth of $650,000.

ReThink App Net Worth 2021

In 2021, the ReThink app had an approximate net worth of $700,000.

ReThink App Net Worth 2022

In 2022, the ReThink app had an approximate net worth of $$800,000.

ReThink App Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, the ReThink app has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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A Short Overview Of Rethink

ReThink App is a completely free iOS and Android software. It supports English, Spanish, and Hindi. It is designed to identify and prevent cyberbullying and hate speech.

ReThink App enables users to prevent it before it happens, mainly with the help of community and school social networking platforms by students, teachers, and parents.

We can get warnings against offensive content from the app before submitting it. It guarantees a 93% success rate. The app has gathered more than 500,000 downloads in nearly 1500 schools all over the world so far and it has had a positive impact on the lives of millions of people.

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The Foundation History Of The ReThink App

The Rethink app is the brainchild of Trisha Prabhu. She also serves as the CEO of the Rethink app. She is an entrepreneur from an early age. She always works against cyberbullying.

Her work cyberbullying and prejudice have made her bag several prizes and praises after the establishment of her firm.

Rethink has got huge support from multiple illustrious foundations, businesses, and famous people.

She is also engaged in other projects while making public appearances and speaking engagements. Besides this, she is also attending Harvard University to complete her undergraduate course.

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How Was ReThink App Doing Before Shark Tank? 

Trisha was heartbroken at the age of 13 and got inspiration by hearing the story of a 12-year-old girl in Florida who was compelled to kill herself after getting tortured mercilessly online.

Since then Trisha started to design and patent the technology and finally gave birth to the ReThink app. She has suffered a lot from this.

ReThink managed to gather nearly 150,000 downloads and generate $52,000 in sales within the first nine months since its birth. She even got an invitation from Barack Obama to share her story at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit as soon as her company and global acclaim increased.

Before coming up on Shark Tank Trisha had represented three Ted presentations and MIT had honoured her for her work. Trisha introduced Girls Who Code so that she could share her experience with others.

The video spread like a flame before her like she was in a school full of other teenage girls madly tapping away on their computers.

Trisha has demonstrated that she has full faith in the optimistic use of technology and she was determined to settle a case where she thought technology had created cyberbullying.

Trisha immediately started to search for like-minded investors who would help her level up her vision and develop the functionality and awareness of the app.

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ReThink App: The Shark Tank Pitch

The ReThink App made its debut on Shark Tank with a compelling pitch that grabbed the eyes of the panel of seasoned investors. The founder of the app represented a unique concept designed to address a specific need or challenge, capturing the essence of innovation that the Sharks are always on the lookout for.

The founder of the ReThink app, Trisha took part in Shark Tank intending to get an investment of $100,000 for which she was ready to give up a 20% stake of her ReThink app.

Trisha started her pitch by sharing with the sharks that the show had gained its share of critical remarks. She referred to some of the comments ‘You are a zero, not a hero’, ‘You are not an entrepreneur; you are a want-entrepreneur’, ‘You are a cockroach!’.

She demonstrated to the sharks that they had not yet seen the Internet and whether they felt the tank was awful. To define cyberbullying she said that cyberbullying means bullying others by using demeaning and cruel comments keeping themselves hidden behind the computer screens.

Trisha was headstrong that cyberbullying was a pandemic for which millions of people were getting affected and they are deciding to end their lives.

She introduced the software named ReThink before toxic comments became a great issue. She also informed the sharks that the program was capable of detecting an offensive message sent by a teenager and giving the author a second opportunity to rethink their words before expressing them in front of the entire world.

For the pitch, she set up an enormous display screen on the Shark Tank stage that could resemble an iPhone screen.

It described the standard messaging software of the mobile to be fictitious. Joey called for Erica to dance. You could notice the fraud. Erica at first typed  ‘No, you’re so unattractive’.

All the sharks started to make horrified noises when Trisha said that there was no justification to say ‘no’ in such a deplorable way. A popup message appeared on the screen which asked Erica if she wanted to say that. You noticed the insulting comments being deleted from the screen followed by her retyping ‘That’s sweet, but I’m sorry, I can’t.’

Trisha said that Erica finally rethought her decision and made a more logical one. She has assured that both teenagers have done away from that event unhurt.

At this time Kevin disrupted her by saying that he did not think Joey would have stopped asking. Trisha smiled but did not give any response to the comment.

She started her speech by saying that ReThink is very helpful for the digital parenting era. She thinks that it has allowed parents to control the behaviour of their kids by motivating positive online and offline decision-making.

She completed her pitch by inviting the sharks whether they were willing to sit back and reflect on what might have been or whether they were willing to join her in ceasing cyberbullying for good.

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The Remarks Of The Sharks

Robert Herjavec

He was the first shark who asked Trisha whether Erica found the popup and then clicked okay to make sure the message was still sent.

In reply, Trisha said that it would and they were not withdrawing anyone’s liberty to express their beliefs or feelings.

According to her, if Erica decided to submit the message it would be posted, the app only added a little more time and space between the feeling and the news.

Robert wanted to know if they had sold anything and Trisha replied that they had managed to earn $52,000 with the help of the educational program We Think ReThink.

According to Trisha, new state and federal legislation compels schools to offer anti-cyberbullying teaching. She helped them in getting ReThink technology for school devices and curriculum for classroom instruction.

Furthermore, she provided metrics to the schools to ascertain the effectiveness of the app. According to Trisha, the ReThink app had obtained more than 128,000 downloads over nine months.

Robert also pointed out that the program had gained an incredible number of downloads in only nine months. According to him, although it was an amazing idea, there were challenges.

According to Robert the primary drawback with the ReThink app is the user’s control over the experience. He figured out that internet bullies might click through on any occasion and render the software to be ineffective.

Trisha said that she was thinking the same at the time of introducing the app. She experimented with 1500 users and found that 93% of the time when teenagers got the reconsideration notice they switched their minds.

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Barbara Corcoran

She asked Trisha if the potential cyberbully needed to sign up for the app.

In reply, Trisha said that was indeed an amazing question and explained that cyberbullies were not the conscious audience.

She said that she has developed ReThink by keeping the parents and teachers in mind as these were the only people who wanted a solution to the cyberbullying issue.

Barbara asked Trisha to share a little more about her past with the sharks as she was interested to know how Trisha came up with the app in the first place.

Trisha shared with the sharks that she taught herself to code at ten when she was a 16-year-old junior in high school.

Three years before she had come to know from a news report that an 11-year-old girl complied suicide after being cyberbullied for a year and a half.

She says that she was very disheartened after reading the narrative. She was haunted by thinking that someone younger than her had suffered a lot and decided to kill herself for an unavoidable situation.

With the help of her technological knowledge, she tried to resolve the issue. She reassured her longing to utilize technology for good, to prevent a problem created by technology.

After knowing that Trisha was only 16 years old Barbara was shocked. She said that she was very strong.

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Mark Cuban

He tried to grill her by asking multiple questions. He wanted to know about her daily usage and who was responsible for all the coding. In reply, Trisha said that nearly 80,000 users use the app daily and she was responsible for all the coding since she was ten years old.

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Kevin O’Leary

He wanted to know if she was the only one who coded it and Trisha said yes.

Negotiations With The Sharks

Barbara Corcoran

She called Trisha a phenomenal entrepreneur. She told Trisha that she had to select an option: ReThink could be a for-profit company or a non-profit company. She finally left the deal as she thought they would not be able to operate as a business.

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Kevin O’Leary

Kevin said that she accepted the additional task of generating revenue after acquiring an investor. When Trisha said that she was completely devoted Kevin was happy.

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Robert Herjavec

Although he liked the concept, he said that content-filtering technology was not unknown. He said that he supported demolishing cyberbullying but he didn’t think that ReThink was a business.

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Daymond John

He wanted to know why Trisha required the money. Trisha explained that she was planning to appoint staff to develop the app. She claimed that 1200 schools sent her inquiries and showed their interest in installing the ReThink technology on all their devices for the next school year.

She also stated that T-Mobile Europe showed their interest in integrating the technology into their handsets. She also wanted the technology to reach different carriers.

Daymond John thought that it was a business and offered to invest $100,000 in return for a 39% stake in the business.

Lori Grenier

She said that it was her passion and praised the business. She was already to invest $100,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in the business. She also said that she had no problem collaborating with another shark and asked Mark if he was interested.

Mark Cuban

He said that to make ReThink successful as a business, it would be the apt decision to partner with the carrier. Mark wanted to know about her decision about this. In reply, Trisha said that she would think of all these only if she got an experienced investor.

Mark said that he wanted to partner with Lori on her deal.

The Final Deal

Trisha finally accepted the offer from Mark Cuban and Lori Grenier who offered her $100,000 in exchange for a 20% stake in her business.

ReThink App Post Shark Tank Success

Trisha Prabhu appeared on Shark Tank season 8 episode 1 to represent her anti-cyberbullying program and software. After getting an investment from Lori Grenier and Mark Cuban, the business developed more. Trisha is now studying at Harvard University.

Is the ReThink App Still In Business?

The deal with Mark Cuban and Lori Grenier was never was never fulfilled. Since appearing on Shark Tank, ReThink has managed to gather more than 56,000 downloads on Google Play. Now it holds a 3.5-star rating.

You may also find it on the Apple App Store with a 3.2-star rating. Users have praised the app’s capability of changing negative thought patterns. A few have faced technical issues. They are trying to fix the issues.

The app is now planning to add in-app purchases for patents and increase their language support.

So, as of 2024, ReThink is still active in business and making collaborations with students, teachers, parents, and law enforcement to assist in combating cyberbullying.


The Rethink App’s journey from a Shark Tank pitch to a transformative tool for habit formation and productivity exemplifies the potential impact of innovative solutions in the tech industry. As the app continues to evolve, its success story serves as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and a testament to the effectiveness of well-executed ideas in meeting the needs of a diverse and dynamic user base.


Did ReThink get any deal on Shark Tank?

Yes, ReThink secured a deal from Mark Cuban and Lori Grenier on Shark Tank.

Is ReThink still available in business?

Yes, as of 2024, ReThink is still actively doing business.

Who is the founder of ReThink?

Trisha Prabha is the founder of ReThink.

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