What Happened To Jax Sheets After Shark Tank

What Happened To Jax Sheets After Shark Tank


Is Jax Sheets Still In Business? 

Jax Sheets is a Copper Infused Silky Cotton Sheet.  Wen Muenyi is the founder of the company.  The founder represented Jax Sheets on Shark Tank season 12 episode 13 intending to get funds so that he can market and broaden his sheets all over the United States. 

The founder,  Wen Muenyi, asked for $212,000 from the sharks in return for a 10% stake in his business.  As per this demand,  the valuation of the company in Shark Tank was $2.1 million which means that the company is in a good position. 

Jax Sheets is an extraordinary sleeping bed that is very less messy according to the founder of the company.

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Story Behind The Foundation of Jax Sheets

Do you have any idea how this business concept came to Wen Muenyi and why he manufactured this sheet?  If not, first learn the story behind the company. 

Wen Muenyi saw that people used to buy fascinate sheets, and expensive silk sheets to have a comfortable sleep.  He has also purchased a lot of sheets from Amazon and retail stores. 

Muenyi thought that if a good sheet is found in which the user gets comfortable it will be very expensive. So,  it will not be possible for everyone to afford it. 

He purchased various types of sheets within the price range of $20 to $400 and after this, he did thorough research about the material in them. 

After conducting the research,  Muenyi introduced his company and named it Jax Sheets which can provide silk experience to people at a reasonable price. 

After analyzing the home bedding market we have come to know that the global value of this market was $86.89 billion in 2021.

It is no doubt a big and comprehensive market.  So,  it is very difficult for a small business to sustain itself in the market. They have to encounter problems from time to time.

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What are Jax Sheets?

Jax Sheets is a copper-infused silky cotton sheet for men.  This product is manufactured by using breathable bamboo fibre,  which is softer and more enjoyable than any cotton. 

The sheet is infused with silver for its antibacterial properties.  This sheet is designed particularly for men as men do not wash their sheets much. 

It will be much less dirty as it has infused silver.  Even if you do not wash it for a year it will go away.

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What are the features of Jax Sheets? 

The features of the products of Jax Sheets are as follows: 

  • The product is smooth,  sustainable,  and soft. 
  • The product is made completely out of bamboo fibre. 
  • The people who do not like laundry this product is perfect for them. 
  • The product will help you to stay cool in any season. 
  • The product is very comfortable. 
  • The product keeps your skin free from any germs or bacteria. 
  • The price of every sheet is between $179 to $199.
  • The product is designed in such a way that it can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

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Who is the founder of Jax Sheets?

Wen Muenyi is the founder and CEO of HercLeon, the parent company of Jax Sheets.  He wanted to create a laundry-free future. 

He pursued his  Bachelor of Arts in marketing from the University of West Florida.  At first,  he served in multiple companies and in 2018 he became the co-founder of Rheabelle which is a popular Sleep Technology Company. 

After that, he began a company named HercLeon in August 2016 which is popular for making bed sheets at an affordable price.

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Background of Wen Muenyi

Wen Muenyi is originally from Cameroon,  Africa.  He was born into a polygamist family. They relocated to St. Paul,  Minnesota when he was only nine years old.  Wen had a stuttering problem but he successfully studied marketing at the University of Florida. 

He began his career as an editor at XDA-Developers and WMPoweruser.com.  After that, he became a marketing partner at MobileMerit and GBM Software.  He has also worked as an editor at IntoMobile, Droidforums, and Android.net.

Wen also has a good knowledge of selling mobile phones at Best Buy.  He set up his first startup,  Zyrho Software Marketing Consulting in 2009. Two years later,  MaxMP hired him as the director of product marketing. 

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Jax Sheets Before Shark Tank

Wen Muenyi was associated with the laundry business already so he had a very good knowledge about bee sheets and materials. 

Not only that, the founder is also a marketing professional.  He first ran a campaign on the Kickstarter platform for crowdfunding of his company. 

At the time of this campaign,  he managed to amass an amount of $351,976 till January 2020. He raised the fund from 2,289 backers.  The backers in return got this product.  However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the shipping was delayed for a few days. 

Finally after preparing the product,  the founder took feedback from 1000 people and everyone regarded that it was comfortable.

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Did Jax Sheets get a deal on Shark Tank?

The founder of Jax Sheets gave an outstanding presentation on Shark Tank and asked the sharks for an investment of $212,000 in exchange for a 10% share in his business. 

Wen Muenyi has two firm Sheets & T-shirts. All the products are available for purchase on the hercleon.com website. The same technology is used in all these products. Only the material is different in every product. 

The customer Acquisition cost is $33 and the average sale is $148. He can make a $70 profit in this sale.  That is why if he spends $33 he takes a margin of $70.

The founder told on the Shark Tank stage that he had not done any sales except crowdfunding. Wen Muenyi disclosed on the Shark Tank stage that he had sold $270,000 on his t-shirt this year.  He runs his business in his garage.  He has turned his garage into an office. 

Muenyi also shared with the sharks that this was not valid.  He had put a $2.1 million valuation of his company.  But the business can be about $1.8 million. 

All the sharks remarked that this Jax Sheets business is not ideal for an investment as it has not sold anything other than Kickstarter.

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What occurred to Jax Sheets after Shark Tank?

Jax Sheets was not able to secure any deal from the sharks on Shark Tank as the company had not sold anything yet except through crowdfunding. 

As soon as the Jax Sheets Shark Tank episode was aired it was able to get some sales for a couple of weeks.  This is not a Niche business any more.  The founder is taking it to one place and now it has become a numerous niche business. 

We have not found much information about the product yet.  But in July 2022, the company is taking the order of Jax Sheets through their website. 

As of 2022, Jax Sheets’s revenue has gone up to $1 million.

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How is the Jax Sheets going?

As of July 2022, Jax Sheets website Hercleon is still active and taking orders.  But we can not say clearly whether it will be able to survive in the upcoming days or not. 

If you wish to purchase this Jax sheet you need to pay a visit to the website of the company. As of July 3022, the price of a fresh sheet is $129.99.

The company also sells clothes,  masks,  and towels.  We hope that the company will add more kinds of products in their product line in future. 

The product Jax Sheets is in the home bedding category but the company is going to focus on the clothes industry now. 

We all know that the clothing industry is very competitive and if it wants to survive in this tough market it will require more money. 

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Jax Sheets Shark Tank Update

Wen is still very active in business till now.  He has not lost his hope on the clothing line.  He has now introduced his clothing as well as sheets together on his HercLeon web page.  The Jax Sheets site now redirects there.  As of July 2021, the company has an approximate revenue of $900,000 to $1 million. 

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Jax Sheets review

Wen Muenyi wanted to provide a good night’s sleep to men all over the world.  Those who have used the product have found that the product works truly.  Because of their effectiveness,  Jax Sheets has got a new name that is Men’s Heaven. 

The sheets have a silk feel, which is the thing that the founder wanted to go for.  That is why the founder created a sheet, particularly for men.  But we can not say that this is only for bachelors.  Married men can also use these sheets while they sleep with their wives,  and both of them will find it equally comfortable. 

Everybody likes silk sheets.  If you use Jax Sheets,  you will get the premium feel that silk provides.  For this, you do not need to spend a lot of money.  The sheets are perfect for men who usually have warm bodies.  These sheets encourage airflow.  So,  it will keep you cool throughout the night.  You will get the same feeling on hot nights or power outages. 

As the sleeper does not sweat much on these sheets and the proprietary blend used to manufacture the Jax Sheets they do not get dirty easily. This is the feature that most men all over the world have fallen in love with.

Jax Sheets are designed in a way that would stay clean and wrinkle-free for a long time and stay new for a long time.  If you wrap the sheet around yourself,  spread it out on the bed,  or leave it all wrinkly on top,  we are sure that these sheets will add a silky aesthetic touch to your bedroom. 

Refined bamboo fibres are the main ingredient of the sheets.  It is woven in such a way that the fabric gets ultra-breathable as well as spongy.  In this way, it gives a silky feel.  That is why people love Jax Sheets so much.

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What are the pros of Jax Sheets? 

The pros of Jax Sheets are as follows: 

  • It is suitable for every season. 
  • It does not get dirty easily. 
  • It has thermoregulating properties. 
  • It has a soft and smooth texture.  You will find it silky from the very first day. 
  • The texture of the sheets remains the same even after washing.
  • It is perfect for skin and hair.
  •  It does not get piled up. 
  • We often find that the silk slips away from the mattress very easily.  But with Jax Sheets, it will remain.  The sheets are comparatively elastic and in this way, it will enable you to tighten them around the mattress.

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What are the cons of Jax Sheets? 

The cons of Jax Sheets are as follows: 

  • It is available only in one colour. 
  • It is available only for queen or king-sized beds. 

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 Who are Jax Sheets for?

Jax Sheets are designed especially for men.  Hairy men, large muscular indeed give off more heat than others and that is why they also tend to sweat more.  This is a problem not only concerning personal hygiene but also bed sheets as they need to be altered frequently. 

So, Jax Sheets is an ideal choice for men who are looking to get a good night’s sleep or any significant other who finds themselves having to listen to objections about sleeping in sweat.

Silk is a perfect option for them.  But if you have a budget,  you may choose Jax Sheets without a second thought.  The sheets are unique,  comfortable and most importantly available at a reasonable price. 

Jax Sheets is unique from others because the sheets are completely manufactured by using plant fibre, particularly bamboo fibre.

So,  you will not only be able to sleep comfortably but also enjoy a peaceful sleep as you are using an environment-friendly product.

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Final Opinion

Indeed, Jax Sheets was not able to secure any deal from the Sharks on Shark Tank.  Though it did not get any deal,  the company is still doing very well.  This is obvious from the notice on their website where it is telling that the shipments might get delayed due to the volume of orders.  Jax Sheets are now available in grey colour, perfect for queen or king-sized beds.  The owner has assured us that due to the positive response from the consumers,  he is going to launch a few new colours for various sizes soon. 


Are there any alternatives to Jax Sheets?

Yes,  there are alternatives to Jax Sheets. One of the most significant competitors of Jax Sheets is Bamboo Fibre Luxury Sheets.  However, the price of Jax Sheets is reasonable. 

What is the net worth of Jax Sheets?

If you want to know about Jax Sheets’s net worth we are sorry to say that there is not much information about the net worth of the company.  But following the net worth of the company we can say that it has an approximate net worth of $1 million. 

Is Jax Sheets still in business?

Yes,  as of July 2022, the company is still active in business.  The traffic has increased on the website of the company.  So,  we can say that the company is getting more sales. 
Popular news networks like CNN,  Heavy,  and India.com have featured this company. 
The company has now expanded its product line from bed sheets to pillowcases and Duvet covers which have now become the most favourite items of the users. 

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