What Happened To His And Her Bar After Shark Tank

What Happened To His And Her Bar After Shark Tank


His and Her Bar was founded as a lifestyle snack bar, which contains all the healthy elements and has a better taste. It is supposed to be the first aphrodisiac medicine in the world.  The primary purpose behind creating this bar is to improve sexual desires and impart healthy snacks. 

His and Her Bar is a gluten-free and non-GMO product. The founder utilizes a very special ingredient named Maca which is a kind of sweet root vegetable,  also called Peruvian Viagra.  The primary usage of Maca was to boost sexual desire and also help in balancing a healthy body. 

The couple asked for an investment of $50,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in their business.  But unfortunately, they did not get any offer from the sharks.  As of 2022, the company has an approximate net worth of $3 million. 

We are going to discuss in this article the His & Her Bar so that you may learn more about the product.

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What is His and Her Bar?

His and Her Bar is a gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO snack bar. It is made up of using all-natural and healthy elements to improve sexual longing, and it is supposed to be the first snack bar in the world that has an Aphrodisiac Effect.

It uses one of the best elements which is called Maca to improve fertility and sexual desire along with imparting stamina and strength.  A lot of people have depicted the taste of the bar, which is usually based on sweetness, creamy,  and a little bit spicy because of the usage of the element Cayenne Pepper. 

Some other elements of His and Her bars are: 

  • Dates
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolates
  • Almonds
  • Cayenne Pepper that gives a spicy taste
  • Maca Root
  • Cashews

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of His and Her Bar?

Advantages of His and Her Bar:

  • It is a unique product. 
  • It is sweet and healthy to eat. 
  • It is supposed to be the first snack bar in the world that has an aphrodisiac effect. 
  • It is available at a reasonable price.  That is why anyone can take it. 
  • It also provides good customer service. 

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Disadvantages of His and Her Bar:

  • The only disadvantage of His & Hers bar is that it is not convenient for every season. 

Who is the founder of His & Her Bar?

Two young couples named Jennifer and Michael Gallagher are the founders of His & Her Bar.  Michael was an ex-Navy officer for a few years.  On the other hand,  Jennifer was a sales and marketing expert.  The couple took a lot of care about their physical health such as following their routine daily,  adding healthy foods,  etc. 

The idea of launching His & Her Bar came up in the mind of Jennifer at first when they both were out running.  After this,  Jennifer shared her idea with her husband,  Michael and they both began to gather the elements for their product. 

Their product was almost all set to be launched in 2019. They were just waiting for a testing report for the ingredients and as soon as the test was approved,  they introduced the product to the market in 2020.

The price of a 12-bar box was $44.28. That means you have to spend only $3.69 for a single bar.  You may also buy a three-month subscription which is available at $39.995.

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His and Her Bar appearance in Shark Tank

The couple came up on Shark Tank season 12 episode 10 after introducing their product.  They wanted to demand more funds from the shares for their product.  Moreover,  the most interesting thing about the His and Her bar Shark Tank episode is that the couple illustrated the whole product description in a very unusual manner,  by dancing and based on musical notes. 

After that,  they gave an outstanding demonstration and distributed the samples of their bar to the sharks.  They appealed to the shares for an investment of $50,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in their business.  When the sharks tasted their product,  they found that the product was creamy and had a spicy taste.  That is why they inquired about the calories of every bar. 

The couple replied that every snack bar includes 220 calories which is a very high consumption rate.  Moreover,  the couple described what makes their product so special, which is its Meca ingredients.  The couple said that this event will help the users to improve their stamina.  Also, it improves sexual desire and helps you to keep your body healthy. 

They have also said that the price of 12 bars is $44.28 and in case a customer takes a three-month subscription it would cost only $39.99. As Jennifer was an expert in sales and marketing,  she made the strategy to sell their product to every retail store. 

Each of the sharks was impressed with the product.  According to them, the product is unique as well as interesting.  Despite this,  none of the sharks wanted to invest in this product.  That is why the couple was unable to secure any deal from the sharks on Shark Tank.

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News about His & Her Bar

As of 2021, the company has been running its business operations smoothly.  They also have a good marketing strategy. But unfortunately in 2022, the couple announced on their official Instagram that they are going to shut down their business.  They did not mention any reason or did not declare that they are going to move towards launching a new venture.  Besides this, we do not have any updates related to the product His and hers aphrodisiac bar. 

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His & Her Bar latest updates (2023)

His & Her Bar is an unusual product that has a less competitive market. However, the founder of the company declared on their official social media account that they were going to shut down their business though they have a potential market.  The couple has opted for another company,  named W’our Biz Venture.

From a few reliable sources, we have come to know that the last updated net worth of his & her bar was $5,00,000. After this, the couple did not share anything on social media sites. 

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Five Interesting Facts about His & Her Bar

Some interesting facts about His & Her Bar are as follows: 

  • Jennifer came up with the idea of launching this product when she and her husband went out for a run. 
  • It is the first snack bar that provides an aphrodisiac effect. 
  • Jennifer is from a sales and marketing background while her husband,  Michael was an ex-navy officer.  He has a deep love for wine.  That is why he began the show named Mr. Wine Guy Product. 
  • The snack bar includes all the healthy elements. 
  • There was no competitive market for the product His and Hers aphrodisiac bar. 

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His & Her Bar review

His & Her Snack Bar is indeed a  unique product.  This product also helps you to improve your libido over time.  This contains sexual desire, performance,  and drive. 

The couple belongs to Boynton Beach and through marketing,  they promised to give a solution that does not need to visit the doctor’s chamber. This solution is possible due to the ingredients of the product: chocolate and dry fruits like almonds and dates. 

As the product is unique it became a print contender for Shark Tank.  But it is a matter of sorrow that Jennifer and Michael Gallagher were not able to secure any deal from the shares as none of the Sharks managed to bite their rap song-based pitch.

The idea was no doubt outstanding,  the execution was also good.  Nevertheless, none of the sharks thought that the couple were eligible to get an investment.

The couple intended to get an investment of $50,000 in exchange for a 10% stake in their business.  Michael became emotional at the time of the pitch disclosing that he was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm not too long ago.

The customer reviews depict that the product of the couple has brought about changes in the lives of many couples not just assisting them in their physical relations with one another but also living a healthier and more active life. 

Honestly speaking,  the bar does not feel like much while you will hold it in your hand.  It is only when you choose to consume it that the bar discloses what it has in store for you the creamy consistency mixes perfectly. With its earthy and nutty flavour, it creates a delicious experience and leaves a detectable taste long after you have eaten it.

Due to the chocolate, dates, and vanilla, it gets a sweet flavour that most people like.  Nevertheless,  that does not mean that it is not perfect for those who do not like sweetness.  The flavour is quite dilute as it has cayenne.  That is why it is a perfect treat for all. 

The most powerful flavour in the bar was that of almonds and chocolate.  But regretfully, all these qualities were not adequate to impress the sharks. 

The maca root is the primary element that brings about the aphrodisiac properties that the couple hedged their gambles on.  At the time of giving the presentation on Shark Tank, Jennifer called it the Peruvian natural Viagra.  As the root is not found in other bars available in the market particularly coupled with cayenne,  it created a flavourful idea in her head. 

Maca root is ideal for boosting the sexual drive of men as well as women.  Cayenne is supposed to help improve blood flow.  The two found research that no side-effects are combining the two.  That is why they created the unique taste of this bad. 

There is a problem. His & Her Snack Bar might increase someone’s libido; nonetheless, in hot states like Florida, there is a very good chance that people eating the bar may get pimples because of the natural heat of the ingredients (except for dates).

Research implies that eating up a majority of the ingredients above may lead to the body heating up, resulting in rashes or pimples appearing on the face and back. However, it is perfect for winters or states that do not see that much heat.

Jennifer and Michael faced a lot of problems with His & Her Snack Bar.  Jennifer at first wanted to start a clothing company but that idea did not become successful. 

She thought of harvesting grapes.  But that too did not work out and the back was going to foreclose the house.  The two were surviving on pasta of all things. 

Their aim of creating a unique product at last worked out.

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Who is His & Her Snack Bar for?

The proprietors of the business agree and accentuate that although His & Her Snack Bar declares to be the world’s first aphrodisiac bar, it is not an instant sex-enhancement product nor does it instantly deliver improved performance.

In place of it, this product takes some time to work as it does not just boost libido but takes a holistic approach.  It boosts your health too,  by boosting your immune system,  activity levels,  and many more.

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Final words

The product His and Her Bar was introduced by a younger couple named Jennifer and Michael.  The product involves a healthy life.  The product enables you to boost your sexual desires.  They contain all the healthy ingredients.  The product is also available at reasonable prices.  We have tried to discuss all the important details about the product His and Her Bar along with the positive and negative aspects, some interesting facts,  its Shark Tank pitch,  the latest updates and many more things you should know about the product His and Her Bar. 


What is His and Her Bar made of? 

Each of the His and Her snack bars is made by using maca,  almonds,  cashews,  chocolate,  dates,  vanilla,  and a hint of cayenne pepper. 

How many bars are there in a box?

Every box contains 12 bars. 

Where can they purchase His and Her bar? 

You may purchase the products of  His & Her Bar on their website at www. hisandherbar.com. 

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